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Facebook has made its service available to its users in which they can easily control who can view your status and access your private details through their ‘Privacy Settings’. From there, you can manage the extent of privacy you would like on your profile. In contrast, it also helps you limit your past posts and also manage your future post audiences so that you can post anything without any discomfort post your daily life with people that are connected to your profile. So here we will discuss the Facebook privacy setting and policy (In Detail).

When you create a Facebook account, you will connect with different people and you might not feel good to link with new people. So, you might like to hide some of your details or hide your profile as a whole from unwanted and unknown people. You also want to get rid of people stalking your profile because such stalkers might irritate you with their message, friend request, or also misuse your photos and personal information. So to manage your profile, you can edit the ‘Privacy’ Settings of Facebook.

Steps for Facebook Privacy Setting and Policy (In Detail)

  1. First of all, open your Facebook account.
  2. Furthermore, from the Navigation bar, click on the drop-down which is on the right-hand side and go to ‘Settings’.
  3. Choose the ‘Privacy’ option from the ‘Settings’. From there, you can now manage the privacy of your account from here. See in details the different privacy setting options
    Facebook Privacy Setting And Policy

a) Your Activity:

  1. More importantly, here you can manage the people who can see your future posts. Click on the ‘Edit’ link to its right, manage your visibility of the post to your desired audiences. Besides you can choose from Public(visible to anyone on Facebook), Friends(visible to people on your friend list), Friends except(you can choose the audience who will not be able to see what you post), Friends of friends (anyone on Facebook with whom you have mutual friends).
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  3. Furthermore, down you can review all your activity on Facebook (i.e posts, tags, etc)
  4. Likewise below that, you can limit past post options to choose how to view your past already posted videos.

b) You also can manage the way people send you a friend request or the way how people will find you (i.e your account visibility to people who search for you on Facebook). To access this function, click on ‘Edit’ to use this function,

  1. Choose from who can send you a friend request.
  2. Choose if people are allowed to see your friend list.
  3. And, choose if people can search for you from the email address that you have provided.
  4. Choose if people can search your profile from the Phone number that you have provided.
  5. Choose if you want to link other search engines to your profile.

Therefore, you can change the setting from the ‘Edit’ link to every setting and manage the degree of privacy you would like to have on your Facebook. Hence from these steps, you might get some idea about the Facebook Privacy Setting and Policy (In Details).