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Microsoft officially unveiled windows 11 as the successor to windows 10 on October 5th, 2021 and existing users can upgrade easily if they have supported hardware. Here, the latest operating system form Microsoft brings major changes to the overall design and usability with additional features also baked into it. Some of the major highlighted features include android apps support, fresh widgets, Teams integration, better multitasking, and many more. This is a short intro. You may jump directly into our main topic “How to Install Windows 11 For Free” below.

Microsoft offers windows 11 as a free upgrade and is slowly rolling out to supported devices. In this case, users can save their money by upgrading rather than purchasing a new devices altogether. Microsoft has increased the hardware requirements for installing windows 11 by a lot compared to previous versions.  As a result, it’s important to know the basic requirements for installing windows 11 to ensure compatibility and safety of the end users. The minimum spec requirements to install Windows 11 are listed hereafter.

Windows 11 Minimum System Requirements:

Processor:               64 bit (x86-64 or ARM64) processor with at least 1GHz clock speed and 2 cores.

Memory:                  minimum 4GB or more

Storage space:        minimum 64GB of free space, SSD recommended.

System firmware:   UEFI

Security:                   Secure boot and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) v.2

Graphics card:         Graphics card supporting DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver

Display:                     minimum 720p HD display greater than 9 inches with 8 bit color support.

Internet:                    required for first time boot and setup.

Average users can have a hard time verifying whether their devices are supported or not as some new items are included in this iteration of windows. Hence, to make this process easy, Microsoft has released a free application called PC Health Check Tool which can easily show if the said device is compatible or not. Here, users only have to install the application and run the test. If the applications shows that the device is compatible, people can start installing the update in their devices. There are various methods for installing windows 11 and some of them are listed hereafter.


How to Install Windows 11 For Free

Installing Windows 11 For Free

A. Installation through live disk

This method requires additional devices like a flash drive with 8GB of space or more. Furthermore, this method will wipe out all data stored on the flash drive for creation of bootable disk. Users are advised to proceed through caution.

  • The first step is to go into the Microsoft website and downloading a copy of windows 11 for installation. Users are advised only to use genuine copy from Microsoft as other sources may have virus infected copies.
  • The next step requires users to install a program that can write that image onto our flash drives. Etcher and Rufus are two of the most popular programs used for creating a live disk by many. Here users can choose the one that they like. We personally prefer Etcher.
  • The third step requires users to open the said program (step2) and insert the flash drive into their computer. Here, we have to load the copy of windows 11 that we downloaded before. It’s better to double check all things and click on write image. A pop up may occur to confirm but we should go through with it. After some time the process will complete.
  • The last step requires that we restart the PC and boot form the flash drive that we just created the windows 11 image on. This will take us to the setup process of windows 11 on our devices and we can change things to our likings. After that, we can click install and wait for it to complete.

B. Installing through check for updates

This process requires users to go into the settings app on their compatible windows devices and check for updates. As Microsoft is slowly rolling out windows 11 in batches, it may take time to reach some users. Similarly, users who have got the update can easily update through Settings> Update & Security> Windows update and Click Update.

We hope you have learned enough tips regarding “How to Install Windows 11 For Free” here.