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A few years back, Walmart introduced a special ATM called ecoATM. This ecoATM actually buys your old or broken phones for a recycle purpose. Isn’t it great? There are few simple steps to follow in order to sell your phone to this eco-friendly machine. You can take your any old or broken phone like iPhone X, iPhone 7, Samsung S8 or any iOS and Android phones. This machine gives instant cash for phones.

What You Need:

  1. Your old or broken phone (Any Android or iOS Phones you have)
  2. Your ID like Driving License
  3. You have to provide your FingerPrint as well

Picture: ecoATM

The ecoATM is programmed with an animated, voice-activated ROBOT. It will assist you in every procedure. So, just follow the ROBOT, do as it says and you are good to go. There are few important things that you have to go through like bar-code, plugging your phone and giving your ID. The ecoATM is fully functional and systematic with all procedures. Don’t worry, the steps are all easy.

Steps to follow to sell and get instant cash for your Phones from ecoATM:

  • Go to any Walmart nearby and find this ecoATM machine.
  • Press Start Button or just start the procedure.
  • Please note that you should power ON and unlock your device during the procedure.
  • Please tap the type of device you’d like to sell.
  • Choose option given for your “carrier”.
  • Choose the option given for the condition of your phone device.


  • Also, choose the cable connection type. Now, your device is ready for ecoAppraisal.
  • Now, you need to put a label on the back of your phone. You will get a barcode label sticker from the ecoATM on the top right corner.
  • After that, you have to connect your phone with the cable provided. This will evaluate your phone for electronics and condition. You will see an opener and place just below the screen of this ecoATM machine.
  • After you plug in your phone with the cable provided and put it on the dash on the machine, the machine closes the kit. This procedure takes few moments to evaluate your phone.
  • There you go. The machine labels the price for your phone and you can get instant cash for your phone. To get it, you have to go for few easier steps like giving your ID and fingerprint. After these steps, you will get the cash. Enjoy!

Hence, follow these easy steps on ecoATM at Walmart and you will get instant cash for your old or broken any model phones. Have a great day. Share this thing with your friends, also please subscribe to our website. You will see a subscribe panel on the left side somewhere below. Also, please leave your valuable comments below. We’d love to reply your comments. Thank You.