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Your mobile is the object you spend half of your life with. It is the source of unending information that you need every day and has more features like Voice Assistants. With years passing by, Android too has become more and more powerful and has attained processing capabilities equivalent to desktop PCs.

But the battery life of Android phone is still the disadvantage. There are many questions that pop about the battery of Android device like “How can I extend my battery life?”, “Best tips and tricks to improve battery life” or “How do I make my Android battery last longer?” Below are some solutions and tips to increase the battery life of Android devices.

10 Ways to Extend Battery Life on Android are as follows:

  1. Minimize the vibrations
    Minimize the vibrations

In every device, there is a small motor called ‘An eccentric rotating mass vibration motor (ERM)’ which has an unbalanced load attached to it. The rotation of this load produces vibration. To disable that, you can head over to Settings>>Sound and disable vibrate on touch and other options if not required.

  1. Turn off animations.

Animation is among the factors which decrease the battery life. To manipulate animations, you need to head over to the Settings app on your Android phone. Go to Settings>>About phone and tap on ‘Build number’ a few times. After that, if you go back to Settings, you will find ‘Developer Settings.’ Tap on it and you will find three options ‘Window animation scale,’ ‘Transition animation scale,’ and ‘Animator duration scale.’ Turn them off, and you will see an improvement in battery life.

  1. Display optimizations trick

The brightness and display also consume most of the battery power. To control that, you can go to Settings>>Display and disable Adaptive Brightness as it continuously drains the battery. Also, you can set the Sleep option to one minute or less to reduce the time the screen remains ON after you’ve stopped using it.

  1. Google App optimization trick.
    Google App optimization trick

Google Assistant is a service in which voice recognition feature can continuously keep listening for the ‘OK Google’ keyword detection. Thus it drains your battery very quickly. If you do not use of Google Assistant much, then go to the Google app, click on Settings>>Voice>>”OK Google” detection and disable the voice recognition feature to increase Android battery life.

  1. Disable wireless services when you are not using it

To increase your battery life, you can turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you are not using them. When the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is turned on, then the mobile keeps searching for new networks at regular time intervals which constantly drain the battery.

  1. Disable auto synchronization

The many synchronization processes that are running in the background, consumes more battery.  Thus to turn off the unnecessary one, you can go to Settings>>Accounts and turn it off.

  1. Clear the recently used apps and useless widgets.

Once you are done using the app, you can exit the app so that it will not continue running in the background. Keep clearing your ‘Recents’ panel frequently.

The widgets that are displayed on the home screen are being updated constantly to display new content. So, to make your battery last long you can keep your widgets at a minimum.

  1. Turn off notifications for apps
    Turn off notifications for apps

The unwanted notifications that are popping up in the screen also consume processor power. You disable notification of particular apps, you can go to Settings>>Notification and view app specific settings for notification.

  1. Use Greenify

Greenify is the third party app which saves your battery life by pushing apps into a sort of ‘hibernation’ mode. It not only stops an app from running in the background but also prevents from starting until you open it again. Hibernation of app thus increases the battery life.

  1. Manage your apps.

Downloading and storing too many apps can slow down your phone and reduce battery life. You can also check the amount of battery an app is using by going to Settings>>Battery. Thus, uninstall the apps which consume more battery or try to use the lite version of that

Also, the auto-update feature in the Play Store can affect your battery life. To disable that, go to Play Store>>Settings>>Auto-update apps and disable updates or enable it only over WiFi.