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Facebook is a renowned social networking site and these days there are many people who use Facebook for a different purpose. From big personalities to common people, all people have a Facebook account. If you think you have some issues that need to be fixed by coming to personal support, like the Facebook Login thing, discuss or may it be some specific business deals you need to talk about, there is always a way to get in touch with Facebook according to your need.

Following steps can be followed if you are looking for contacting Facebook for support:

  1. You first need to Login to with your account that you need to report a problem.
  2. Then, once you are logged in, click to the top right corner of the page where there is Question mark (?) icon.
  3. In that page, there are many options among which you need to click at ‘Report a Problem’ tab and dial-up will pop out on your screen.
  4. There you can choose any related problem. For Example: If ‘something isn’t working‘ then you can write your problems but if you specify the type of problem on the ‘Select a product‘ section it will be to easy to enumerate for Facebook.
  5. You also can screenshot your problem (related to Facebook) and Click the Send button.
  6. You won’t get an instant reply. It will take some time to get Facebook support back to you.

If you still don’t get your feedback from Facebook, then you can try the direct Facebook help link to see if there are any questions that match your need of support query.