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Facebook has the feature of either disabling your account for few days or completing deleting your account from Facebook. During the deactivation process, you can easily reactivate it. The only thing is that, when you deactivate, people can’t see your timeline or search for you, though you can still have a conversation with people. However, when you permanently delete your account, the account will be gone in less than 14 days. So, let’s learn the steps on “How to Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily or Permanently”.

Following steps can be followed to deactivate the Facebook account Temporarily:

  1. First of all, you need to go to the Facebook website. It’s located at Then you can Login to your account. You need to enter your email address (or phone number) and password into the top-right corner of the screen and click Log In to continue.
  2. Once you are logged in, in the top-right of the navigation bar, you need to click on ▼. Once you click on that there is a drop-down menu on your screen.
    facebook settings
  3. There you need to click on Settings which is towards the bottom of the drop-down menu.
  4. Then click on the General tab on the top-left side of the page and from there click Manage Account.
  5. In that same page, you’ll see “Deactivate your account” text with an internal link attached to it.
    How to Deactivate Facebook Account
  6. Click on that and you’ll be directed to a new page where you need to type in your Facebook password.
  7. Once you enter that click Continue. After that, you’ll be taken to the deactivation page.
  8. There you need to click a reason for deactivating. There are many options, you can choose anyone or write your own.
  9. And also, before deactivating your account, you can check or uncheck the following options like the Email opt-out option, Messenger option.
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  11. Then, click on the Deactivate button at the bottom of the page.

Once you click that, deactivation of your Facebook account is successful. You can anytime activate your account by entering your username and password from your login page.

Following steps can be followed to delete your Facebook account permanently:

  1. Firstly you need to go to Facebook’s deletion page. In a web browser, you can directly type into the address bar and pressing the Enter button.
    How to Deactivate Facebook Account permanently
  2. If you aren’t logged in to your account then, you need to enter the email address or phone number and password for your account and then click Log In button.
  3. Then click on Delete My Account button. Once you click on that there is a pop-up window.
  4. There you must enter your “Password” again in the password field and you must type in the correctly identified Captcha code in the middle of the window below the password field.
    Facebook Captcha code
  5. If you cannot identify it then, you can click either the Try another text or an audio Captcha link below the code to generate a new one.
  6. After filling up both the fields you can click OK. This will submit your code and again a new pop-up window will appear.
  7. Then you can click OK to delete your account which is at the bottom of the pop-up window.

The account will be deleted in near about 14 days, but your account will be gone from Facebook after that time frame.

Hence, these were the steps on How to Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily or Permanently. If any further help required, comment down below.