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How To Delete Friends From Facebook In Bulk

People tend to make a lot of friends online, some they have met in person and some they choose to talk only through our social sites. You might not feel good in making many new friends and connecting every day. You might feel good for a few days taking to a new person and knowing [&hellip

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How to Change Name on Facebook Easily

Facebook is one of the most popular social network sites these days. It can be easily accessed from any iOS and Android devices. Facebook app is quite easy to use and you can quickly make any updates to your account. Here we will talk about “How to Change Name on Facebook?” in a broadway. You [&hellip

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How to Attach Photo or File on Gmail?

We often seem quite familiar with the confusion on “How to Attach Photo or File on Gmail”. It seems kind of easy at the beginning but after we go deeper it seems kind of hectic. So below are the mentioned steps for making your job easy. Steps for “How to Attach Photo or File on [&hellip

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