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Gmail, the mailing service for Google “” received a massive update since 2018. User gets the option to access the new and improved Gmail and have the choice to revert back to classic version. It’s a massive upgrade done to Gmail over the time we might remember. The changes are pretty great and we want to see some more updates like that in near future. This gives us an example about how the company is working forward for the satisfaction of its users. The updates about Gmail is noted below, hope you find it useful.

Updates to Gmail

There are pretty and clean and moreover quiet necessary updates to the Gmail both browser version and App version. Some major updates are:

  • All new and improved design

Gmail is completely new and fresh in terms of design. Everything from the center body to the side panels, from small details as in the compose button to the addition of sidebar, everything is new and fresh. You can perform little bit of customizations here and there. Change for sidebar sizes, colors, background themes and similar.

  • Confidential mode

The last thing you will want to happen to your confidential mail is getting it forwarded leaving the confidentiality as a question. Firstly, for your mail to be treated as confidential, you will want some sort of method. In the new Gmail update, there is an inbuilt confidential mode that you can set and that provides the option to set the expiration of mail and as a matter of security, the mail not getting forwarded without your permission.

2018 Gmail Update - Gmail

The only thing you need to do is press the button marked in red circle in above picture and you can toggle confidential mode on and off. Once you press it, you will have following option that pops up.

2018 Gmail Update - Gmail Sign In English

Just choose your options and you will be enable the confidential mode where recipient can neither forward your message nor perform any types of edits like copy, cut, print etc.

  • Nudges, smart replies and snooze

If we have not managed our Gmail account inbox well, it looks quite messy because many of us use single mail for many different purposes. Because of that, it gets hectic while searching for particular mail. Now Google, thanks to its improved AI features, will give you a nudge if it thinks you have missed something important. It does so by analyzing your usage pattern.

Another way to get around the piles of message is “Smart Reply”, not every mail requires a lengthy reply. Through some short and quick replies already present in the system, you can send a reply that is relevant enough to the mail you have received.

On the final side, you can finally “Snooze” a message if you don’t want to get any message from the particular ID for set time.

  • Unsubscribing made easier

Unsubscribing was a pain in past going through many paths and options. Now, you will see the unsubscribe option frequently as per your usage directly to your dashboard. Google will let you unsubscribe from certain mailing list and save your email space for more important mails to come.

  • Tasks, integrations and addons

Gmail now has integrated Gmail with few more G suite apps so you can easily jump between different G suite apps frequently. The apps are integrated in all new revamped side panel in the inbox section. Because of the side panel and the integration on the G Suite apps, you can easily and quickly reference and create or even edit the events in calendar or quickly have something noted on “Keep”. You can also flood your side panel with 3rd party apps for ease of use. You can have your to-dos managed right from the side panel. As Easy As that, isn’t it?

  • Native offline capability

Now you can perform task like search, write, respond, delete, or archive up to 90 days of email just like you did while being online. Just the catch to it is that you cannot send mail and that’s obvious why.

  • Security warnings

Google has announced something called Business Email Compromise (BEC) threat, which is when someone tries to impersonate as an executive in your business and tries to obtain confidential information. Google also announced phishing protection to prevent these kinds of threats and claims that it can block 99.9 percent of such BEC attempts by warning the users or moving the mail to the spam.

As per this requirement, now the Google’s security warnings appear bigger and bolder informing you of any kind of such mails arriving in your mailbox.

How to change to new Gmail and Back to old

If you want to try new Gmail if you already haven’t, then follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the “setting cog wheel” icon and you will have an update to apply.
  3. You just have to do is enable the 2018 Gmail update and your Gmail will be updated.

To revert back

  1. Perform your Gmail account login.
  2. Similar to the above step, on the setting wheel you will have the option to go back to classic view.

2018 Gmail Update - New Gmail

That’s all you actually need to know about the Gmail update since 2018. You will find plenty of tutorials stating such update on Gmail. It’s just up to you that if you want to try it yourself or the update to be pushed to you forcefully. Hence, with the above information available I hope my viewers to get educated about the new and revamped Gmail for both Web and mobile version.