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Futuristic iPhone Concepts

Futuristic iPhone Concepts | The New iPhone Concepts By Aatma Studio

No one can deny that once the trend for every movie was to have futuristic theme. We all have grown big watching the Terminator and the StarWars series. Transformers was every child’s dream. All these because we are always been futuristic. We love living in future and tend to dream of latest and the greatest technological development taking place every now and then.

Among the trendsetters, there is a big name of Apple Inc. This company has been revolutionizing the technology market ever since its existence. This company was the one to bring the touchscreen mobile devices to the market which looked a gem from the future, iPads has been the most selling and most popular tablet device ever and their laptop range has been out of the world. And another thing they are very keen and enthusiastic at doing is making world curious with their thoughts and innovation.

New iPhone Concept

The market has always been flooded with the rumors of future iPhones before they have even launched or revealed to the general public. Among them, the most satisfying and futuristic looking iPhone concept has landed on the internet getting quick popularity among the tech lovers. The market has always been interested in what Apple has to offer next as they are supposed to be the trendsetter and everything the set forward in the market is quickly adapted by many manufacturers.

Below are the features that were included in Futuristic iPhone Concepts:

Holographic Display

The video shows the all new bezel-less full screen display. There are no bezels, nor any bit of the notch and not even slightest of the chin on the display. The device is all display with little holes for the sensors up top, which seriously look amazing. There are obviously no buttons as they have already been replaced by the gestures. The display is stunning and looks to break all the stereotypes in the market.


The sides of the phones too are shown to be touch sensitive for the volume button as sliding finger along the side controls the volume of the device. The other side is supposed to be some kind of magnetic charging supported which doesn’t require the device to be positioned correctly to charge without wire. You can roam around with the device while still getting the benefit of charging.

In-display Fingerprint Sensor

The world is adapting towards removing the hassle of having anything that is button and consumes space. For the sake of making the device thing and screen larger, the other form of security measure like optical fingerprint scanner of iris scanned or facial scanner is taken into account. Here, an in-display fingerprint is shown which might be similar to the one we have witnessed currently of it can be some new technology that Apple might present to the world.

Motorized Parts

Some motorized parts can be witnessed which helps the phone to lift off the base and click a picture for you. Only taking picture might not be the purpose of that motorized part but what else can it be used for is still to be seen. It seems to be some futuristic concept to aid for the handling of the phone or something similar to that.

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Projector Mode and Laser Keyboard


There is a projector mode that projects activity from the screen through what seems to be like LED Flash. The projector thing is all built into the smartphone with all other sensors like in-display fingerprint sensor, motorized parts and many other. It even projects keyboard on the flat surface and can even project things in 3D.


Despite of having so many sensors and motorized parts, the device is crazy thin and light. The device houses everything that a tech enthusiast might dream of, yet keeping the device thin and light. It looks like a magic trick to hide everything underneath that thin piece of technology.

The screen too is shown to expand upon the pinch gesture. Everything shown before might have been difficult to achieve, but an expanding screen, God knows how Apple might achieve.


Its very appealing to have something like this once in a while. Though the video is only a concept and might not even have been presented on paper, some of the technology has been in the market for quite a few times now with their own set of challenges. And to have something like this is a whole different level of challenge. Apple has always stepped forward with the innovation and if this is confirmed for development, we might be having one of theses devices very soon in the future.

But the question remains that do we really need all these in just a bit of smartphone. And don’t mention the price for development set aside how much it will cost to general buyers. All we can do now is expect for the better things to arrive in market and not be limited to videos like this.

Apple Reaches 1 Trillion Dollars - Apple Inc

Apple Reaches 1 Trillion Dollars

Apple Is Now A $1 Trillion Company From US

Apple Company History

Image Credit: Insider Financial

What’s more exciting than establishing a multinational company? The answer to this question is crossing the milestones once which looked impossible. Yes, Apple is now first US company with the market cap of over $1 trillion. It might not be the first one to do so, but it is definitely the most anticipated one. Leaving behind all the stereotypes and critics behind, Apple is marching forward keeping its chest up and head high.

Apple History

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that has its feet in consumer electronics, computer software, online services and many more that has been aiding in the life of we people.  Apple was founded by Steve Jobs,  Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in April 1976 with its first product Wozniak’s Apple I personal computer. It incorporated its name as Apple computer, Inc. in January 1977 with the significant momentum in the Apple II sales and revenue growth for the company. After that with some hiccups and bouncing here and there, Apple is successful in keeping its name high in the electronic market. The company had faced few bumps when the its competitors sold lower-priced products. But as of now, on August 2018, it has successfully established itself as the first public U.S. company to be valued at over US$1 trillion.

Apple Reaches 1 Trillion Dollars By All Those Best Apple Products. Let’s see them all here:

Apple Products by Apple Inc

Apple has wide line of products from one you have in your pocket to something you enjoy watching at home. Some of the products of Apple Inc. are as follows.

  • Apple Mac

Apple Mac By Apple

Product Introduced
iMac 1998
Mac Mini 2005
MacBook 2006 and relaunched in 2015
MacBook Pro 2006
Mac Pro 2006
MacBook Air 2008
  • iPod

On October 23, 2001, Apple announced the iPod digital music player, first of its kind. Several models have been updated since then making the portable music players popular and Apple a market leader. It has three models iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle and iPod Touch. From July 2017, only iPod Touch is available for purchase discontinuing the others.

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  • iPhone

iPhone by Apple

iPhone is the most popular and focused Apple device. The hierarchy of iPhone is as follows.

Product Released
First-generation iPhone 2007
iPhone 3G 2008
iPhone 3GS 2009
iPhone 4 2010
iPhone 4s 2011
iPhone 5 2012
iPhone 5s 2013
iPhone 5c 2013
iPhone 6 and 6 plus 2014
iPhone 6s and 6s plus 2015
iPhone SE 2016
iPhone 7 and 7 plus 2017
iPhone 8 and 8 plus 2018
iPhone X 2018
  • iPad

iPad is the tablet computer built as a device a notch above iPhone and a notch below mac. There have been several versions to it since its launch on January 27, 2010.

Product Released
iPad January 27, 2010
iPad 2 March 2, 2011
iPad 3 March 7, 2012
iPad 4 October 23, 2012
iPad Air October 22, 2013
iPad Air 2 October 16, 2014
iPad Pro September 9, 2015
iPad Mini 4 September 9, 2015
9.7-inch iPad Pro March 21, 2016
10.5-inch iPad Pro June 5, 2017
12.9-inch iPad Pro June 5, 2017
  • Apple TV

Apple TV is the product of Apple Inc. that lets you watch videos over internet to your Television set. You have Apple TV app that lets you control the content you want to watch from you iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. You can seamlessly watch contents from online stores like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN etc. that you can change back and forth without you changing the app. It has got the functionality of “Hey Siri” so you can watch whatever you like just with a command of your voice. You can even buy accessories for you Apple TV like speakers, game controller, etc. to enjoy whatever you want, may it be movie, game or else.

  • HomePod

HomePod is just an addition to the Apple products family. HomePod is a home automation smart device just like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Google Home etc. HomePod works with Siri to solve your queries at your command and control supported smart devices at home flawlessly. It is released in February 9, 2018.

  • Software

As per the software lineup, Apple has built its own operating system right from the beginning. It has developed OS for almost every device it has built. Some of the OS it provides as service are macOS for Mac, iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, watchOS for Apple Watch, and tvOS for Apple TV.

It provides other software as well to its consumers. Pages for writing, Numbers for spreadsheets and Keynote for presentation. It offers iMovie and Final Cut Pro X for editing videos for macOS.

It has iCloud for the cloud services for backups and Apple Music for streaming music and videos.

  • Apple Energy

Apple Energy, LLC is wholly owned subsidiary of Apple Inc. which sells solar energy. As of June 2016, it provides 217.9 megawatts of solar generation capacity. Apple’s North Carolina data center is already powered entirely by renewable energy sources.

These are only few products that exists at present, Apple has been planning on widening its arms in the fields of vehicles and other similar products. It has already become first of the U.S. public multinational company to have crossed the market value of $1 trillion and now apple is 1 trillion-dollar company and it is not guessing work that this legacy is going to continue from generation to generation. Apple is a brand that showcases the professionality as of some users might state. It is a way to show dignity. There are only few of such brands that just goes by the name. Apple announces different new products at its anniversary every year and thought the prices be skyrocketing day by day, the products still seems to sell because Apple devices go by the name.

The success of the Apple devices from where the founders started to where it is now cannot be showcased in words, its incredible. It creates devices for the high-end consumers mixing little bit of this and that, taking risks here and there, but it proves to be successful in long run.