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Operating System is like soul to your PC or laptops. We are familiar with several operating systems. Today we have listed out those best and top ten operating systems for your laptops and desktop PC.

Here are the top ten operating systems:

  1. Windows 7

top ten operating systems

Window 7 is one of the best-operating systems. It supports 32 and 64 bits, user-friendly and easy to use the operating system for anyone in the world. It does not need so much hardware support or integration of so many components. There is also a theme manager of your os. Everyone has loved windows 7. You can download the latest Windows 7 operating system from here:

Also, you might like to see how the Windows 7 2018 Edition looks like and what might be features that it will include, check that out here:

  1. Ubuntu

top 10 operating system

Ubuntu is super-fast operating system and is most popular Linux distribution. It has many programs, applications and customization options with Compiz enabled and user-friendly. Almost all the programmer use Ubuntu.

  1. Windows 8

top ten best operating systems

It is a pleasant operating system and easy to use and advance from windows7. Windows 8 is lighter than Windows 7 and mostly made for people with a mobile device. It has a great performance, security features and extra compatibility to windows.

  1. Windows 10

top ten operating systems

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows operating system. It has the great user interface with classic windows functionality with a more modern look. It is very intuitive, has best driver and device supports out of any OS.

  1. Mac OS X

top ten operating systems for computer

Mac OS X is more with its design than functionality. There are many different programs and tools at the disposal. It has a fancy appearance and gets a bonus point on appearance.

  1. Linux Mint

best operating systems

LINUX Mint is Linux distribution based in Ubuntu. This OS is fast and reliable operating system with the KDE desktop environment. It is great Os for the people who are making the transition for windows. It is capability with software that you need to work.

  1. Debian

top 10 best operating systems

Debian is the most stable operating system that you can use and has all the benefits Ubuntu has to offers. It is an open source distribution and has more than one million contributors. It is the os with good performance in high availability.

  1. Fedora

top ten operating systems

Fedora has great speed and innovation like no other operating system. It has many different tools with many features to do whatever you want.

  1. OpenSuse

best operating systems

It is the KDE based system and is the bit more demanding for resources standpoint but it’s completely worth it.

  1. ArchLinux

top ten operating systems

ArchLinux is for the experienced Linux users and a lot of work through the text-based interface and commands.

Which one is your choice from these top ten operating systems? Let us know in the comment section below.