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The highly anticipated scooter TVS NTorq 125 has finally launched with 5 variants. The company brings customer choice to choose their own type on basis of their preferences. This article provides you the pros and cons of TVS NTorq to help you to judge the machine.

Here as the lists of variants of TVS NTorq released recently. Prices for the TVS NTorq vary with the variants.

TVS NTorq          Variant
TVS NTorq          Drum
TVS NTorq          Disc
TVS NTorq          Race Edition
TVS NTorq          Super Squad Edition
TVS NTorq          FI BS6

Before we jump directly in to the pros and cons of  TVS NTorq, here are the specifications TVS NTorq as per stated by the company.

TVS NTorq Classic Specifications

Starting Mechanism:

It possesses both an Electric Starter & Kick Starter

Max Power:

10.2 PS @ 7500 rpm

Max Torque:

10.8 Nm @ 5500 rpm

Top Speed:

It have a max speed of 90 Kmph

Fuel Tank Capacity:

It have a maximum capacity of 5.8 liters


In a test it gives a fuel efficiency of 42 kmpl

Front Tyre

100/80-12 – Disc (Optional)

Rear Tyre:

110/80-12 – Drum


Both sets of wheel have a tubeless  tyres

Engine Type:

Single-Cylinder, 4-Stroke

Emission Standard:

BS4 (BS6 in FI)


124.8 cc

Cooling System:


Braking System:

It have a synchronized braking system.

Suspension Setup:

It possesses a Telescopic suspension in front and Coil Spring with hydraulic dampers at back.

Ground Clearance:

It have a clearance of 15.5 cm

Under Seat Storage Capacity:

It have a under-seat storage capacity of an amazing 22 liters

Kerb Weight:

The estimated weight of scooter is around 116 Kg


It comes with primarily 5 colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, Grey and Silver

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Benefits of TVS NTorq :

If we talk about the pros and cons of TVS NTorq then these points may help the new customers:

  • It comes with a Signature T-Shaped LED Tail Lamp.
  • It consists a Sport Stubby Muffler.
  • Wheels are of12-Inch Diamond Cut Alloy
  • Inspired Design of a Stealth Aircraft
  • TVS NTorq Scooter model has 125cc 3-valve Engine.
  • It comes with a SmartXonnect Connectivity Features with Navigation Assist.
  • It has a inbuilt USB Charging Port along with Boot Light.
  • Consists a Gaming Console Inspired Instrument Cluster
  • It boasts Best-in-Class Pick Up and Power.
  • It comes with a 3D NTorq Logo.
  • These scooters have a sport Split Grab Rail.
  • It also has an afterburner Style Rear.

Now we got the basic information about the scooter then we can really start discussing about the main question

. What are the main pros and cons of the TVS NTorq? Is it really worth for to pour all your money in this new machine or it is really not worth all the attention it is getting in the market? We cannot give you the right answer but we sure can help in making your decision. Here are the pros and cons for the scooter for those who are genuinely interested in this two wheeler.

Pros and Cons of TVS NTorq 125

Pros/Advantages of TVS NTorq:

  • TVS NTorq blows away its direct competitors for the market Aprilla SR 125 and Honda Grazia with its impressive 3-valve technology which is superior with direct comparison among them
  • Ntorq also leaves its competitors into dust in terms of torque and power. It provide 1Nm more torque against SR 125 and 1 PS more power against Grazia 125.
  • TVS NTorq also provide a impressive 5 different variant. With five different options for the same scooter, customer can choose the one they love or with the criteria they need with vehicle in terms of price or the specs.
  • Moreover, it tops that with dozens of other interesting features. 

Cons/Disadvantages of TVS NTorq:

  • TVS NTorq comes with a previous version of BS4 engine is a bit of a setback comparing it’s with its impressive power and stats. Upgrade to a BS6 engine would be amazing for its stature.
  • Compared to its other competitors in the market with the likes of Honda, Aprilla and other the mileage given by the machine is less i.e. only 42 kmpl which might not be suitable for those who wants a better fuel efficiency from their scooter. 

Our final Verdict:

TVS NTorq probably is ahead of its current competitors of the market based on similar price range. By looking deeply in the pros and cons of TVS NTorq you can choose for yourselves. By our observations the merits of the TVS NTorq surely outweighs the demerits of the TVS NTorq. If you want your scooter to have powerful engine and good looks then TVS NTorq is definitely worth a try. But of course if you have a limited budget for mileage then maybe you should try another one.