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Samsung Foldable Phone Is Launching Soon

When do we truly realize that we are living in future? According to me, it is when we see a dream and develop a desire for that and one day, we finally conquer it. Same is the case with Samsung, a South Korean tech giant, which saw a dream in around 2011 to build a foldable device. Now, almost 8 years have flown away and Samsung is finally having a claim of building a foldable smartphone to be named Samsung Galaxy X. Samsung has its design patented. Though Galaxy X is the most commonly used name, the device isn’t sure to get this name, officials know it by the name “winner” another possibility might be “Galaxy F”, F for flexible or foldable. Let’s check some of Samsung’s claims and plans in past.

 Samsung Foldable Phone History

The idea of foldable and flexible phone isn’t new to Samsung by any means. They have been dreaming and working hard for it for almost 9 years now. Back in 2011, Samsung showed a prototype phone of similar thoughts in mind. The device folded in middle to form a smartphone and unfolded to give you a tablet like experience. The prototype kind of worked well to the expectation. Though it wasn’t a commercial device but the Samsung’s desire for technological advancement made it release a concept video of foldable and transparent device in 2012 (video shown below).

This was kind of hit and miss given the technology that existed back then. But for the creativity and vision, Samsung deserves full marks. By the end of 2012, Samsung was already working hard enough to make its vision a reality. But some production problems reported that the release will be pushed few years later.

Samsung’s bendy plastic display which it showcased in 2012, got more real-world debut in CES 2013 with a name “Youm”. Though it was just a display with all the problems remaining of its actual implementation on smartphone.

The closest we got to the foldable phone was in the year 2013 and device was Samsung Galaxy Round. This was not as intended as prototype showed, but they had something to showcase atleast. It was the world’s first curved screen smartphone which curved in the middle.

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The smartphone was then followed by Note and edge devices with bent edge screen, a little display area intended for notifications and other stuffs. We have come this far from what was promised by the Samsung officials in 2014, but the anticipation remained as a treat for the future.

Project Valley

Not until mid-2015, a rumor for bendable device started to take toll on people. The project being called Project Valley, a newest addition to the foldable attribute of Samsung’s smartphones. But as expected, it didn’t show up in the market.

On 2016, Project Valley got its name Galaxy X which was expected to release later in 2017 with 4K foldable display but 2018 arrived and still no signs. It isn’t over yet, in SID 2016, Samsung showed off a roll- out display, but without touch screen. The concept video of Project Valley along with a glimpse or roll-out display can be seen in this video below.

The foldable smartphone despite of such tremendous amount of rumors, was yet to arrive in the market. In the meantime, not quiet the foldable display but smartphone like ZTE Axon M was announced by ZTE in November 2017. It wasn’t ideally a device with foldable display, but a device with dual display that could be folded in half.


There are rumors again that claims the Galaxy X could land in 2019, and has come from relevant sources but if we consider what the boss of Samsung has to say, we could still be waiting for the device to hit the market as its technology might need polishing.

Samsung Galaxy X Specs

Samsung Foldable Phone - Galaxy X Release Date

Pic: AndroidGuys

As of the rumor goes, we have got no clue on what the specs could look like. But if we look for the combined rumors from now and years before, we can make a guess of the specs, not quiet promising but definitely worth mentioning.

Display Size 4-5 inches folded, unfolded to around 8 inches
Display Resolution Rumored to have 4K resolution
Display Technology Bendable OLED
Processor Rumor to have latest Snapdragon as of release

Beyond this, there has been no rumor or any leak about how the camera would be, about the fingerprint sensor or iris scanner or facial scanner. As it is most anticipated project, we can have expectation that it will arrive with the futuristic specifications with latest in every field.

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Samsung Galaxy X Price

Until its officially been announced by officials from the Samsung, we cannot have any assumptions for the price as well. The head of research at Golden Bridge Investment told the Korean Times that the phone could cost around 2 million Won, which translates to around 1,800 US$. Even if the prices were to be optimized according to the regions, it would still be a lot to pay as Note 9 debuted at $1,000 and to be noted, it doesn’t fold.

Samsung Galaxy X Release Date | Samsung Foldable Phone

Samsung Foldable Phone - Galaxy X

Pic: TechShout/Samsung

If we go after the claims of company and rumors that spreads like snap of a finger, the date can’t be trusted until we see it release. Many rumors claimed it would release sometime in 2018 but without any official confirmation, it can just be considered a hoax. If we move on to some more reliable sources, it can be considered that Samsung might showcase its foldable smartphone, if not named Galaxy X, in CES 2019.

With no fixed date by officials, its just a guessing game for us and might just prove to be a showpiece give the high price that only few would afford to have.

Conclusion on Samsung Foldable Phone

Samsung Foldable Phone - Foldable Smartphone Screen

Being the most anticipated device, it is still being waited for after almost 9 years of development. Whenever it arrives at the market, it is sure to be the most mentioned smartphone in the feat of development of smartphone technology. As every year, public gathers around to have a glimpse of technological development made by Apple though it doesn’t prove to be ground-breaking, it is talked about almost every nooks and corners of the world. This is all because tech giants like Apple, Samsung, ZTE etc. are well established and know worldwide. So, the cost is generally not a concern to many people.

As a conclusion, we would want to focus more on official data rather than hoax and rumors now. And hope the device gets released soon so that we can have a brief review of it.