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There happens to be a completely different market for the animated movies worldwide. Animated movie as it seems like is only for kids, is now targeting people of all age group because of the interest people are showing towards these movies. Similarly, there is new movie in the lineup to be aired soon through Netflix. “Next Gen” is the newest movie in the animation section that showcases the friendship between a girl and a giant robot. From the picture’s posters itself, the movie seems to be ready to break almost all the expectation of the box office collections.

Next Gen Trailer (2018) Review - Sci Fi Animated Movie


Netflix spent over $30 million in order to win a bidding competition for the worldwide rights to the Next Gen at Cannes Film Festival. The company released the first trailer to the movie. The Next Gen movie was released on 7th September 2018 on Netflix.

Next Gen Trailer Review

The voices in the movie are lent by Charlyne Yi, John Krasinski, Michael Pena, Constance Wu, Jason Sudeikis and David Cross. The movie is written and directed by Kevin R. Adams and Joe Ksander (the art director and animation director on 9, respectively). It was developed by the Canadian studio Tangent Animation (Ozzy) and adapted from the comic 7723 by Wang Nima.

Next Gen 2018 Movie Trailer - Sci Fi Tech Movies

The trailer to the movie quickly shows the appearances of various character in the movie and some major plots of the movie. The sneak peak to the character Justin Pin with the voice of Jason Sudeikis who casually looks as a silicon-valley tech freak and Dr. Tranner Rice with the voice over of David Cross is the scientist for designing 7723, is shown in the trailer.  The trailer can be watched from the link given

The robot 7723 seems to be the cross of Big Hero and I Robot. The sneak-peak to what just the movie is all about can be had from the trailer. The trailer shows robots, their mass production, fireworks, explosion, fights, friendship, care, love, everything. The movie is going to be a full package of entertainment. Seriously for a non-Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks film, the animation and movie play seem to be awesome.

The baseline the Next Gen movie wants to show is that friendship is the ultimate thing that can ever happen. The movie shows how friendship with a top-secret robot, who is in the mission to save the world, turns a lonely girl’s life into a thrilling adventure as they save the world taking on bullies, evil bots, and a scheming madman.

Next Gen Movie Details

Adapted from: Chinese comic “7723” by Wang Nima

Developed by: Canadian Studio “Tangent Animation”

Released date: 7th September 2018

Languages: English, Mandarin

Also known as: Spain (La nueva generación)

France (Nouvelle generation)

Italy (Next Gen)

Poland (Nowa generacja)

Turkey (Gelecek Jenerasyon)

Length: 90 minutes (approx.)

Released on: Netflix

Hence, this is the quick Next Gen trailer review. The movie seems promising and entertaining at the same time. As the success of similar movies like Wall-E, Big Hero 6, I Robot, this movie too was a blast for the viewers.

Watch Next Gen Trailer by NETFLIX Here: