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Linus Sebastian

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Sebastian and his wife

Linus Sebastian must be a familiar name, if you are a big fan of all things tech. Linus Sebastian is a YouTube personality, presenter, producer, and founder of Linus Media Group popularly known for the creation three successful tech-related YouTube channels.

Born on 20 August, 1986, in Vancouver, Canada, Linus Gabriel has six siblings as well as a half-sibling. He is known all over the world for his works on YouTube Channels which includes Linus Tech Tips, Channel Super Fun and Techquickie. These channels were his own creation with combined subscriber base of more than 8 million people.

Since he was a kid, Linus had always been fascinated with technology. After his graduation from Garibaldi Secondary School, he got enrolled in the University of British Colombia. However, it didn’t last long. He got dropped out after a couple of years because he spent most of his time with his computer, hanging out on hardware forums and playing video games.

When he got a part-time job for NCIX, he was still a student and later was hired as a full-time employee working in the sales department. He quickly became the company’s top seller in terms of high-end gaming systems within just a few months in the company by which the president of the company soon offered him a new position at the head office where he was assigned with the managing the system configurations on the company’s website.

Linus Tech Tips YouTube

Linus was asked to become the host of their technology Channel by NCIX by 2007. This channel was created to demonstrate product offers in order to keep up with the company’s rivals. On the 24th of July 2007, Linus posted his first video with the aid of an editor and an unnamed cameraman.

The response he got from the video was quite discouraging. However, the new channel “LinusTechTips” created on 24 November 2008, by Sebastian with the main aim to maintain a modest cost for video making while dissociating it from the company.

Again in 2012, Sebastian created another channel called “Techquickie” together with Luke Lafreniere (aka SlickPC) who was his co-worker in NCIX. The main aim of the channel was to provide information focusing the latest cool technology in few minutes. In January 2013, Sebastian and Luke left the company and started another company with Brandon Lee and Edzel Yago together named “Linus Media Group” out of a garage.

A new channel “Channel Super Fun” was again created in May 2014 where Linus and his partner Lafreniere used “Twitch” to live stream the show based on discussions regarding latest technology news as well as Q&As. The show aired a total of about 184 episodes by June 2017.

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Linus Tech Tips Net worth

Linus Tech Tips is one of the most popular and growing technology channels on YouTube which has everything from unboxing videos to gadget reviews.  Linus has definitely done well for himself with his average daily views across all videos.

Linus Tech Tip – 1,100,000

Techquickie – 180,000

Channel Super Fun – 50,000

The Linus Tech TIP net worth is estimated to be from $315K – $4.1M. Indeed, the future of the young C.E.O is bright for the coming years even as he expands his fan and audience base.

Linus Tech Tips Staff

Linus Tech Tips

Pic: Linus Tech Tips

Founded in January 2013, Linus Media Group

has a team with fine and well experienced developers and editors.

  1. Linus Sebastian (@LinusGSebastian)

 Position: CEO and Host

Working part time at NCIX as a hardware enthusiast and then to a full time sales representative, high end systems designer, product manager, to category manager, Linus founded Linus Media Group and left NCIX to pursue a career focused on tech along with his YouTube channels.,

  1. Luke Lafreniere (@luke_lafr)

Position: Chief of Technology

Being an expert technological related things, Luke (AKA SlickPC) worked with Linus to help him with his duties at NCIX and Linus Tech Tips. When Linus left NCIX to start his own company, Luke left with him. Since then, Luke’s duties have increased from testing hardware to hosting videos and managing forum and early access platform.

  1. Yvonne Ho (@Yvonne_H_)

Position: CFO

Yvonne does anything and everything that is not included in anyone else’s job description and it’s constantly changing. Yvonne had started with Linus back in his NCIX days when they used to film unboxing videos. Her new project is helping redesign sets to make them more modern and fun.

  1. Edzel Yago (@edzelyago)

Position: Lead Visuals

Edzel was an NCIX lurker and shopper for years. With a history of visual arts, he pursued video production and during his internship, Edzel went to YouTube and messaged Linus for being an intern and was eventually offered a job after a couple of months. He is responsible for placeholder text and images on the website or videos and also made all the graphics and junk on here as placeholders.

  1. Brandon Lee (@Brandon_Y_Lee)

Position: Cinematographer

Brandon was broadcast student from BCIT. He joined the team early 2013, and is “gear guru” when it comes to filming latest equipment and techniques.

He started out with Linus primarily as a video editor, but he used to spend almost all his time looking through a lens at either one of our videos.

  1. Taran Van Hemert (@TaranVH)

Position: Editor

Taran joined the team during one of the busiest periods. He is the resident repetitive strain injury expert, and also occasionally writes and hosts videos.

  1. Nick Light (@nicklmg)

Position: Sales & Biz Dev

Nick coordinates the sale and other projects along with general business development and strategy.

  1. Colton Potter (@colton_potter)

Position: Sales

Colton focuses on business development and does sales as well as manages the community e-mails and helps with the WAN Show.

  1. Nick Van Berkel (@NEILVANBEIL)

 Position: Editor

Nick is considered the mastermind behind most of the Channel Super Fun content you see in the channel “Channel Super Fun”.

  1. Jon Martin (@jmart604)

Position: Writer & Benchmarker

Jon is the first foreign worker, who moved to Vancouver to join Linus Media Group from the faraway land of North Carolina.

  1. Dennis Liao (@dennyishung)

Position: Editor

Dennis joined the team after receiving a very strong recommendation for his hard work and skill in shooting and editing videos.

Linus Tech Tips Wan Show

“The WAN Show” in the Linus Tech Tips stands for “The Weekly Analysis & News Show”. The WAN Show is a live stream on featuring Linus Sebastian and his partner, Luke Lafreniere on at around 4:30PM PDT/PST on Fridays except holidays and when they were abroad because they felt they needed some kind of branding for “the stream”.