YouTube red was launched in 2015 for people to get a better YouTube experience than what was offered in the free version. YouTube red cost for $9.99 per month which gave you add free videos, all new original shows and much more. Now YouTube red is replaced by YouTube premium which is worth for the people who are moderate YouTube users. In the starting YouTube premium, it was available only in 17 countries around the world. Google offers a YouTube premium 3-month subscription for free for the new subscriber-only which normally cost $11.9 per month. You have to sign up through google play portal and you will get the free trial for both service.

YouTube premium has all the features of YouTube red, which including:

YouTube Red

–    Ad-free videos

–    Plays videos in the background

–    Download videos for offline use

–    Access to all YouTube Originals content

YouTube premium subscription also gives you full access to YouTube music. From the YouTube premium plan, you can use YouTube music to listen to it without ads, and music can also play in the background and can download the song or playlist for offline listening. And you can cancel or change your plan whenever you like. If you are a music lover then there is another option for you called YouTube music. YouTube music is cheaper, you can listen to music in the background, is ad-free, download them without an internet connection.

YouTube Red

For the additional feature, you can schedule a cancellation reminder as soon as you sign up with google calendar. That will help you for not getting charged if you don’t want to use that service. Youtube premium is great to deal with than old YouTube premium. Both have almost all the same features besides YouTube premium cost you $2 more each month.