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Best Browsers for Mac

Best Browsers for Mac (Top 5 List with Pros and Cons of Each)

Social networking, file sharing, information search, shopping, banking, are must in today’s life. The web browser is among the tool that helps to turn the thing into reality. There are a lot of browsers you can use to search for, reach and explore websites for your Mac.  Here below listed is a review of the top five best browsers for Mac with their distinctive features, to help the user to select one according to his particular needs.

The best browsers for Mac are as follows:-

  1. Safari

The Safari is decent software developed by Apple and is based on the WebKit engine browser for Mac and other Apple Products. Safari’s tools include the useful Safari Reader, for distraction-free reading and new Safari contains several extensions, such as 1Password, Save to Pocket and DuckDuckGo.

It is a default browser that has been made available on Apple’s devices with built-in functionality to share email, Message, Twitter and Facebook since 2004 together with the Mac OS x Panther, and in its mobile version for iOS since 2007.

Furthermore, Safari is free, faster and more energy efficient than other browsers which have modern security and privacy features, so sites used in this browser are more reliable and also, battery lasts longer in terms of charge.


  • Allows a user to view bookmarks iTunes style in the cover flow
  • Has elegant looks with fast page loading
  • Allows the reader to view lots of content in a single page
  • Has a private browsing mode


  • Many plug-ins are not available
  • The font reader cannot be changed
  • Can install some other components during setup
  1. Chrome

Developed by Google, Chrome browser for Mac has been gaining its popularity since its release. Google Chrome is an outstanding web browser which is fast, secure and free, running on multiple platforms and uses the Blink engine written in C++ and the majority of its source code is available through the open-source project Chromium.

It has a feature of instant search capabilities, allows the synchronization of bookmarks, settings, and history in devices through a Google Account. And also, gives a user the choice to use the Privacy Mode, which doesn’t allow browser from permanently storing browsing history or cookies.

Moreover, it has all of the modern features including extensions, apps and also it integrates directly with Google’s apps such as Google Drive, Calendar, Gmail, and others. With all new ideas and features, Google Chrome still considered better than Safari.


  • Has nightly updates
  • The installation process can be done side by side
  • Is a simple browser
  • Offers tab browsing
  • Incognito mode
  • Contains a built-in translation application


  • The attention of hackers towards Chrome’s is drawn with its gaining popularity
  • Considered a memory hog in the case of multitasking

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  1. Opera

Opera Browser is considered an excellent and oldest web browser for Mac developed by Opera Software for regularly work, research or surf the internet. Opera browser has been evolved over the years as a free safe and secure browser and is now available in 42 languages for Windows, OS X, and Linux with more than 350 million users all around the world.

Opera’s address bar acts a search bar where users don’t have to navigate to a search engine to make a query. Opera also uses voice commands to search and navigate the web and takes you to a list of Google search results.

It has features which include a download manager, pop-up blocking, private browsing, tabbed browsing, a bookmarks bar and many more. It allows the user to download pages and show them in thumbnail form with a speed-up dial. It also has a unique feature such as a turbo mode which compresses web pages before sending them to reduce waiting time.


  • Offers a very small download and memory profile
  • Very fast and responsive
  • Has many integrated protections with proven capabilities
  • Has a large community providing a strong support


  • In order to properly operate, it requires a very strict adherence
  • Companies involved in web development doesn’t keep Opera in a high priority
  • Built-in extension in Opera is difficult to find
  • Offers too many choices sometimes
  1. Firefox

Firefox is regarded as one of the best web browsers for Mac OS with almost all of the most desirable features which is a free and open source developed by Mozilla Foundation. It has been available since 2002 with many versions for all Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Firefox uses Yahoo! Search as the default search engine which allows you to access a Google search box with a list of shortcuts to access your downloads, histories, synchronization, and settings. It has features such as tabbed browsing, spell checking, incremental find, live bookmarking, a download manager and private browsing. It also has a capacity to add new themes for more personalized use.


  • Has many helpful built-in browsers
  • Has minimalistic qualities
  • Is highly customizable
  • Has privacy and security options


  • Slow to start
  • Several compatibility issues
  • Doesn’t resume automatic downloads
  • Consumes a lot of computer storage

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  1. Maxathon

Maxthon is a basic web browser that is compatible with every operating system running smoothly including iOS and Android. Maxathon is independent of operating systems which doesn’t let you fill the information on websites you for the next time again as it automatically saves the information for you. Maxathon installs quickly in an operating system and has fast click through speed when navigating between sites which is a good sign of its overall performance.

It has features which include tabbed browsing and bookmarks and also has its own tools and features which is a plus point in consideration to other browsers.


  • Synchronizes the web browser settings across all the devices
  • Has a very powerful security features
  • Overall satisfactory performance


  • Doesn’t automatically install updates
  • Mouse gestures and voice recognition tools aren’t made available
  • Doesn’t offer a wide range of extensions

So, these were the Best Browsers for Mac. If you think few other Mac best browsers are missing here, you may recommend us to add or crate new post for you in the future.

Sony Aibo Robot Dog - Sony Robot Dog

Sony Aibo Robot Dog: Full Review

Sony Aibo 2018 Feature, Price Review

For a family, it’s obvious that their children will demand for a puppy in their near days and they won’t be able to deny their request. However, they won’t be able to take it for a walk, get it refreshed everyday because of their hectic schedule. With this mentality, Sony redesigned it Aibo Robot Dog which wouldn’t pee in the carpet.

Sony Revives Aibo Robot Dog Toy

The new Sony Aibo Robot Dog version is the sixth generation puppy from Sony. It measures about a foot tall and weighs 2kg which is around the size of a very small flesh-and-bone canine. Aibo understands a handful of English-language directions which includes hand-shaking and commands to sit. Moreover, the dog has cute, glassy OLED eyes with a camera inside its nose, which can act as a webcam for your home when you’re away. The dog runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 840 and Amazon’s cloud-based AWS server and can memorize up to 100 faces and learn an endless stream of new tricks.

For an individual looking for a smarter breed of dog, the Sony Aibo Robot Dog is it. To roam around the house, Aibo uses two cameras, six sensors, a motion detector, a light detector and four microphones. With the cameras fitted, Aibo is able to memorize up to 100 faces which include your pets too.

Sony’s Aibo Robot Dog Is Back With Latest Features

The interior of Sony Aibo Robot Dog comes with 4GB of RAM and 32GB ROM memory to match with its Snapdragon 820 processor. The hardware present inside will help Aibo understand what it’s seeing through its cameras and pass data along to the cloud which is connected over your Wi-Fi network or also connect via AT&T’s LTE network if you take it outside your house. Aibo has a three-hour long battery life, which will roam around for much longer than most other robots but isn’t active as the real life dogs.

Sony Aibo Robot Dog Video:

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This new, Sony Aibo Robot Dog, design is truly a one-of-a-kind product designed to connect with its owners on an emotional level. The Aibo’s charming personality, behaviors similar to the real-life dog and ability to intelligently interact with family members help to create a personal bond.

The owner’s approach to raising their Aibo shapes its personality, behavior, and knowledge, creating a unique environment for growth. As a result, no two Aibo dogs are similar. Actually, Aibo learns its new tricks through owners’ interactions and different events. Moreover, Aibo recognizes words of praise and smiles and reacts to being patted or scratched on the head and recognizes words of praise and smiles.

Sony Aibo Robot Dog Price

Sony Aibo Robot Dog - Sony Aibo Robot Dog Amazon

Pic: https://us.aibo.com/

Owning a real-life similar robotic canine companion does not come cheap, however, Sony Aibo Robot Dog is available for $2,899 with an accessory bundle and a three-year AI cloud plan which will presumably cost extra after the free period expires.

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In short, Sony Aibo Robot Dog is designed to be somehow similar to a real-life puppy than ever before. With further user interaction, it develops its own unique personality. The dog remembers what interaction makes its owners happy despite the fact of being made of plastic and metal bits.

Dogs may be man’s best friend but Aibo won’t be yours unless you shower it with your love – regardless the amount you paid for it.

How To Set Strong Password?

Whenever you create any account like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter you are requested to set a strong password for that account. It’s because for the account you created the password must be of the type that any other person cannot guess. Before knowing how to set strong password, let’s discuss about why we need to set strong password???

Let’s take an example of Gmail, which is one of the efficient, convenience and free web based email service. Almost every person of the world use Gmail either for professional or for personal. On the Google Drive you can store number of files which are most important for you because storing the files only on the memory chips may not always be the best solution. What if virus attacks then?

Storing the files on the Google Drive will not be reliable unless you create the secure and strong password for it. If the password you set can be easily guessed then any other person can easily go through your account then can easily extract your valuable files. Now let’s have a look upon some points which give you the solution of how to set strong password???

How to set strong password? Follow these guidelines to set the secure password:

how to set strong password

  1. Always include both uppercase character, lower case character and special character to set your password. Like: $Ram&Thapa
  2. Don’t set the password as a name of the person that is special or close to you. If you did this then the hackers can easily guess.
  3. Including the numbers on a password will be more secure as it will be difficult to guess it. Like Ram723
  4. Always set long password and avoid short password. Probability of hacking your password will be much less in this case.
  5. Set Complex but memorable password rather then simple ones.
  6. Don’t login to your accounts infront of other people.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Drones - Drone Prices

Top 10 Most Expensive Drones

Top 10 List of Most Expensive Drones || Drone Prices

The kids from 90’s have seen the transition through the time that had happened. We have lived through the time when flying paper plane and paper rocket was fun, was part of the creativity and the most wonderful thing is they were free. The toys we played with were mostly self-made and showcased the creativity within ourselves. Now, the world is changing, there are DIY stuffs available but the creativity is limited within the instruction manuals. It is free to assemble, empties our pocket to bring it home. The old paper plane now has been replaced by RC Drones.

Drones in typical language are the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is capable of flying from a remote control or control center for bigger and special purpose ones. Drones are available for many purposes, entertainment, for transferring loads, military purpose, spying etc. According to their purpose, comes their price. Some drones are commercially available whereas other are for special usage and out of normal users reach.

Top 10 Most Expensive Drones and Their Prices are as follows:

Top 10 commercially available drone and their prices as stated are given below. The availability of the drones might be different due to different rules and regulations followed by different countries.

  • LanLan DJI S1000

DJI S1000 is perfect for the situation when you literally just want to take the drone out and fly. S1000 just has few steps to actually ready it for the flight. Take the drone out, lock the arms in place and turn the power on. It weighs 4kg only and has max takeoff weight of 11kg which gives you a clear idea about how powerful the drone is. It is liked by both who likes flying for fun and professionals who actually have the use of the drone’s stability and amazingly stable camera.

The DJI S1000 is priced at $1,500 which is pretty fair for what else we have in the list. It sits at number 10 in our list.

  • DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro is equipped with 2 ultrasonic range finders with vison sensors to eagerly detect obstacles and give it an obstacle free flight and a spectacular aerial view. It is designed with 5 cameras though it is compact and foldable for the convenience of portability and use. It can be operated over 7km range with FCC-compliant remote. Mavic Pro has sharp focusing camera and amazing stability which gives the flying experience a please to eyes.

It is priced at $1,900 which is still in affordable range and at number 9 in our list.

  • DJI Inspire 1 Pro

At number 8 sits DJI Inspire 1 Pro, one of the smallest and easiest filmmaking platforms for a drone. Whatever you are planning on to do with the cameras of DJI Inspire, you are sure to have amazing quality and stability delivered. The cameras on the drone are smallest of its kind, the Zenmuse X5 and X5R made specially for the aerial captures and with 16MP raw capturing capability. You have wireless control over the aperture, focus of the cameras and they come with choices of lens too. The price is relatively fair for what it has to offer at $3,400.

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  • Yuneec Tornado H900

You get a flight time of 24 minutes with the full charge but its enough to reach the flight altitude of 4000m and horizontal speed of 47 mph. Almost after 2 decades of research and development, the drone it brought to the market built uniquely for the photography and videography with the ease of operation and stability thanks to its 4 modes of flight, Smart, Angle, Throttle and home modes. It never disappoints the user with the quality of work it provides. Priced at $3,500 it is placed at number 7.

  • Ouku Unique OEM DJI Inspire 1

This drone is pretty light weight and has all the features you would want in a drone. You can be up and ready to fly in almost no time. Its carbon-fiber arms provide the rigidity and maneuverability required to have a stable flight and high-end camera actions. The drone has been put with awesome features which justify the price of $3,600. It is at number 6 in our list.

  • DJI CP BX 000198 Professional Drone

Being developed version of Inspire 1, the cameras are equipped with more features for awesome filmmaking. The Zenmuse X5 and X5R cameras are capable of recording 5.2Kin cinemadng raw. It has the top speed of 67 mph. DJI Drones have self-heating and dual battery system to keep it running in any conditions. It is designed specially for filmmaking and is priced at $4,000 which is not bad compared to what output it delivers.

This Drone is ranked number 5 in our list.

  • DJI Inspire RAW

Sitting on number 4 is another superb drone with amazing camera, DJI Inspire Raw designed and engineered specially for amazing photography and videography. The drone is designed with foot under its propellers which retract during flight. It has full 360 degree view and 3-axis gimbal to hold the camera steady despite whatever maneuver the drone is making. It comes with 2 transmitters for very experienced drone pilots to operate. One is for the operation of camera and other for the drone. The price sits at $5,400 which is again affordable if you are into a serious business.

  • Faucon’s Drone Lifter Series V1.0 Octocopter

At number 3, Faucon’s drone from lifter series v1.0 is drone made not for sports but rather designed for videography, SAR and commercial-type use in some hard and challenging environments. The testing for the drone has also been rigorous and harsh. This Faucon model flies with 8 propellers, two per arms, hence the name octocopter. It has wide range of spare parts and the availability of the parts is also great. This is the toughest drone on the market presently and comes with a price of $6,995.

  • AZ 4K UHD Camera Drone

Coming at 2nd is another drone made completely for professional drone pilots as the newbies cannot get a hang of the controls because of the huge frame. It is equipped with built-in 4K UHD camera secured and stabilized using duralumin for the arms and giving stability during sudden changes. It has a max payload of 20kg which is highest a drone can offer currently. The drone is intended solely for the professional photographers and videographers who also have to be an experienced drone pilot. Offering price for the drone is $9,000 which is on the heavier side but with the budgets and quality of films being made currently, it is a good investment to make.

  • Freefly Alta 8/8 Rotor Aerial Drone UAV Optimized

All hail the almighty of the drones sitting at 1st position is Freefly Alta 8. If you are serious about you results with having big budget, you will just not want to moss this drone. With the ability of loading gears in and out of this system in no time, and providing a payload of 20lbs, it is one of its kind drones. You can mount MOVI on top. It can hold its position on the most difficult situations thanks to its swan-neck design, carbon booms and proprietary carbon propellers. The flight is controlled with SYNAPSE Flight Controller with the ease of loading and unloading the equipment. This drone offers much more than any other drone can offer and over a wide range. Hence the price point is fixed at $17,495.

Hence, these are the top 10 most expensive drones that you can buy at present. Although all these drones are focused on cameras, there are separate segment for other purpose drones with costs way more than a normal person can afford.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Vs iPhone X

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Vs iPhone X

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Apple iPhone X

The world of smartphone is very huge, its so huge that Samsung has its own galaxies within it (just kidding). Every now and then with new researches and development, smartphone giants are releasing new and improved versions of their previously available devices. With small and slow steps forward, the newer devices are able to pack on some serious features from display to battery life to thinness to compactness. Everything thing is shrinking its size, even the bezels on the smartphones are shrinking except the expectations of users and the manufacturer’s desire to develop.

Apple just became the first U.S. based public company to cross $1 trillion cap mark. The Samsung has been sitting there at top with devices of every price range literally targeting every customer of every budget range. Apple might be on some costlier side, but they are famous for the premium smartphone with some amazing brand value to the customers higher in the budget range. Today we are about to do some comparison between these 2 company’s latest models because its very hot topic at present to talk on.

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About Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Apple iPhone X

Samsung and Apple are two companies considered to have neck to neck competition in the smartphone world. While Apple seems to have run out of decimal numbers, the Samsung’s Galaxy seems to have no stop to. Both of thee companies have top of the line specs in their latest smartphone release, Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone X. Though it be called as rivalry or competition or production trends, but we enjoy the specs these two smartphones have to provide. Let’s learn about these devices first and then talk about their differences and similarity if they have.

Apple iPhone X

iPhone X - Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Vs iPhone X

The iPhone X pronounced “iPhone 10”, was introduced at Apple’s September 2017 event as another addition to the iPhone family. The phone is much anticipated one and as always, people were very excited at the release. As Apple likes to say, this particular iPhone X represents the biggest leap in the technological ecosystem since their first iPhone launch a decade ago. The hopes were to create an all display iPhone for the users, eliminating the lines between expectation and reality. Its unique display design with both front and back glass panel and a “Notch” on the front side is a unique sight. The notch has been very popular since then. It may have been hated by some, but it is loved by most and its necessary too to just pack on the sensors required.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Note 9 - Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Vs iPhone X

The Galaxy Note 9 is a little bigger, little colorful and powerful than the previous Note phone. It’s the biggest Android phone you will want to have your hands on in 2018. Standing tall with 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display and a huge 4,000 mAh battery, it provides max of 512GB internal with a choice to have the very first 1TB phone through MicroSD card expansion. It has 8GB of RAM. It wont feel very big in your hands if you had previously available Note 8 as its only 0.1-inch taller. It has its specs borrowed from its friends Galaxy S9 and S9 plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X Specs

I have listed a detail specs of both of the devices, I hope you all will find the differences.

Specs Apple iPhone X Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Critics rating 4.5/5 4/5
User rating 4.4/5 4.6/5
CPU Hexa Core Octa Core
Display 5.8” 6.4”
Storage 64GB 128GB
Camera 12MP 12MP
Battery 2716 mAh 4000 mAh
Ram 3GB 6GB
Fingerprint sensor No Yes
OS iOS v11.0.1 Android v8.1 (Oreo)
Sim Slots Single, GSM Dual, GSM+GSM
Launch Date November 03, 2017 August 22, 2018
Audio Jack Lightning 3.5mm
Chipset Apple A11 Bionic Samsung Exynos 9 octa 9810
Graphics Apple GPU(3-core) Mali-G72 MP18
Processor Hexacore (2.53 GHz, dual core Monsoon, 1.42GHz quad core Mistral) Octacore(2.7 GHz, quadcore, M3 mongoose + 1.7GHz quadcore + 1.7 GHz quadcore cortex A55)
Coprocessor M11
Dimension (mm) 7.7×70.9×143.6 8.8×76.4×161.9
Weight 174gms 201gms
Waterproof IP67 rated IP68 rated
Colors Silver, space Grey Midnight Black, Lavender Purple, Metallic Copper, Ocean Blue
Display type OLED Super AMOLED
Aspect ratio 18:9 18.5:9
Screen to body ratio 82.9% 84.42%
Pixel density 463ppi 514ppi
Resolution 1125×2463 pixels 1440×2960 pixels
Touch screen 3D touchscreen with Multi-touch Capacitive touchscreen with Multi-touch
Memory expandable No Up to 1TB (w/ 512GB SDcard)
Camera features Time-lapse, continuous autofocus, video light Time-lapse, hyper-lapse, object tracking, digital image stabilization, continuous autofocus
Sensor BSI sensor
Stabilization Optical image stabilization Optical Image Stabilization
Front camera 7 MP 8 MP
Feature HDR Wide angle
Physical Aperture F2.2 F1.7
Flash Retina flash LED flash
Video Recording 1920×1080 @ 30fps 3840×2160 @ 30 fps

1920×1080 @ 60 fps

1280×720 @ 960 fps

USB connectivity USB 2.0 Mass storage, USB charging

These are some of the straight forward specs comparison of the two devices. iPhone X ditches the fingerprint sensor for a facial recognition mechanism they like to call “Face ID”. They believe that the fingerprint has higher possibility of replication than a person’s face. They are so confident of their system that they claim, even identical twins cannot fool the system. The Dot projector projects more than 30,000 invisible infrared dots onto the face and are read by an infrared camera which then transforms and recognizes the users face. It only works when you look at it with eyes wide open i.e. no one can access your phone while you are sleeping. The face ID adopts as your face changes. They ditched the headphone jack for the sake of compactness and making wireless. On the contrary side, the Note 9 has an Iris scanner for the eyes and face unlock feature as well but not as iPhone X has. It retains the fingerprint scanner as people rely and seem to trust it more.

Watch Video on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X

Though being a product of two different company on two different platform with its different pros and cons, both the devices have their own popularity among the users. The iPhone X’s attraction are its display and Face ID whereas Note 9 is popular of its looks and the S-pen it comes with.

The S-pen in Note 9 works like a magician’s wand. There are ton of things you can do with it from over 30 feet away. It can work as a trigger for the camera, buttons for music tracks, advance photos in gallery, pointer for presentation and much more.

Unlike Apple’s Pencil that sticks out every time you need to charge it, S-pen does that inside the phone and in just 40 seconds for 30 minutes battery life. Apple’s pencil can just not be hidden and it looks ridiculous while charging. Overall Samsung has been doing great improvement in their stylus sector.

Both the devices have wireless charging support and fast charging support. Samsung has a fast charger included in the box, but Apple wants its cut by having to buy the fast charge at an additional cost separately.

Hence, these were the quick and somewhat detailed comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Apple iPhone X. Both the devices are one of its kind and comparing them would be an unfair task given their release dates and target market.

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The Apple iPhone X price is about $999 for the 64GB variant and $1,149 for the 256GB variant. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has its price maintained at $1,000 for 128GB version with 6GB RAM and $1,250 for 512GB version with 8GB RAM. You can purchase iPhone X online from this link https://www.apple.com/lae/buy/ or nearest Apple store in your city. Th Galaxy Note 9 can be bought from the official website as soon as the sale starts.

Corning Gorilla Glass 6 Review – Gorilla Glass 6 Features

Corning’s Gorilla Glass 6 Full Review Including Its Features 

Gorilla Glass is a product from the company Corning Incorporated, an American multinational technology company that specializes in glass, ceramics and related materials and technologies including advanced optics for industrial and scientific applications. Corning Gorilla Glass 6 is the 6th edition of the glass it has been making for mobile devices. It promises to double the durability from the previous version keeping the scratch resistance similar.

Promo Video by CORNING:

To general consumers, corning is probably best known for the glassware they have in their kitchen but it is also a major supplier to the smartphone, tv, and other manufacturers. Around 6 billion devices have arrived in the market with gorilla glass since its launch in 2007.

Corning’s gorilla glass 6 features

Gorilla Glass 6

As we understand, latest announced products are always better in spec then the predecessor. On this particular version as well, Corning has emphasized on drop resistance. It is stated that on drop test from height of 1 meter, Corning’s Gorilla Glass 6 lasted through 15 drops, twice as the number of previous version Gorilla Glass 5. Normal glass generally fails on the first drop. Gorilla Glass proves to be as its name against the scratches and drops, strong as gorilla. It is known for its strength against scratches and accidental drops that happens every now and then.

To improve the performance, corning scientists have developed an entirely new material to withstand that drops and decrease the chances of breakage. The Corning is set to set new boundaries with the improvements it has put into its products. Gorilla Glass 6 is now under production and is said to hit market in few to several months from now. Different smartphone manufacturers have tested the device and planning on their use next versions of smartphone. Oppo is said to be the first smartphone to integrate gorilla glass 6 in one of their flagship smartphone yet to be released.


It is a trade off between scratch resistance and drop resistance. Although it is double resistant in drop test, the scratch resistance has been kept the same. Corning also states that modern smartphones won’t be coming out with more scratch resistance either.

Lastly, Gorilla glass is wide spread around the market for quiet a few time now and is planning to stay longer. The smartphones are not thought to be durable enough if there is no gorilla glass installed by the general consumer. Gorilla glass 6 is set to hit the market in few months of time and once it arrives, it’s going to change the market.