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Facebook is one of the most popular social network sites these days. It can be easily accessed from any iOS and Android devices. Facebook is quite easy to use and if you want to create an account, it is a very easy process. Also, you can easily change your password in case you forget them.

Following steps can be followed to Signup f or a Facebook account:

  1. You must have an email account or a phone number before creating a Facebook account.
  2. First, go to the official website of Facebook from your web browser. In your browser write
  3. In that page, you’ll see the Login side in the top of the page. And to create a new account you can fill the details in the right side in “Create my account”.
    create facebook account
  4. There are some blank spaces you need to fill. You need to enter your First Name and Last Name in the first blanks.
  5. And then you need to enter your Mobile number or email and a new password.
  6. After that choose your birth date from the drop-down menu and also your gender.
  7. Then click on the “Sign Up” button that is below the page.
  8. Now, a code is sent to you in your provided number or email. Enter that code and click on the “Continue” button.
  9. You can then enter your details and start accessing your account.

Following steps can be followed to reset your password of the Facebook account:

  1. From the same login page, you can click on the “Forgot your Password” text below the text box of Password.
  2. Then, you need to enter your email address or Phone number of your Facebook account.
    reset facebook password
  3. Then, you will get an option on how you want to get the SMS code i.e. via Email or Phone Number. Once you select that, click on the Continue button.
  4. Enter your code and again click on the Continue button.
  5. Now enter a new password and confirm the changes.
  6. You can now login to your Facebook using the new password.