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I don’t believe there exists a world where anyone has ever not Googled a single query. If it does exist, it might be deprived of internet in some far away remote areas, living in tribes. It is for sure that Google isn’t just the available option for search engine, but we have to admit that it is the best, the largest and the most successful search engine of all time. Google is running fit and fine and is sure to run such way for many more decades to come. Today, we will discuss on the important topic called Site Speed Test. Do share this post!

If you have Googled you query, you find bunch of related options to choose from. There are websites that provides the desirable answers to your query. The first instinct is to go for the first one because Google is designed in such a way that the better and relevant the content is, the higher it is in the results. But how do those websites reach there? Well there are few ways to do so. Some websites pay to rank above while some have done some serious hard work, struggling through the ranking of google. There are many criteria that determines the ranking of the website in the google searches, and one of them is Site Speed or basically website load speed. We will be talking about the website speed test today.

What, Why and How of Site Speed Test

So, basically site speed or website load speed determines how fast or slow your website is going to load in different locations across globe. This is very important factor after quality content that decides your ranking in Google Search.

What Is Site Speed Test?

Site speed test is a mechanism to test the loading speed of your website in general. The test must be carried out from many different locations as traffic needs to accumulated evenly throughout the globe. The site speed is a mechanism that lets you determine the rate at which your visitors are able to access your website. The speed at which your visitors access your website from laptop might vary from how it is on mobile device. It might also differ form network to network. The website must be optimized well so as to target all those users from slow network to fastest of all. We want maximum traffic possible so, site speed test tool helps us to same in most effective manner.

Why Site Speed Test is Necessary?

Have you ever realized that you have been writing the best of the contents with all necessary keyword manipulations, you are following every step for the Search Engine Optimization of your site but you don’t get as much visitors as expected? You do all those backlinking task, you do the social media thing and all but you visitor count is just poor.

One serious bottleneck might be your site’s loading speed. No matter how brilliantly you write your contents, if your site doesn’t load as quickly, your visitors are sure to get frustrated and the bounce rate of your site is going to increase rapidly. That’s why, site speed test is necessary so you could easily identify the bottlenecks of your website loading speed and figure out how you could help yourself improve that.


Some of the website speed test tools provide you with detailed insight report about your website. The load speed being the key factor, the report might help you determine where you need to be working rank your website higher.

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How Site Speed Test Can Be Performed?

When you search “Site Speed Test” in Google, some of the top results are

These are the top 3 results of the search. The Google Search is so defined that the most popular ones are ranked higher in the list and often are known to generate most of the traffic. All these tools are available for free and you need to enter your website URL to determine the website loading speed from any location across the globe. Some tools let you have the detailed report for free while some require you to pay some money. You enter your website’s URL, you get a report and you can start working towards minimizing the errors that might be the culprit of slowing your website down. And you can do it repeatedly to as to reach the optimized loading speed.

The optimizations involve reducing the size of the CSS and other stylings you might have used, compressing the size of the images that you could have used, decreasing the number of JavaScript that you might have used in the site and so on. All these optimizations will lead to a better site loading speed and combined with quality content, it will keep your viewers engaged and increase the traffic to your site.

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Conclusion on Site Speed Test

The use of SEO helps you provide the world with your knowledge and hard work in the most beautiful way. Through your website, you are not only providing your knowledge and research ability to your viewers but it could also be your primary source of income. Through different ads you display on your website, you get paid. Adsense has been the major platform by Google to make earning through your contents. But sometimes, the ads that you display becomes the bottleneck to your website speed. As you increase the count of JavaScript you use in your site, it adds up to the loading speed of your website. Adding to that are the images used on the webpage. larger image sizes require longer loading duration and loading speed of your site literally sucks.

So, Site speed test is the best thing you can perform every once in a while to keep a check on how your site has been performing and what else can you do to increase the performance of your site. Nobody likes to wait for the loading of the site unless it is their own website because internet is full of similar other websites that might provide information not so good as yours, but could definitely load quicker. Its your duty to make necessary optimizations to your site so as to keep your readers engaged and recommend you to some of their friends ultimately increasing the traffic of your site.