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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG Mobile) is a multiplayer online video game, developed by Tencent Games and released by PUBG Corporation a subsidiary of publisher Blue hole. The Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is an online video game similar to Counter-Strike with the brand new features with great graphics and visualization. The overall gameplay is a multiplayer online game between 100 players all around the world. PUBG Mobile is known as of the best games of 2017 and its popularity still being gained in 2018. With its latest updates, PUBG Mobile can now be downloaded and played on a Windows PC or Mac. After it was launched on PC, it became one of the best-selling online games of 2017, played throughout the world. Today we will guide you on the steps on How to Setup PUBG Mobile in Few Minutes. Enjoy playing PUBG.

How to Setup PUBG Mobile in Few Minutes (Step By Step)?

  1. Install PUBG mobile:
    You can easily install the PUBG mobile from an App Store for iOS devices and Play store for Android devices.
  2. Login to PUBG
    You can tap on the Open option once it is installed. As soon as you open the game, you will be asked to Sign in. You can sign in using Facebook or a twitter account or also, play as a guest. Using other apps will help you sync your data so that you can switch the phone and tablet without losing your progress and other data.
  3. Prepare your phone:
    To play the PUBG mobile, your device needs to have the best system requirements. You need to maintain the space requirement. To do that you can delete all the apps you don’t need or use. Also, you can turn off battery saver, turn off data savers and turn off night mode for the best experience. You might also want to turn off auto-brightness as the brighter game gives a better experience.
  4. Good Internet Connection
    The mobile phone must have a good connection with the PUBG servers so that the game doesn’t lag in between. It is better to avoid the game with someone streaming in 4K content you will lag in the game.
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  6. Connect your Headphones:
    PUBG allows you to speak with your teammate and other online players of the game. It gives a very good audio quality and moreover using the headphones will give you an amazing sound experience.
    How to Setup PUBG Mobile in Few Minutes
    Once you start the game, you will be loaded PUBG lobby. There you can see various options and settings that include a selection of your game type, organize your friends, claim rewards and manage your inventory. You have followed the most essential steps on How to Setup PUBG Mobile in Few Minutes. You new few more guidelines.
  7. Pick your Region Server:
    Below the start button, you have a box to set up your game type, including the server. Tap on that and on the right side you’ll see the different servers. Select any server you want. Better to select the server nearest to you.
  8. Adjust the Frame Rate of the Game:
    You can tap the settings and, then Graphics to find the frame rate. If you don’t have a powerful phone, select low. Or else, select high to have a better experience of gaming.
  9. Get Clothes on your Pub G Character:
    You will start this game on your underwear, but instantly buy your closet in your inventory. You can buy clothing with real money or can unlock clothes as you play by earning BP and opening crates. Some clothes are temporary, some you get to keep.
  10. Turn off chat or adjust the mic volume:
    PUBG Mobile offers an in-game voice channel which can be adjusted according to you. You can turn off the mic or speaker for voice, or adjust the levels. From settings > audio, you’ll find the controls. You can just turn it off if you don’t feel like talking to anyone.

So, these were the steps on How to Setup PUBG Mobile in Few Minutes. If you feel any difficulty or want to learn pro tips on playing PUGB Mobile. Do comment us below.