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Windows 7 2018 Edition Review

Windows 7 still offers everything that most people would want from an OS. But, it is like quite dated compared to advanced windows 10. Within six months of Windows 7 2009 release, it had 100 million licensed installations and by 2012 the number grew to 630 million. It was the most downloaded until the January of this year when windows 10 release in global desktop user market shareWindows 10 takes the first place and Windows 7 holds the second.

Windows 7 2018 edition

Pic Courtesy: Avdan

The latest version of Windows 10 is best for modern, secure and fast windows experience today. But the older version like windows 7 has its own charm and simplicity which is not present in Windows 10.

windows 7 2018 edition

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Windows 7 2018 Edition First Look:

A YouTuber Kamer Kaan Avdan has created windows 7 2018 edition, a conceptual OS design video. Windows 7 2018 edition has the modern makeover with the Acrylic style applied to the OS. It has minimalistic UI with modern features. There are transparencies and cleaner colors. The start Menu boasts a tidy white on the blue collection of the app icon, a dramatic improvement over Windows 10’s multi-sized tiles. There is also some windows 10 features including Action Center and Cortana in the taskbar

. There is also a dynamic wallpaper with day and night mode options too and also obligatory Dark Mode for low light environments. It has a clean and simple design that is attractive without being distracting.

The reskinning is theoretically possible through third party software like rainmeter and windowBlinds. The windows 7 2018 edition video of Avdan has received an enthusiastic response from the viewers and they like to have this simpler and a better-designed version of classic windows 7 OS. This is not the first concept video of Avdan, he has also made videos featuring concepts of Windows 95 2018 and 2018 of Windows XP. If you want to see the windows 7 2018 edition you can watch the Avdan video on YouTube.