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is a product from the company Corning Incorporated, an American multinational technology company that specializes in glass, ceramics and related materials and technologies including advanced optics for industrial and scientific applications. Corning Gorilla Glass 6 is the 6th edition of the glass it has been making for mobile devices. It promises to double the durability from the previous version keeping the scratch resistance similar.

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To general consumers, corning is probably best known for the glassware they have in their kitchen but it is also a major supplier to the smartphone, tv, and other manufacturers. Around 6 billion devices have arrived in the market with gorilla glass since its launch in 2007.

Corning’s gorilla glass 6 features

Gorilla Glass 6

As we understand, latest announced products are always better in spec then the predecessor. On this particular version as well, Corning has emphasized on drop resistance. It is stated that on drop test from height of 1 meter, Corning’s Gorilla Glass 6 lasted through 15 drops, twice as the number of previous version Gorilla Glass 5. Normal glass generally fails on the first drop. Gorilla Glass proves to be as its name against the scratches and drops, strong as gorilla. It is known for its strength against scratches and accidental drops that happens every now and then.

To improve the performance, corning scientists have developed an entirely new material to withstand that drops and decrease the chances of breakage. The Corning is set to set new boundaries with the improvements it has put into its products. Gorilla Glass 6 is now under production and is said to hit market in few to several months from now. Different smartphone manufacturers have tested the device and planning on their use next versions of smartphone. Oppo is said to be the first smartphone to integrate gorilla glass 6 in one of their flagship smartphone yet to be released.


It is a trade off between scratch resistance and drop resistance. Although it is double resistant in drop test, the scratch resistance has been kept the same. Corning also states that modern smartphones won’t be coming out with more scratch resistance either.

Lastly, Gorilla glass is wide spread around the market for quiet a few time now and is planning to stay longer. The smartphones are not thought to be durable enough if there is no gorilla glass installed by the general consumer. Gorilla glass 6 is set to hit the market in few months of time and once it arrives, it’s going to change the market.