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Sony Aibo 2018 Feature, Price Review

For a family, it’s obvious that their children will demand for a puppy in their near days and they won’t be able to deny their request. However, they won’t be able to take it for a walk, get it refreshed everyday because of their hectic schedule. With this mentality, Sony redesigned it Aibo Robot Dog which wouldn’t pee in the carpet.

Sony Revives Aibo Robot Dog Toy

The new Sony Aibo Robot Dog version is the sixth generation puppy from Sony. It measures about a foot tall and weighs 2kg which is around the size of a very small flesh-and-bone canine. Aibo understands a handful of English-language directions which includes hand-shaking and commands to sit. Moreover, the dog has cute, glassy OLED eyes with a camera inside its nose, which can act as a webcam for your home when you’re away. The dog runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 840 and Amazon’s cloud-based AWS server and can memorize up to 100 faces and learn an endless stream of new tricks.

For an individual looking for a smarter breed of dog, the Sony Aibo Robot Dog is it. To roam around the house, Aibo uses two cameras, six sensors, a motion detector, a light detector and four microphones. With the cameras fitted, Aibo is able to memorize up to 100 faces which include your pets too.

Sony’s Aibo Robot Dog Is Back With Latest Features

The interior of Sony Aibo Robot Dog comes with 4GB of RAM and 32GB ROM memory to match with its Snapdragon 820 processor. The hardware present inside will help Aibo understand what it’s seeing through its cameras and pass data along to the cloud which is connected over your Wi-Fi network or also connect via AT&T’s LTE network if you take it outside your house. Aibo has a three-hour long battery life, which will roam around for much longer than most other robots but isn’t active as the real life dogs.


Sony Aibo Robot Dog Video:

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This new, Sony Aibo Robot Dog, design is truly a one-of-a-kind product designed to connect with its owners on an emotional level. The Aibo’s charming personality, behaviors similar to the real-life dog and ability to intelligently interact with family members help to create a personal bond.

The owner’s approach to raising their Aibo shapes its personality, behavior, and knowledge, creating a unique environment for growth. As a result, no two Aibo dogs are similar. Actually, Aibo learns its new tricks through owners’ interactions and different events. Moreover, Aibo recognizes words of praise and smiles and reacts to being patted or scratched on the head and recognizes words of praise and smiles.

Sony Aibo Robot Dog Price

Sony Aibo Robot Dog - Sony Aibo Robot Dog Amazon


Owning a real-life similar robotic canine companion does not come cheap, however, Sony Aibo Robot Dog is available for $2,899 with an accessory bundle and a three-year AI cloud plan which will presumably cost extra after the free period expires.

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In short, Sony Aibo Robot Dog is designed to be somehow similar to a real-life puppy than ever before. With further user interaction, it develops its own unique personality. The dog remembers what interaction makes its owners happy despite the fact of being made of plastic and metal bits.

Dogs may be man’s best friend but Aibo won’t be yours unless you shower it with your love – regardless the amount you paid for it.