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The New Search Engine of Google Called Google Dataset Search

Every piece of thing that happens to us or anywhere around the world can be useful. Data is a set of values of qualitative or quantitative variables. This tells us that everything we can rely on can be taken as data. We don’t know what data might be used for what purpose in what part of the world.

There are frequent researches going on time and again and scientists/researchers are always in need of reliable piece of data. Its really hard to find data when we have to work on something more underrated or with underpopulated data. We may be wanting it for research, thesis, for analysis etc. but lack of proper information on how and where to get them can push our timeline out of the window.


Google’s Effort Towards Availability of Data

Google Dataset Search - Search Engines

Right after the advent of Google’s Search functionality, we wished everything could be Googled. Same is the case for the Data scientists and researchers, they too wish not only data, but relevant data could be found on a click of a button.

Google, with the goal or organizing the world’s information, has finally scored a bull’s eye launching service called Dataset Search earlier this September. It is intended to help out the Google Scholar, the company’s popular search engine for academic studies and reports.

Institutions that publish their data online now has to include metadata tags in their webpages that would describe who, when and how of the data that has been listed. This particular information will be indexed by Dataset Search and combined with input from Google’s Knowledge Graph.

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According to a research scientist at Google, Natasha Noy, the aim of Google Dataset Search is to unify the tens and thousands of data repositories online and make them discoverable to the users but keeping the data safe where it belongs.

At the moment, the Dataset publication is very fragile and fragmented. We tend to lean towards a particular place where we had possibility to find data in the past, but it doesn’t work all the time. Scientists say, “we know where to find my datasets, that’s not what I always wanted”. Once they are out of their particular community, that’s when things start to get difficult.

Google Dataset to Rescue

Having faith in sorting the problems that we as data researchers face in searching data day in and out, google dataset jumps out of the box. In the initial release of Dataset Search, it will include

  • Environmental and social sciences
  • Government data
  • Datasets from news organization

As it gains success, the amount of data indexed will just sky-rocket as institutions and scientists always want to make their information accessible to everyone. This will definitely be backed by the fact that there is increasing awareness about the importance of data in scientific literature i.e. journals ask their authors to publish their datasets as well as the government being active about general rise in open data movement.

Its good to know that not only someone who is related to such data but the king of searches Google itself has stepped in for this movement of making dataset available. Google knows what and how the searches take place and how they can be provided to the relevant person. In order to make this sort of data search engines, reach to the individuals out there looking for the data is very important and Google exactly knows what its been doing all these years.

Simply understanding how people search things solve half the problem, knowing what kind and how can help Google provide a deserving candidate with relevant data. If we want to flourish our business, we need to know our clients first, so to know what datasets to provide, what data are searched is important to know.

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As a starting of the dataset search, it would be great if Google published its own data on how people search and how its made accessible. To top it up, it would be great if Google published Dataset on how Dataset search works and it would be indexed by the Dataset search. Though it comes down to every individual out their who want their data to reach in the appropriate hands by having the Metadata Tags included on their webpage which makes them eligible to be indexed by Dataset Search.

Hoping for the good things to come up the Google’s lineup. This was a short yet brief review of Google’s Dataset Search released on September 5, 2018.