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If you already have the email account from SBC Global, you can straight go below and follow the steps shown below but if you are newbie let’s learn how to create an SBC Global email account.

To create SBC Global Email Login account, simply follow the following steps:


Step 1: Get to this website. ‘Http: //’

Step 2: Click on the Signup button -> this will show all the account information.

Step 3: Click on Account ID and Password -> Google may ask security questions, answer them and write them somewhere

Step 4: Click on Continue

Step 5:  A message will be sent to your mail address or mobile phone about successful creation of email from AT&T (i.e. SBC Global)

Step 6:  Your account is successfully created, you can login to account with the email and password you assigned earlier Email Login – Sign In To Your SBC ATT Account:

sbcglobal mail login

After successful creation of the account, if you need to go to the login portal from a website named and click sign in then enter the Email Id and Password and hit sign in. There you go. You are signed in… Congratulations!!! Note: Clicking on sign in may ask to continue. Click to continue without having any doubt. Email Password Help:

If you forget to remember your password or lost it anywhere, no need to worry, you can easily change it in a few simple steps as follows:

  • First of all one need to go to the ATT Website.
  • Again click on the login page. Select Forgot Password? Choose security questions and follow prompts.
  • Again then type a strong new password and retype in order to confirm it. Now your password has been reset.

If you still get into any trouble while setting up and logging into SBC Global, make a Toll-free call to SBC Global’s support team: +1-855-552-6129 (0 Waiting Time)  as well as  Customer Service: 1800-2011027

What are the email settings for ATT & SBC settings?

So let’s see, what the server settings for SBC Global email are: If you failed to set up accounts automatically, simply enter email address and passwords then click Manual Settings and write following manual Settings below:

  • Email Settings SBC Global, ATT.NET email settings AT&T IMAP Server IMAP Port 995 or 993 IMAP Server SSL /TLS IMAP Username Your Email Address IMAP Password Your ‘’ Password
  • AT&T SMTP Server SMPT Port 465 or 587 SMTP Security SSL/TLS SMTP Username Your Email Address SMTP Password Your ‘’ Password
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  • POP3 Server or POP3 Port 995 or 993   SMTP Server or SMTP Port 465 or 587 POP and SMTP Server

What are the OUTLOOK settings for SBC Global & ATT?

So here are the Outlook Settings for SBC Global and ATT, Hope after going through it, you will get your problem solved and everything working fine:


  1. Pop:, Security SSL, Port 995
  2. SMTP:, Security SSL, Port 465 / 587.
  3. Make sure that you also have in the Outgoing server tab, that “My outgoing (SMTP) server requires authentication.” is checked, and that “Use the same settings as my incoming mail server is a tick.
  4. Incoming mail server: or
  5. Outgoing mail server: or
  6. Then keep the ports mentioned above: 995 and 465 or 587

Hence, these were the steps to update your SBCGlobal email server settings in OUTLOOK.

How to setup SBC Global email on an android phone? mobile login

Most of the people those are using the android for the first time they don’t know that it can run multiple email account. Basically, there are few other domains which are already configured on the android application in the SBCGlobal. Wizard setup through you can easily set up the SBCGlobal email account on your android phone. SBCGlobal customers the server of AT&T besides using its simple server. If user needs to access this service so, kindly follow the steps.

Hope you can understand the given instruction. So, if you are still having a problem to set an SBCGlobal email of your android phone and have more queries then you can contact the SBCGlobal Email Support for getting found out the best possible solution.

  1. Select the application menu and enter your correct username and password.
  2. Select the manual set up.
  3. Select the POP3 server and go to the incoming server settings.
  4. Edit the incoming Server box so that the entry displays.
  5. Go to the outgoing server settings.
  6. Move on a page where you can assign Display or Account names.

Still, if you have any confusions and questions to ask, feel free to write in the comment section below. Furthermore, Suggestions are highly appreciated. Thank You.