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Know These iOS 12 Top Features and Steps To Update To iOS 12

Apple has been caught up in its own ecosystem developing software and hardware for its own devices. iOS is the operating system designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS has been to its 12th edition now and the offerings being better than ever. Supported device can upgrade to the iOS 12 as it is not developed for all devices from Apple. Though the iOS 12 is not a radical change from the previous iOS 11, you can see some noteworthy changes. The Apple is working hard to keeps its older devices alive with updates and iOS 12 as well does very hard job at making the older devices faster and usable. iOS 12 was announced at Worldwide Developer Conference (WDC) on 4th of June 2018 and the first beta was out for testing on 25th of June 2018. And with some added functionality with some apps, the full version released on 17th September 2018.

Updating to iOS 12 | How To Update To iOS 12?

iOS 12 Top Features

Pic: Apple iOS

If you have had iOS 11 installed in your system, the chances are you can update your device to iOS 12. Following are the steps to follow to upgrade your system.

  • Create a backup of your data for just in case scenario
  • Simply go to Settings>General>Software Updates and select the option to install iOS 12.
  • Just in case you don’t have that option to upgrade over wirelessly, check for your device’s compatibility here.
  • If supported, you can upgrade your device through iTunes as well.
  • If you are an Apple watch user, after the iOS 12 update on your phone, you will receive a message on watch as well to update it to watchOS 5.

That’s it, you are all ready to enjoy the likes of all new iOS 12.

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iOS 12 Top Features

iOS 12 Top Features

Pic: Apple iOS

Not so drastic, but the update to iOS 12 is pretty prominent because Apple has always been comparing its upgrades with its previous versions and this time too, it promises many improvements over the previous version.

  • Group Facetime

Now you can Facetime up to 32 people simultaneously. Its integrated into iMessage, so you can easily set up a group chat and a group Facetime with up to 32 people. It is available in iPhone, iPad and Mac. You can answer the group Facetime with audio using the Apple Watch. You also have the option to include stickers and memoji while o Facetime.

  • Siri Shortcuts

Users will be able to use Siri Shortcuts not only on their phones, but ion HomePods and Apple Watches as well. Siri is now faster in making quick actions with the dedicated shortcuts. You can add shortcut to Siri with which, the Siri will be quicker in taking actions.

  • Siri Suggestion is the iOS 12 Top Features

With iOS 12 and the AI integration, Siri learns through your daily usage pattern. Whenever you use the search function on the home screen, you will see some suggestions underneath the search box. The suggestion will vary upon what you have doing lately on the device. Tapping on the appropriate suggestion, it will redirect you to the specific task. The more you use your device, the more the system will learn about you and the more will be the suggestions provided.

  • App-level Data Use Information

Android has been providing the per-app data usage functionality and lately in iOS 12 update, you will be able to see which app has been eating all your precious data. Just go to Settings>Cellular.

  • Location Data Shared With 911 and First Responder

iOS 12 provides important security functionality for emergency. The location data of the iPhone users are shared with first responder when you call 911. The service combines Apple’s exciting HELO technology that estimates location based on cell tower, GPS and Wi-Fi Access points with a technology created by RapidSOS to securely deliver the location data information to 911 in emergency.

  • Animoji and Memoji

iOS 12 Top Features

Animoji from Apple has got more added. It also has now developed new Memoji, a potential answer to Samsung’s AR Emoji. You can create an AR character that is your representation in emoji form and you can choose from different customization options from hairstyle to skin tone to eye colors.

You can add Animoji and Memoji into your photos. Now you have added time of 30sec compared to 10sec that was originally present in previous update.

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  • Redesigned Maps App

Apple has redesigned the maps app with the detailed maps with greenery and other public landmarks. Currently the difference can be seen when looking at the San Francisco Bay Area, the rest of the United States will be covered in over a year and half.

  • Changes to Screenshot

After receiving the dazzling iPhone X last year, customers had been complaining about the accidental screenshot being taken when the phone was taken out of the pocket. But now in iOS 12, for the screenshot to be taken, the phone has to be unlocked and the screen should be on. This minor update will be making many users happy.

  • App Switcher Update

You now no longer have to long-press a card in app switcher and then tap the minus button. Instead now all you have to do it is swipe up once and then swipe up again on the app you want to specifically close. It seems it has been following the Android steps for its recent updates because this function has been in Android for long now.

  • iPhone X gesture on the iPad is the iOS 12 Top Features

The rumors about the Apple removing the home button from all of its devices might be turning real. You can see the home button gesture in iPad if your iPad is running iOS 12. You get all the gestures from iPhone X and can perform them in the iPad as well. There is higher possibility that latest iPad too will have physical home button replaced.

  • Battery Management Information

This feature too has been in Android for a while now and Apple too has implemented this battery feature. It had been introduced in iOS 11.3, the battery health information allows you to check which application has been feeding on your battery, decreasing the battery life. You can also see the usage graph within 24 hours and last 2 days.

To check the battery and throttling information, go to Setting>Battery>Battery Health.

  • Improvement to Camera App

With the camera hardware update in newer iPhones this year, there has been update to the camera app as well, specially to the portrait mode. Now the camera creates a mask when it detects a person and uses the mask to separate the person from the background.

iOS 12 will allow you to import the RAW images on your iPhone and iPad and lets you edit the RAW images on iPad Pro.

  • Improved Face ID

Face ID got a major update with iOS 12. You can now add up to 2 different faces to unlock your phone. It is also easier than before to scan your face for the ID.

  • Better Performance

iOS 12 focuses on the performance, it almost doubles the performance. Under extensive load, the CPU performance ramps up to its highest state for performance and will be ramped down just as quickly in order to quickly preserve battery life. The transitioning animations are improved and are now faster than the iOS 11.

  • Measure App

Using the AR feature, measure app lets you easily get direct measurement of any objects around you, by tapping on the object and drawing out lines around the object, it will display measurement right on your screen.

  • ARKIT 2.0 is the iOS 12 Top Features

On the release of iOS 11 last year, ARKit got its existence and with iOS 12, ARKit 2.0 delivers improved face tracking, realistic rendering, and support for 3D object detection. You can have shared experiences with multi-user AR- you will be able to play AR games against other users in the same virtual environment.

  • Managing Screen Time

Apple provides the weekly activity summary stating the amount of time you spend on the particular apps on your device. Not only this, you will have the option to set your own time out for the specific apps on passing when you will receive a notification stating you the time out.

Intended for the kids, parents will also receive a report of their kid’s usage letting them decide the limit. Using the downtime feature, you can limit usage of kid’s by category, app or all together with always allow feature to let them make calls.

  • Grouped Notification

Now you have the notifications grouped together not just by app, but also by topic and threads. You don’t have to scroll through ton of notifications individually. You can choose between what you want to receive from an app as notification in future or just turn them off as a whole.

  • Variety of Apps Update

The News app, Voice Memos app, Apple Book previously known as iBook has received updates for the usage in iPad. With CarPlay, Apple has added support for third-party navigation apps. There is also “Book store” that allows you to browsing through books easier.

Here is the video by The Verge on iOS 12 Review:


Some of the updates are drastic and pleasing while some are just minor updates. Though as Apple promises, upon the passage of time, iOS 12 will have more and more features added. Being a diehard apple user, some of the major update might have been newer to the Apple fans out there but if you ever have used Android phones, you will notice that these features has been in Android for quiet a few time now.

Android had facial recognition for many years now though it wasn’t secure enough. Data usage, battery management, grouped notifications and few other had been android before Apple decided to integrate them in iOS.