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Robot 2.0 Rajinikanth Akshay Kumar Official Trailer Review

Rajinikanth is most celebrated actor not only in South, but whole Bollywood film industry. He is treated similar to God. The films he has acted has been crossing limits creating a new milestone. Another actor needs no introduction in Bollywood, he is India’s “Khelaadi”. Having acted in many genres, he is one of the most versatile actors we will get to see.

Released in 2010, Robot was a the most earning movie in the Indian Bollywood history, only being surpassed by Baahubali 2. It was first of its kind movie to spend such huge money in visual effects. After viewing the Robot movie, everyone wondered how the sequel to this movie would look like.

2.0 Teaser

Robot 2.0 Official Trailer

Pic: Dharma Productions

The wait now is over. The highly anticipated movie “2.0”, sequel to Robot, is set to release in November, 2018. The teaser to the movie has been released lately. On serious note, the teaser seems so satisfying that November seems very far away to watch the movie.

In the trailer, you will see the return of Rajinikanth as “Chitti: The Robot”, who has been commissioned by its creator Vaseegaran (also played by Rajinikanth) to stop the world from being destroyed by the mighty force of Dr. Richard (Akshay Kumar) also known as “Crowman”. The teaser doesn’t reveal much about the story plot, but you can see mobiles flying around forming the shapes of crow, you can see some badass fight scene between Chitti and the evil forces.

The trailer showcases some jaw dropping VFX. Akshay Kumar is almost unrecognizable with the makeover and is likely to hit the theater hard with his awesome performance as Crowman. The Background music to the teaser is given by AR Rahman, the Oscar winner. The 3D version of the teaser too will be released in theaters just to have a first hand feel of the movie’s jaw dropping VFX.


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Robot 2.0 Official Trailer Explained

In the first half of the trailer, we see the cellphones flying in the sky, leaving everyone in confusion. This is when Dr. Vaseegaran suggests that its finally the time when Chitti can be of some use against the threat in the city. The next half of the trailer reveals Akshay Kumar in all villain style destroying city, the visuals of Akshay Kumar has been created as a gigantic bird which is controlled by Crow Man aka Dr. Richard. Although Akshay is there only for few seconds in the minute-long teaser, he is successful in leaving the lasting impact on the viewer’s mind. After the hard work of 2 years from over 3000 technicians all around the world, the movie is finally complete.

Producer for the movie, S. Shankar, said the “2.0” is nowhere an extension of Robot. He said that it is completely “a new format, a unique premise with a completely new message”. He termed the movie as “socio-fantasy, sci-fi actioner” of international quality.


If it’s a Rajinikanth movie, there is sure to be a festival like celebration. The movie will definitely extend the boundaries of the technological advancement in Indian cinema. Having seen the teaser, we can now without a doubt say that the movie is going to be somewhat Marvel like movie. Having spent a whopping Rs. 500 crores in making, it is definitely not a medium grade film, but we can say that its going to be huge blockbuster movie. I am looking forward to watch this movie the very first moment it is released, what about you guys?