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Whenever you create any account like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter you are requested to set a strong password for that account. It’s because for the account you created the password must be of the type that any other person cannot guess. Before knowing how to set strong password, let’s discuss about why we need to set strong password???

Let’s take an example of Gmail, which is one of the efficient, convenience and free web based email service. Almost every person of the world use Gmail either for professional or for personal. On the Google Drive you can store number of files which are most important for you because storing the files only on the memory chips may not always be the best solution. What if virus attacks then?

Storing the files on the Google Drive will not be reliable unless you create the secure and strong password for it. If the password you set can be easily guessed then any other person can easily go through your account then can easily extract your valuable files. Now let’s have a look upon some points which give you the solution of how to set strong password???


How to set strong password? Follow these guidelines to set the secure password:

how to set strong password

  1. Always include both uppercase character, lower case character and special character to set your password. Like: $Ram&Thapa
  2. Don’t set the password as a name of the person that is special or close to you. If you did this then the hackers can easily guess.
  3. Including the numbers on a password will be more secure as it will be difficult to guess it. Like Ram723
  4. Always set long password and avoid short password. Probability of hacking your password will be much less in this case.
  5. Set Complex but memorable password rather then simple ones.
  6. Don’t login to your accounts infront of other people.

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