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We have been fan of social media all our life. We like talking, doing something creative and getting recognized for that. We count our fame with views, likes and comments we get on our creativity. Some example of such social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and lot more like them. We share almost every event of our life on these social media sites. The news too spreads like fire on these sites. It has both positive and negative impact on our lives.

Keeping aside whatever the impacts whether positive or negative, we will be talking about new such platform recently added, IGTV or Instagram TV. It is newest addition to the creator’s platform and is subsidiary of Instagram, the famous social media app that lets you share picture and videos from a part of your life and get overwhelmed by the likes and comments you get.

About IGTV | Instagram TV

Instagram TV - All About IGTV

Instagram announced IGTV in June this year. It is the newest platform for the creators to show their talent to the outer world who follow and admire them. It is designed to work like social media television. We can share longer videos on this IG TV as compared to Instagram. It is available on almost all newer versions of Instagram app.

IGTV supports longform videos up to an hour long shot in vertical orientation. The video is viewed similar to the Instagram stories but unlike them, won’t disappear after 24 hours. It supports everything like Instagram stories but the catch here is that IG TV supports longer videos.

Facts about Instagram TV (IGTV)

If you are looking for some to the point facts about IGTV, it is as follows.

  • It’s like YouTube because it features channels.
    IGTV vs YouTube

IG TV isn’t just a straight post as you do in the Instagram, it consists of channels just like YouTube channels. As an Instagram user, now you have access to three features, your photos and videos, your stories that last 24 hours, and your channel in IGTV. You have your content stored in the similar way as it is done in YouTube. It is stored separately from Instagram data.

  • Can be accessed within Instagram app

As it was announced, it was made accessible to the Instagram users within the app after update. You can access IGTV from the small tv icon on the top right corner of the Instagram app. It will look completely different from what you have been used to with Instagram app. The field of view is similar to stories, but the videos are longer. You will be loaded with videos of your choice every time you are on Instagram TV. Instagram says that it is by the igtv algorithm developed which learns from your usage.

  • Separate IGTV app

If using IG TV on Instagram doesn’t please you, you can download separate IGTV app from your respective app market place on your device. IGTV app

is just built separately form rest of the Instagram. Like any video sharing site, you can view videos, give feedback as like and comment or watch later right from where you left.

  • Channels

Anyone who ever have Instagram account can have an IGTV channel. It is the same account that acts as channel. You don’t already have an account but you can make it in matter of seconds. Head to the IG TV from the small tv icon as stated before, click on the setting wheel and hit “Create Channel”. Rest you will be guided by the app itself. Boom, you have created your very own, very first channel.

  • IGTV Video Resolution

Videos in Instagram TV (IGTV) is displayed as normally you would hold your phone, full-screen and vertical. You view and record videos vertically as flipping screen is not ideal and not allowed. You can upload horizontal videos but it will get cropped to fit the screen.

  • IGTV Video Size

IGTV is originally developed to allow sharing of long form videos but there is a clause to that at beginning. Users with large Instagram followers can straightly upload videos of an hour length but for normal users, it is capped at 10 minutes initially. For normal users, the video needs to be longer than 15 sec and not longer than 10 minutes. Verified account of business brands and huge celebrities can upload straight 60 minutes video.

  • Videos are safe here

Unlike the stories feature by Instagram that we have been fan of till now, the videos in IG TV doesn’t go away after 24 hours. It kept safe in your channel and will stay there until you choose to. IGTV is an addition to the app and not any replacement to any available feature. It doesn’t hamper your Instagram experience.

  • Not interested

If you are not interested in IGTV, then don’t download the app separately. If you don’t click on the tv icon in Instagram, you would never know that IG TV even exists. Just don’t bother clicking the icon and just enjoy the other features by Instagram.

  • How to upload videos on IGTV?

Uploading video is easy on Instagram TV, you just have to do is open the IG TV on Instagram or IGTV app. Click on your little circular profile icon, you will find the option to upload video there. As of now, you cannot record live and upload directly to IGTV but you can record and upload from your gallery. You can also upload your videos on by visiting your profile, you will have IG TV as an option under your bio. Just select the videos and start uploading.

  • Contents

There is no limit to what you can create on IGTV, just have the flexibility to just record yourself and upload. The content can be anything from photography, vlogging, cinematography, and else. You are here to gain fame, the means can be anything, you just need to do is keep uploading.

IGTV is just in its starting phase, like Instagram’s other parts like feed and stories, IG TV too is set to gain popularity in matter of no time. You can follow the users by swiping up on their videos. As of now, monetization is not provided by Instagram because they believe they first want to get involved in engagements. First when the usage starts to increase, slowly but surely the option to monetize too will be available to the users to earn from their content with igtv ads.

Hence, this is pretty much everything you need to know about IGTV. Go use it once and you will be addicted in no time. We need more such platforms to showcase our talent to huge place beyond where we live.