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EaseUs Data Recovery Review

EaseUs data recovery is one of the products of EaseUs company specializing in data recovery, backup and disk management field. It was established in 2004 and is now leading software company focusing on data security and best users’ experiences. EaseUs products has been designed and produced through decades of researches and self-development. There are around 200 million satisfied users in over 160 countries worldwide. CHENGDU Yiwo Tech Development Co., Ltd owns EaseUs – the registered trademark and official website domain. Furthermore, CHENGDU Yiwo Tech Development Co., Ltd has all copyright and intellectual property of EaseUs software.

Products of EaseUs

EaseUs Data Recovery - EaseUs data Recovery Wizard Professional Full Version Free Download

Serial EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard – EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Full Version Free Download

EaseUs focuses on the data security and their management. The EaseUs software comes with different usages and purposes. The main EaseUs products are EaseUs Data Recovery, EaseUs Backup and Recovery, EaseUs Disk Management and other utility products that has some useful tools like PC transfer software, file syncing solution, Windows and Mac system care etc. that eases day to day activities to great extent.

EaseUs Data Recovery Features
EaseUs Data Recovery - EaseUs data Recovery Wizard Professional Full Version Free Download


This software is available for both windows and mac platform. EaseUs recovery wizard with cutting-edge data recovery technology, helps recover all data on Mac and Windows computer lost under different circumstances like deletion, format, damaged hard-drive, virus attack, system crash etc. It helped many and will be helping further to recovery lost data that might have been lost by several reasons.

The data recovery wizard looks something like above on windows pc. Download EaseUs data recovery wizard from following link, https://www.easeus.com/data-recovery-software/. It has some amazing features, some of them are:

  1. Deleted recovery

You can recover lost data due to accidental deletion, wiping off recycle bin or “Shift+Delete” command and you have not had any backups done. It recovers your data with ease with not involvement of professionals.

  1. Format recovery

It even recovers data from the formatted drives, partitions and cards. The data can be recovered from the raw or inaccessible hard drive caused by incorrect format.

  1. Partition loss

The data can be recovered from even lost partition by any cause of partition deletion, recreation of partition, improper clone of partition, system crash etc.

  1. Other scenarios

Other scenarios like virus attack, power failure, hard drive failure, etc. is also covered under this software.

The easeus recovery software is easier to use and doesn’t require any professional supervision. The most part of the recovery software can be done by oneself and for further help, there are plenty of tutorials and forums that might help you out.

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EaseUs Data Recovery Price

EaseUs Data Recovery Price

EaseUs data recovery wizard comes in different pricing schemes including free trials. There are different editions according to the different pricing schemes. The pricing and edition are as follows:

  • Data recovery wizard free

It has the amount of data recovery limited to 2 GB with some basic functionalities like importing and scanning results, analyzing the file types, lost partition recovery and other data loss situations.

  • Data recovery wizard pro: $89.95

It has added functionalities to the free version with unlimited data recovery and single license type.

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  • Data recovery wizard pro + WinPE: $149.90

In addition to the pro version, here you can recover data even when system fails to boot or crashes.

  • Data recovery wizard technician: from $299.00

In this version, you will be able to enjoy all the functionalities of the recovery software plus you will be able to provide the technical support to your clients.

The prices might seem big as it is only a data recovery software, but it is price well spent.

EaseUs Data Recovery vs Wondershare Data Recovery

Features EaseUs Wondershare
Price Starts from $39.95 Starts from $39.95
Version Windows, mac Windows, mac
Quick scan Yes Yes
Deep scan Yes Yes
Sort by file type Yes Yes
Scan by file type No Yes
Full Hard-Drive Scan No Yes
Deleted/Lost File Recovery Yes Yes
Corrupted Partition Recovery Yes Yes
Deleted Partition Recovery Yes Yes
Bootable USB Device Sold separately No
Recovery CD Sold separately No
Cloning Sold separately Yes
External Drive Recovery Yes Yes
Removable Media Recovery Yes Yes
SD Card Recovery Yes Yes
Optical Storage Recovery No Yes

These are few topics of comparison as per the feature provided by this two software.

EaseUs is a blessing in disguise of software for every individual and the businesses which rely on data for their day to day operations. Loss of data of any kind can be painful to recover, thanks to recovery software like easeus, it has become lot faster, safer and easier to backup and recover lost data.

Top 5 Data Recovery Software

Sometimes we delete files accidentally or we format our drive. Because of these, we tend to lose our valuable data. Those valuable data might be Photos, Videos, Documents, Audio/mp3, Text, etc. But do not worry you still can recover those formatted or deleted data with the help of Data Recovery Software. Today we are going to share those Top 5 Data Recovery Software with you. So enjoy.

Top 5 Data Recovery Software are listed below:

  1. Recuva

Recuva is a freeware software for data recovery. It is the product by Piriform Ltd. This data recovery software is the Award Winning software. There are two versions of this recovery software:

  • Free Version
  • Pro Version
data recovery software

Photo: ccleaner

The recovery tool is fast and easy to use. It will easily help you to recover your lost data from your PC/Laptop. The free version is also great but incases if you want to get more pro features, then you can go for the PRO version. Download link of Recuva Recovery software is given below.

Download Recuva Data Recovery Software here: Official Download Link

  1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

data recovery software

Photo: EaseUS

Next, on Number 4, we have EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It is another useful Data Recovery Tool by EaseUS. This tool has recovery feature for both Windows and Apple Macintosh. There are 4 versions of this tool. You can go for either:

  • Free Version of Data Recovery Wizard
  • Pro Version of Data Recovery Wizard
  • Data Recovery Wizard [Pro+WinPE]
  • Data Recovery Wizard [Technician]

Download link of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is given below.

Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard here: Official Download Link

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  1. Wise Data Recovery

It is a freeware data recovery software from WiseCleaner. It has fastest data scanning feature. As per the developer, this recovery tool is compatible with almost all Windows versions. You can have video tutorials and User Guide to learn and recover deleted files while using this software. We will share you the official link for this.

data recovery software

Photo: WiseCleaner

Download Wise Data Recovery here: Official Download Link

  1. Data Recovery Pro

Another useful recovery software is Data Recovery Pro. This recovery tool is developed by Pareto Logic. This tool locates the deleted or formatted data and helps you easily recover those data. As per the developer team, this recovery software can recover the variety of file types like deleted emails, photos, documents, etc. You can recover lost data from digital devices like PC/ Laptop Drive, external drives, USBs. Download link of Data Recovery Pro is given below.

data recovery software

Photo: ParetoLogic

Download Data Recovery Pro here: Official Download Link

  1. iCare Data Recovery Software

data recovery software

Picture: iCare Recovery

iCare Recovery is a Free Data Recovery Software by iCareAll. This software works so well that now many users around the world trusts and use this software. That’s why this software comes to Number 1 of this list. You can recover almost 90 to 100% lost data with this recovery tool from all kinds of digital devices. It works deeper and you can easily recover your lost data. To get more data recovery features from iCare Recovery, you can go for PRO/Premium product. Download link to iCare Data Recovery software is given below. Enjoy and share your experience using this software in the comment section below.

Download iCare Data Recovery Tool here: Official Download Link