Windows 10 Light Theme Launching Soon

Windows, the operating system for majority of computers and laptops, is the leading operating system in the market. It is owned by Microsoft Corporation. Launched on July 29, 2015, Windows 10 after its launch has been one of the most popular versions of Windows right after the Windows XP. With timely update and bug fixes, it is one of the stable and user-friendly versions of Windows. Windows 10 has always been update with new theme, color scheme, functionality and most of the personalization part, where user can make changes to the visual schemes according to their choices. Windows 10 light theme has been on the verge of launch as the newest alteration/update to the Windows UI. Being able to choose between the light and the dark theme is something that will definitely please many users out there in the market.

Though the light theme isn’t new to the windows platform, though to have it in newest version of Windows with added functionality and customizability is definitely a great feature targeted towards user personalization. According to the sources, the theme is to be unveiled in the first quarter of next year i.e. 2019. It will be a very pleasing experience to see if the new update is focused only on the personalization or there are many other updates lined up.

What, When and How of Windows 10 Light Theme Launch

Microsoft will be launching a new light theme into the Windows 10 with the next major update that might land up on the general consumers earlier next year. If you have been thinking that the Windows already has a light theme then you aren’t completely wrong, though not perfectly right as well. As of now, there is light theme in the Windows, but it isn’t system wide. The light theme at present just applies to some app and some parts of the OS. With the new update, it is going to be system wide meaning it will be applicable in all other parts of the system as well.

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What is the Light Theme all about?

The light theme is basically the updated or a tweaked version of the white theme that already exists in the OS, though it might be wrong, but it is what seems to be as of now. Microsoft will be tweaking the wallpapers that exists in the OS just to match up with the concept of the light theme. A well-balanced theme with well balanced color saturation and color choices will be a perfect combination to most of the users.

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When will the windows 10 light theme launch?

As of now according to the sources, the preview of the light theme will be available to the users through developers preview platform with next few minor updates. Though the official final launch is scheduled to be launched around the first quarter of 2019. The dates are rumored to be in the April month of 2019.

How will the windows 10 light theme be available to users?

If you have opted to the Windows Insider Program, you might be having the beta updates soon. The major launch will be made with the bigger update to the Windows 10 in April next year. The updates will be out for the Windows 10 users on the latest builds. The update is code named 19H1 and includes many cool features.


Windows 10 Light

The Light Theme is the main focus of the update, it will have some notable changes on Start Menu, the taskbar and the notification center that has always been dark ever since the launch. That is going to change with the update with light theme being applicable on almost all parts of the OS and will definitely look gorgeous after years of dark theme usage.

Though visualization isn’t just the prime focus. 19H1 will bring improvements to the new snipping tool, updates to the printing app and intelligent hours for the windows update so it isn’t annoying any more with unnecessary reboots during the working hours. Windows will be applying its tweaks to the brightness slider as well in the notification center and will be adding a dark theme to the built-in OneDrive app for Windows 10.


As a conclusion, it will be fun to watch how Windows pushes the update and how the users are capable of handling the update. Making most out of the updates is always the best thing to do but it is a fact that updates are never untouched with criticism and naysayers. Windows updates have been causing problems with older devices though the issue vanishes with few alterations. Windows 10 Light Theme Launch will be waited for if the company knocks off all the naysayers with the insider preview builds.

Futuristic iPhone Concepts

Futuristic iPhone Concepts | The New iPhone Concepts By Aatma Studio

No one can deny that once the trend for every movie was to have futuristic theme. We all have grown big watching the Terminator and the StarWars series. Transformers was every child’s dream. All these because we are always been futuristic. We love living in future and tend to dream of latest and the greatest technological development taking place every now and then.

Among the trendsetters, there is a big name of Apple Inc. This company has been revolutionizing the technology market ever since its existence. This company was the one to bring the touchscreen mobile devices to the market which looked a gem from the future, iPads has been the most selling and most popular tablet device ever and their laptop range has been out of the world. And another thing they are very keen and enthusiastic at doing is making world curious with their thoughts and innovation.

New iPhone Concept

The market has always been flooded with the rumors of future iPhones before they have even launched or revealed to the general public. Among them, the most satisfying and futuristic looking iPhone concept has landed on the internet getting quick popularity among the tech lovers. The market has always been interested in what Apple has to offer next as they are supposed to be the trendsetter and everything the set forward in the market is quickly adapted by many manufacturers.

Below are the features that were included in Futuristic iPhone Concepts:

Holographic Display

The video shows the all new bezel-less full screen display. There are no bezels, nor any bit of the notch and not even slightest of the chin on the display. The device is all display with little holes for the sensors up top, which seriously look amazing. There are obviously no buttons as they have already been replaced by the gestures. The display is stunning and looks to break all the stereotypes in the market.


The sides of the phones too are shown to be touch sensitive for the volume button as sliding finger along the side controls the volume of the device. The other side is supposed to be some kind of magnetic charging supported which doesn’t require the device to be positioned correctly to charge without wire. You can roam around with the device while still getting the benefit of charging.

In-display Fingerprint Sensor

The world is adapting towards removing the hassle of having anything that is button and consumes space. For the sake of making the device thing and screen larger, the other form of security measure like optical fingerprint scanner of iris scanned or facial scanner is taken into account. Here, an in-display fingerprint is shown which might be similar to the one we have witnessed currently of it can be some new technology that Apple might present to the world.

Motorized Parts

Some motorized parts can be witnessed which helps the phone to lift off the base and click a picture for you. Only taking picture might not be the purpose of that motorized part but what else can it be used for is still to be seen. It seems to be some futuristic concept to aid for the handling of the phone or something similar to that.

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Projector Mode and Laser Keyboard


There is a projector mode that projects activity from the screen through what seems to be like LED Flash. The projector thing is all built into the smartphone with all other sensors like in-display fingerprint sensor, motorized parts and many other. It even projects keyboard on the flat surface and can even project things in 3D.


Despite of having so many sensors and motorized parts, the device is crazy thin and light. The device houses everything that a tech enthusiast might dream of, yet keeping the device thin and light. It looks like a magic trick to hide everything underneath that thin piece of technology.

The screen too is shown to expand upon the pinch gesture. Everything shown before might have been difficult to achieve, but an expanding screen, God knows how Apple might achieve.


Its very appealing to have something like this once in a while. Though the video is only a concept and might not even have been presented on paper, some of the technology has been in the market for quite a few times now with their own set of challenges. And to have something like this is a whole different level of challenge. Apple has always stepped forward with the innovation and if this is confirmed for development, we might be having one of theses devices very soon in the future.

But the question remains that do we really need all these in just a bit of smartphone. And don’t mention the price for development set aside how much it will cost to general buyers. All we can do now is expect for the better things to arrive in market and not be limited to videos like this.