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If you thought 2018 was the year of the notch, worry not at least to up and coming smartphone brands are now going head to head to give you the all screen experience without the hassle of that unsightly selfie camera cut out. Just last week we saw the Vivo NEX that featured a pop up selfie camera and today in Paris Oppo is throwing its own contender in the rain.

Oppo Finder 2012, 2013 Find Five, 2014 Find Seven, 2018 Oppo Find X

Oppo Find X review


Before we get started on the phone let’s quickly look back at the once forgotten fine series. Oppo’s flagship line has also been the Chinese companies’ showcase of fresh new ideas. The Oppo Finder from 2012 was the thinnest smart phone of its time. 2013 Find Five had a five inch full HD display uncommon at that time. And the Find Seven from 2014 had a quad HD display, super charging and a notifications light strip that glowed in a range of colors. And now in 2018, after a long hiatus, meet the Oppo Find X boasting of a screen to body ratio that no other phone has achieved.

DESIGN (Innovative Pop-up Mechanism)

To solve the notch dilemma, Oppo has had to find somewhere else to place the selfie camera and their approach was an innovative pop up mechanism. Not just a tiny camera model but this entire upper back bit just launch the camera app and pops up it goes. This entire section houses the selfie camera and face recognizing sensors up front and the phone’s dual rear cameras. The phone does not have a fingerprint sensor, you’re stuck with face unlock. Just press the power button, swipe up and the module pops up to scan your face. Now while this may sound like that will take a while in our early tests, it actually felt quite snappy. Oppo says it takes only point five seconds.

BUTTONS, PORTS & DISPLAY (USB Type C & Panoramic Arc Screen)

Physical buttons are arranged normally as other phone model, power and lock on the right and volume buttons on the left. Both are fairly easy to use despite the phone’s tall profile. In terms of ports there’s USB C at the bottom flanked by a speaker grill. With the camera module tucked away the phone looks just like a Samsung Galaxy S 9 copy with a display that’s curved on both sides. But just all screen and sounds and the bezel. Of course Oppo has its own marketing term for it, they’re calling it panoramic arc screen


The company rags about its 93.8% screen to body ratio that beats Vivo NEX, which comes in with an already impressive 91.24%. The phones back is also curved glass with a glossy shimmer and that changes the shade depending on how light touches it. While unoriginal, the result is a beautiful smartphone that demand your attention, one that feels elegant and premium. And then from the short time we spent with the Oppo Find X, we found the display to be quite vibrant with colors that pop.

OPPO CAMERA (3D Smart Selfie Capture)

Apart from its stealthy pop up mechanism, Oppo packs a whole bunch of camera tech into its 25 megapixel front camera. There’s 3D Smart selfie capture that creates a 3D model of your face to analyze facial features so that you get the most natural beauty filters. The same technology is used in its face unlock feature and Oppo’s own version of apples and emojis. It’s calling it 3D Omoji. You can cartoon your avatar, which you could export as videos or GIF emojis for chatting with your friends. The phone also has two rear cameras with 16 and 20 megapixel sensors.

OPERATING SYSTEM (Phone Specs & Color Available)

Oppo Find X Specs

The Oppo Find X runs Android 8.1 out of the box with its own ColorOS skin on top. Here’s the spec sheet if you’re interested. Notice it’s powered by a top of the line Snapdragon 845 chip, meaning it’s meant to pack a punch. The phone will be available in two gradient color combinations Bordeaux Red and Glacier Blue.