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People in the past seemed like they didn’t use to eat much as many portions of population used to be lean and thin. The reason could be anything from lack of enough food to eat to higher metabolic rate resulting in less to no increase in body fat, it was also because the technology had not taken over the hard work. Sedentary jobs were for the rich and highly qualified people. Others just had to work their ass-off which helped them maintain their body healthy and fit.

As the technology has started to take over the hard work fair portions, the population is getting fit to fat. They might earn enough to over-shadow the hard work that used to be done in past for fairly less amount, but the thing that is missing is fitness. As people started to realize that the fitness of oneself is to be given first priority, the investment in fitness sector started to skyrocket. From buyer to seller, everyone is keeping their best foot forward to get fitness awareness raised.

Fitbit Charge 3 review

Fitbit Charge 3 Full Review on Looks, Design, Features, Spec and Price

The question raised over the fitness of fair amount of population, encouraged many production companies to present products that they think can help people in fitness journey. From workout logging mobile app to sugar level checker device to heart rate monitor to fitness watch, everything evolved. With similar moto, there came forward a company that has its name in fitness wearables written in gold in people’s mind, Fitbit, Inc. Started in 2007, Fitbit, Inc. is an American company known for its product of same name specializing in activity-tracker, wireless-enabled wearable technology, etc. that measures data such as steps walked, heart rate, sleep time, and other metrics involved in fitness. Today we have come up with latest product from Fitbit, Fitbit charge 3.

Overview of Fitbit Charge 3


Having involved in this fitness industry for a decade now, Fitbit knows ways to get their customers coming back and again for their products. The last two product releases being focused on fitness smartwatch rather than fitness tracker, Fitbit is back again as it is intended to be with Fitbit Charge 3. Fitbit hasn’t done anything groundbreaking to its new Charge 3 fitness tracker, but its more refined, cheaper and looks solid activity band.

After the Fitbit’s Charge 2 release back in 2016, Fitbit seems to be leaning towards its smartwatch expertise, but Charge 3 isn’t a smartwatch rather it would fit to call it fitness band, packed with features inherited from its successor Fitbit Versa and Ionic.

Fitbit Charge 3 Looks and Design

  • Slimmer than Charge 2
  • Hi-Res OLED touchscreen display
  • Water resistant up to 50-meters depth

Not a surprise as the first thing electronic products are released with slimmer and sleeker body, Charge 3 is now slimmer than Charge 2 in many aspects. It doesn’t stop there; the curves of Charge 3 are now sleeker and softer than before to achieve the classy finish.

It feels lighter than before as Fitbit has come with Aluminum compared with stainless steel body from past, which makes it 20% lighter. The physical button from Charge 2 is replaced by inductive button and the straps are now more convenient to change with refined mechanism. The chunky metal clips are thing from the past as small buttons near the straps release the straps on being pressed.


The PurePulse heart rate sensor lies on the underside of the casing but an SPO2 joins it and the overall finish is rounder.

There is an OLED display, 40% larger than previous version, being touchscreen rather than just tap. The protection of Gorilla Glass 3 is given with the display and it features grayscale, which is said to aid users see clearly in brighter condition.

Its first of its kind in Fitbit family to sport a waterproof display up to 50-meters depth. It has buckle fastening as Charge 2 did. It is available as rose gold body or a gunmetal black body as standard choice. Both options come with a diamond-shaped etched with the rose gold offering blue/grey strap and gunmetal with a black strap. There are two special versions on the lineup with NFC chip inside providing the option for Fitbit pay.

Fitbit Charge 3 features and specs

Charge 3 arrives with all the features from Charge 2 with some added features. As the inherited feature, you have a PurePulse continuous heart rate monitoring, Multi-sport tracking, cardio Fitness level to connected GPS, reminders to move and auto sleep tracker with sleep stages.

The added functionality is that it includes goal-based exercise giving you option to customized more than 15 exercise modes with own set goal of calories burnt, distance or duration. It is sports Run Detect with Auto-Stops which allows runners to stop at lights, without having to stop manually. Thanks to the water resistance, it has swim tracking with swim duration, laps, pace, and distance recorded in the Fitbit app.

It also features timer, weather information, calendar information and now you can see your Fitbit leaderboard directly on your wrist. You will get call, text, calendar notifications with ability to accept or reject calls as well as send Quick Replies for Android Users. The special edition features NFC chip inside offering Fitbit pay.

It is said to offer Seven-day battery life with Charge 3, which is 2 days extra compared to Charge 2. You can check out about the Fitbit pay from the official website of Fitbit from here

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Fitbit Charge 3 Price and Release date

It will cost you starting from £129.99/ $149.95, £10 cheaper than previous model. It isn’t equipped with NFC though. The special edition featuring NFC for Fitbit Pay, is priced at £149.99/$169.95.

The Fitbit is available for pre-orders now starting from August 20th, for being available in the market and online from the month of October 2018. Though the release dates might not be exact, but the pre-orders are on and you can have it ordered here.


Initial Verdict

Fitbit Charge 3 displays its advancement compared to its predecessors. It is improved in many senses compared to Charge 2 as in display, feel, looks, features and even in price. Fitbit has been a familiar name in the fitness world and known to many people involved in this industry. Targeting those people, Fitbit Charge 3 is set to create a new benchmark in fitness tracker sections giving tough competition to whoever decides to land their feet in this industry. At given price point, which is lower than Charge 2 when prices are hiking constantly, the deals turns to be even sweeter.

With the initial impression being bang-on, Fitbit Charge 3 is a great choice for whoever cares for their sports and likes keeping note of their activity.