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YouTube is the platform for all kinds of stuff like Entertainment, Education, Cooking, Fashion, Technology, etc. Every year many artists from different field born from here. Besides them, we have listed out the Top 10 Tech YouTubers who have their great Tech Channels. They have many audience (Subscribers) on their channel and they regularly uploads new Tech Videos for their audience. If you are the Tech Enthusiast, you can upload your own Technological Videos as well. YouTube is a great platform and other interesting fact is that it is hosted by Google and its Free.

Here is the list of top 10 tech YouTubers:


  1. Linus Tech Tips, Techquickie

    Linus Sebastian is a unique and one of a kind. He has three main tech channels under his company Linus Media Group.he upload videos every day on his main channel LinusTechTips.  He covers all sorts of PC builds, guides, reviews, rants and is fun to watch him. Techquickie’ is his second channel which a highly informative place.  It covers all general tech topics. His videos are around five to seven minute long which explain WHY, HOW, WHAT. He has recently created a new channel named ‘TECHLINKED’ which publish content on alternate days (MWF) and will cover recent tech news. He does a weekly (on Fridays) one hour show called WAN Show (Weekly Analysis and News.) Linus has more than twenty full-time people working under Linus Media Group. Linus Sebastian / Linus Media Group’ is the number one Tech Channel on YouTube.

  2. ColdFusion
    Top 10 Tech YouTubers In World - ColdFusion YouTube

    He explains the technical products with top-notch production and music make this channel stand out. It talks about the Electric Cars, Tesla, Elon Musk, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Electric Aeroplanes, and issues. The knowledge, the content, the research, the hard work, the video execution and the presenter (cum producer’s) voice make this channel one of the assets of YouTube.

  3. iJustine

    iJustine, is a YouTube personality, writer, actress, and model. She is one of the best female tech youtube. iJustine has over 1.3 million subscribers on her main channel, and there are over 2,200 videos between that and her four side channels that feature iJustine. She handles the video production and editing herself, and depending on the concept.

  4. MrMobile (Micheal Fisher)

    Top 10 Tech YouTubers In World - MrMobile YouTube

    Mr. Mobile’s videos are amazing. He reviews the positive and negative sides of the product. He does not rage irresponsibly or illogically. His positive point is always true and unbiased. Whereas his negative point is valid. His video quality is absolutely fantastic in which he plays with different bold solid colors in his videos. It is different and pleasing to watch. Mr. Mobile reviews not only mobile phones but also other important useful and new products whose epicenter is tech. He talks about cars, smartwatches, fitness bands, tech bag packs, other wearables like Levis Jacket with a bunch of tech in it, headphones etc. Mr. Mobile deserves huge success and is an asset for the brand YOUTUBE. He deserves on this Top 10 Tech YouTubers list.

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  6. The Verge

    Top 10 Tech YouTubers - The Verge YouTube
    The Verge is a part of a big company named Vox. The videos of verge related to tech are very informative. Beside rich tech videos, they also take up general issues. They also post interviews with eminent tech personalities like Elon Musk, Satya Nadella and many more. If you are tech lover you should definitely subscribe to them.

  7. MKBHD (Marques Brownlee)

    Marques Brownlee uploaded a total of around eighty to hundred videos having less than 100 subscribers. he was awarded ‘Creator of the Decade’ award. He proves that hard work, consistency and not quitting attitude is surely bound to bring success. His videos are well made and look professional. His videos are great to watch.

  8. Technical Guruji

    Top 10 Tech YouTubers - Technical Guruji YouTube
    Technical Guruji or Gaurav Chaudhary is a leading Hindi Tech Blogger. His way of speaking is really friendly which separates him from others. He is so good that he deserves on this Top 10 Tech YouTubers list.

  9. Android Authority

    Top 10 Tech YouTubers - Android Authority YouTube
    Android authority is heaven for android lovers. Even if you are a die-hard Apple fan you will love the members of Android Authority. They are focused on Android and its ecosystem. Their videos are informative and helpful. Every member of the Android Authority is great in their respective fields.

  10. Dave Lee

    He is a Canadian YouTube tech guru who is widely known for his Dave2D channel. He does tech reviews, comparisons, and advice.

  11. Unbox Therapy

    Everything here is unboxing and stripping products of their packaging. The videos are of high quality, this is another channel you should subscribe for. Their videos are done professionally with great camera quality and work.

There are many other successful and best Tech Youtubers in the World of YouTube. We are sorry that we could not include more on this Top 10 Tech YouTubers In World list. If you have any queries or compliment, please comment us. Thank You!