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All You Need To Know About NVIDIA - GeForce NVidia Driver Updates

All You Need To Know About NVIDIA – NVIDIA Wiki

NVIDIA History and Recent Days – All You Need To Know About NVIDIA

Nvidia Corporation most commonly known as NVidia or as their logo says nVIDIA is a large American technology company. One of the key roots of the name NVIDIA is the word Invidia, which is Latin word of envy. Envy and vision are closely tied together in mythology with eye or gaze being a common symbol.

Since 1993, NVIDIA is leaving a good footprint in techno market. In these days when we go for a good graphics hardware, NVIDIA graphics cards become the first word. 25 years ago, a Chinese entrepreneur businessman ‘Jensen Huang’ along with his two friends co-founded the graphics processor company NVIDIA. They are the mastermind behind the graphics based computing. The main purpose of founding this company was to solve the problems that general-purpose computing couldn’t. And they knew that video games were also a challenging task at that time, but would have high sales business if solved.

All You Need To Know About NVIDIA

With some incredible idea, Jensen started a company as NVIDIA, and all you need to know about NVidia is, in these days it’s the top ranked company worldwide. NVIDIA designs Graphics processing unit for gaming market, system on a chip for mobile computing and automotive market, along with this they are highly focusing on artificial intelligence computing which creates interactive graphics. According to collected data in 2017, NVidia commanded 17.5 percent of the GPU market. NVidia GeForce experiences isn’t requiring for smooth gameplay, but the app has some tools to enhance your PC gaming experience, automatically optimizes your game settings and gives you the perfect way to share your best gaming moments.

NVidia Products

A successful graphics company NVdia produces mainly the graphics processing unit, wireless communication, automotive hardware and software, some of the PC processors.

Some of them are:

GeForce: a graphics processing product

Quadro: a graphics processing product for workstation

Tegra:  a system on a chip for mobile

nForce: a motherboard chipset

Nvidia Drive automotive solutions, products for assisting car drivers.

Drive PX-series, a high-performance computing platform for autonomous driving through deep learning.

All You Need To Know About Nvidia - Nvidia GeForce

These are the product families of NVidia. Among these, the GeForce GTX is the most popular product of NVidia. GeForce is the graphics processing unit designed and produced by NVidia. Recently GeForce 10 series is in market, the first GeForce product was discrete GPU designed for add-on graphics boards, later on GeForce covered all of PC graphics area. GeForce 256 series was first series of NVidia GeForce GTX, then GeForce 2, GeForce 3, GeForce 4, GeForce FX series, GeForce 6,7,8,9 and GeForce 100 to 800M series, and the evolution is now on GeForce GTX 10. NVidia GeForce GTX is the ultimate PC gaming experience. GeForce GTX products are GeForce GTX graphics cards, GeForce GTX laptops, GeForce GTX battlebox.

From stunning industrial design to advanced special effects to complex scientific visualization, Quadro is the world’s preeminent visual computing platform. Used by many creative and technical professionals to enhance their workflows, Quadro has the most advanced and efficient ecosystem of hardware and software.

NVidia developed a chip series called Tegra which is a system for mobile devices. The Tegra integrates an ARM architecture central processing unit, GPU, northbridge, southbridge and memory controller in one package.

nForce is a motherboard chipset designed by NVidia. It has introduced a dual channel memory controller to the mainstream motherboard market and no integrated graphics.

And some of NVidia’s amazing new products are:

  1. Drive constellation, a simulation system for testing driverless vehicles
  2. Arm partnership to bring AI to the Internet of things
  3. A medical imaging AI supercomputer, Clara
  4. DGX-2 AI supercomputer for data centers
  5. Quadro GV100 workstation GPU with RTX technology for real-time ray tracing

These are the products all you need to know about NVidia’s product.

Product Price and NVidia Price Stock – Price list of some of the NVidia Graphics cards and Accessories in Global Market ( In May 2018) are:

GeForce GTX 1050 Ti: 165 euros

GeForce GTX 1060: 269 euros

GeForce GTX 1070: 446 euros

GeForce GTX 1070 Ti: 483 euros

GeForce GTX 1080: 544 euros

GeForce GTX 1080 Ti: 749 euros

Only GeForce GTX 1070 price is not decreasing in the last few months. If you are waiting for prices to go down in to buy a new graphics card, then now is the good time to do so.

NVidia price stock is another very good thing by NVidia for those who are really interested to invest in a share market. Since some weeks NVidia share market is in balance, but the share experts say that it will get a good price in upcoming weeks. In these weeks NVidia price stock has got some less value than their technology market rivals, but we can say it for sure they are going to do something extraordinary and will get their value back in the stock market. In 10 August 2018; closing market was 254.79 USD, it was -1.67 (0.65%) decreased. If you are interested in this market than this is the right time to invest in NVidia price stock.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and NVIDIA are the strong giants and perfect rivals in the GPU market. In second phase of this year AMD controlled almost 29% of the discrete GPU market, this is lower than a year ago but higher than the first phase of this year. Analysis says that it is almost 2% higher than the NVIDIA’s share market in second phase of this year.

Comparison: AMD vs NVIDIA choosing the right GPU

GPU is really important thing when we are using our PC and laptops for gaming. We all want to be a pro gamer, and to be a pro we surely need best GPU, best GPU performance and smooth and smart gameplay. And for gaming purpose we all go for either AMD or NVIDIA.

All You Need To Know About NVIDIA - Nvidia Experiences

As for knowledge about GPU, GPU comes with smaller cores called the “stream processor”. And we are familiar with the word CPU core, these two are not same, as CPU core enhance the performance of the computer. But they work together to make better performance of graphics or visual processing. Not all stream processors are same. NVIDIA creates better stream processors than other and it takes slightly complex computations, because of this NVIDIA GPU are good for many more sides as like as in gaming. In the other hand, AMD takes another idea to make GPU and uses slightly less complex processors because they have used many small processors and it can solve many computations. It is used in crypto mining, which requires small calculations to be solved for many times.

But when you want to choose between them, you must be sure that what your first priority is. At first, set your priority and price range than after compare the products. When you find the good product in your price range then grab it. You must read some user reviews, paper articles and specifications comparisons. The differences in architecture also makes the main difference in performance of the GPU. But both of the GPU are good for gaming purpose, one is slightly better for some games and another is better for some another games but both will not make you feel regret.

In the end, AMD and NVIDIA both provide good environment for gaming but NVIDIA is slightly better because of their driver update and response to the costumer. With this many other options are available for NVIDIA GPU.

How To Download and update GeForce GTX Driver:

  1. At first, open the DirectX tool to check your GPU model.
  2. If you are using NVIDIA GPU, go to the NVidia website or click here
    All You Need To Know About NVIDIA - Nvidia Update
  3. Click on the Drivers
  4. Select graphics card you are using
  5. Download the updated driver
  6. Run the installer

Other method is using Nvidia GeForcce experience. You can update your GeForce Nvidia Drivers using the GeForce experience.

The leading graphics card company since 1993 has many other good things and bad things also. One of their good point is they are making involvement of many women from different countries in NVIDIA company. They support women in technology and give priority to women. There are many things still we don’t know about NVIDIA. But for now, all you need to know about NVIDIA is concluded.

Top 10 Tech YouTubers - Top Ten Tech YouTube Channels

Top 10 Tech YouTubers In World

YouTube is the platform for all kinds of stuff like Entertainment, Education, Cooking, Fashion, Technology, etc. Every year many artists from different field born from here. Besides them, we have listed out the Top 10 Tech YouTubers who have their great Tech Channels. They have many audience (Subscribers) on their channel and they regularly uploads new Tech Videos for their audience. If you are the Tech Enthusiast, you can upload your own Technological Videos as well. YouTube is a great platform and other interesting fact is that it is hosted by Google and its Free.

Here is the list of top 10 tech YouTubers:

  1. Linus Tech Tips, Techquickie

    Linus Sebastian is a unique and one of a kind. He has three main tech channels under his company Linus Media Group.he upload videos every day on his main channel LinusTechTips.  He covers all sorts of PC builds, guides, reviews, rants and is fun to watch him. Techquickie’ is his second channel which a highly informative place.  It covers all general tech topics. His videos are around five to seven minute long which explain WHY, HOW, WHAT. He has recently created a new channel named ‘TECHLINKED’ which publish content on alternate days (MWF) and will cover recent tech news. He does a weekly (on Fridays) one hour show called WAN Show (Weekly Analysis and News.) Linus has more than twenty full-time people working under Linus Media Group. Linus Sebastian / Linus Media Group’ is the number one Tech Channel on YouTube.

  2. ColdFusion
    Top 10 Tech YouTubers - ColdFusion YouTube

    He explains the technical products with top-notch production and music make this channel stand out. It talks about the Electric Cars, Tesla, Elon Musk, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Electric Aeroplanes, and issues. The knowledge, the content, the research, the hard work, the video execution and the presenter (cum producer’s) voice make this channel one of the assets of YouTube.

  3. iJustine

    iJustine, is a YouTube personality, writer, actress, and model. She is one of the best female tech youtube. iJustine has over 1.3 million subscribers on her main channel, and there are over 2,200 videos between that and her four side channels that feature iJustine. She handles the video production and editing herself, and depending on the concept.

  4. MrMobile (Micheal Fisher)

    Top 10 Tech YouTubers - MrMobile YouTube
    Mr. Mobile’s videos are amazing. He reviews the positive and negative sides of the product. He does not rage irresponsibly or illogically. His positive point is always true and unbiased. Whereas his negative point is valid. His video quality is absolutely fantastic in which he plays with different bold solid colors in his videos. It is different and pleasing to watch. Mr. Mobile reviews not only mobile phones but also other important useful and new products whose epicenter is tech. He talks about cars, smartwatches, fitness bands, tech bag packs, other wearables like Levis Jacket with a bunch of tech in it, headphones etc. Mr. Mobile deserves huge success and is an asset for the brand YOUTUBE. He deserves on this Top 10 Tech YouTubers list.

  5. The Verge

    Top 10 Tech YouTubers - The Verge YouTube
    The Verge is a part of a big company named Vox. The videos of verge related to tech are very informative. Beside rich tech videos, they also take up general issues. They also post interviews with eminent tech personalities like Elon Musk, Satya Nadella and many more. If you are tech lover you should definitely subscribe to them.

  6. MKBHD (Marques Brownlee)

    Marques Brownlee uploaded a total of around eighty to hundred videos having less than 100 subscribers. he was awarded ‘Creator of the Decade’ award. He proves that hard work, consistency and not quitting attitude is surely bound to bring success. His videos are well made and look professional. His videos are great to watch.

  7. Technical Guruji

    Top 10 Tech YouTubers - Technical Guruji YouTube
    Technical Guruji or Gaurav Chaudhary is a leading Hindi Tech Blogger. His way of speaking is really friendly which separates him from others. He is so good that he deserves on this Top 10 Tech YouTubers list.

  8. Android Authority

    Top 10 Tech YouTubers - Android Authority YouTube
    Android authority is heaven for android lovers. Even if you are a die-hard Apple fan you will love the members of Android Authority. They are focused on Android and its ecosystem. Their videos are informative and helpful. Every member of the Android Authority is great in their respective fields.

  9. Dave Lee

    He is a Canadian YouTube tech guru who is widely known for his Dave2D channel. He does tech reviews, comparisons, and advice.

  10. Unbox Therapy

    Everything here is unboxing and stripping products of their packaging. The videos are of high quality, this is another channel you should subscribe for. Their videos are done professionally with great camera quality and work.

There are many other successful and best Tech Youtubers in the World of YouTube. We are sorry that we could not include more on this Top 10 Tech YouTubers In World list. If you have any queries or compliment, please comment us. Thank You!

ecoATM Buys Your Old, Broken iPhone 7, iPhone X, Galaxy S8 or Any Phone, Enjoy!

A few years back, Walmart introduced a special ATM called ecoATM. This ecoATM actually buys your old or broken phones for a recycle purpose. Isn’t it great? There are few simple steps to follow in order to sell your phone to this eco-friendly machine. You can take your any old or broken phone like iPhone X, iPhone 7, Samsung S8 or any iOS and Android phones. This machine gives instant cash for phones.

What You Need:

  1. Your old or broken phone (Any Android or iOS Phones you have)
  2. Your ID like Driving License
  3. You have to provide your FingerPrint as well

Picture: ecoATM

The ecoATM is programmed with an animated, voice-activated ROBOT. It will assist you in every procedure. So, just follow the ROBOT, do as it says and you are good to go. There are few important things that you have to go through like bar-code, plugging your phone and giving your ID. The ecoATM is fully functional and systematic with all procedures. Don’t worry, the steps are all easy.

Steps to follow to sell and get instant cash for your Phones from ecoATM:

  • Go to any Walmart nearby and find this ecoATM machine.
  • Press Start Button or just start the procedure.
  • Please note that you should power ON and unlock your device during the procedure.
  • Please tap the type of device you’d like to sell.
  • Choose option given for your “carrier”.
  • Choose the option given for the condition of your phone device.


  • Also, choose the cable connection type. Now, your device is ready for ecoAppraisal.
  • Now, you need to put a label on the back of your phone. You will get a barcode label sticker from the ecoATM on the top right corner.
  • After that, you have to connect your phone with the cable provided. This will evaluate your phone for electronics and condition. You will see an opener and place just below the screen of this ecoATM machine.
  • After you plug in your phone with the cable provided and put it on the dash on the machine, the machine closes the kit. This procedure takes few moments to evaluate your phone.
  • There you go. The machine labels the price for your phone and you can get instant cash for your phone. To get it, you have to go for few easier steps like giving your ID and fingerprint. After these steps, you will get the cash. Enjoy!

Hence, follow these easy steps on ecoATM at Walmart and you will get instant cash for your old or broken any model phones. Have a great day. Share this thing with your friends, also please subscribe to our website. You will see a subscribe panel on the left side somewhere below. Also, please leave your valuable comments below. We’d love to reply your comments. Thank You.

Which CPU Is Best For Your Desktop or Laptop? | Intel or AMD

Choosing the right processor or CPU should be the first thing you start looking at when you start building a computer. So that’s what we’re going to begin this blog post series. First of all, what does the CPU do? The processor is the brain of your computer. It determines what you do and how fast you can do it. Now there are a lot of choices on the market today. However, there are two real competitors and they are the blue team is Intel and the red team as AMD. Intel consistently scores higher in benchmarks. However, they are on average higher in price. AMD typically known as powerful has a lower price which might be more advertising than that of Intel.

Now, what does that necessarily better than the other? Your budget of what you want to do with your computer will help you decide which processor to pick up. Now I’ll know what we asked for my opinion so always fight Intel for my main machines. That’s just my personal opinion, I’m not here just started a bait on the topic.

We need to consider these few vital terms while choosing the best CPU (Computer Processor):

1. Clock Speed

Anyway, when people start looking at processes; the first thing everyone looks at is clock speed which is now measured in gigahertz. As a quick example Intel’s Pentium 4 from 2005 with 3.8 gigahertz making that the fastest running Intel processors who ever be created. Up until now, Intel has already released Kaby Lake Refresh 8th Gen Intel Processors with more core and gigahertz speeds. Clock speeds aren’t everything and it is because modern CPUs can do more work during the same work cycle as it would on older CPUs. It splits workload into small steps to complete the same process. Processors inside the same family and the same architecture can be compared to two clock speeds efficiently. For example processors like the i5 7500 and i7 7700k have different clock speeds but they can be compared directly. And, based on that the i7 is better than that the i5.

2. Core Count

CPU Buying Guide

Picture Source:

Now core count is where things really start to matter. Most processors out there have between two and six cores, but of course, there are those exceptions, such as AMDs eight core CPU. Ideally, program that are running will spread the workload across all your quarters to complete the work faster. If video editing or photo editing is something you like to do like me then quad core or higher processors or something that is almost a necessity, especially if time is money and you have the patience of a thing with no patients. Now, not every program out there supports multiple cores, but generally more cores is a good thing. It should be noted that more cores mean you can do more things i.e. you can run more programs all at the same time. So clock speed determines how fast you can do things or core count determines how many things you can do it once, essentially, that’s how it kind of breaks down.

3. Hyper threading

Now there is another absolutely beautiful thing out there called hyper threading. This is a feature that mainly only Intel has. Also, in the market, you can find some AMD processor as well that has something similar. Now, this takes your single CPU and pushes another set of tasks inside a single cycle. This basically allows you to do more work not double the speed but however about 30% improvement. Now without getting too much into this topic, this is a big feature for programs that can handle hyper threading again, not all programs are designed to use this. For example, video editing takes great advantage of a hyper threading. It’s not all great though there are some cases when hyper threading will actually hinder your performance and certain things like gaming. Usually, it’s very insignificant about but it is worth mentioning. Also, you can turn off hyper threading using some command in command prompt.

4. Price

Intel 7th 8th x series i7 i9 processors

Image: Intel

Now, let us go to our actual topic. Another important step is to know the price of the CPU. I look at the most recent generation of processors released by both the red and the blue team. And this will take us directly to our second step after price, is choosing the brand for you. If you are solely trying to build them with the powerful machine with a small budget, I’d say about seven times out of 10, it’ll be picking up an AMD chip. If you’re looking for the best performance Intel is your guy. I would almost say that your budget dictates which company you will go with. Without getting into the exact percentages, more option than that, AMD is providing better bang for your buck especially if you’re under the $200 range for CPUs. But if you can afford to put more into your CPU part of the budget then Intel is the much better that consists of more core inside. The higher the core the higher the performance. Games and PC software are becoming more and more demanding; so a quad core processor is highly recommended when you’re in the buying the processor. The quad-core intel i5 has been a very common go-to for most gamers out there. If you were doing nothing but video editing, 6 and 8 cores might be something you want to pick up. Now you need to look at the applications you are using and see if they will actually be able to benefit from all these extra features such as extra cores and hyper threading. Most games out there right now are only optimized for four cores. So actually having more core isn’t necessarily a better thing in some situations.

5. Caching

Now moving into a next topic that really isn’t discussed as much and that’s caching. Caching allows the processor to store frequently accessed or soon to be accessed memory which is typically stored on the RAM and it can store right on the actual die of the CPU. It honestly provides the biggest speed up at the raw clock speed in terms of program performance. So I will say, especially when you’re stuck between two processors, get the one with the biggest L3 Cache.

6. Dedicated Graphic Card


Now let’s go to another part called GPU. Most processors have onboard video graphics, which allow you to see what you’re doing on a computer without the need for a dedicated video card. If you are building a computer for a low end gaming or a typical office work then graphics needs will be low; mean, you will not need a dedicated graphics card as the graphics provided by your CPU will be enough. That is, if your CPU has dedicated graphics and maybe worth pointing out that both vendors have made a good push towards beefing up their onboard graphics then going almost neck to neck at this point.

The whole a pew lion led the charge by AMD integrating radio graphics into their CPU, but I would say the Intel’s playing catch up and they have made major strides in their latest generations. If you’re planning a gaming in HD with good textures, they’re going to need a dedicated video card. We’ll get into that when you’re choosing a video card and later on next blog post series.

7. Overclocking


Finally, we’re going to talk about overclocking. Overclocking changes your CPU default core clock and allows you to make it faster. Sounds great right! Well, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can make a critical error and CPU could be destroyed in seconds. No, I don’t want a scare you away from this, as overclocking is one of the greatest things about owning computer and being able to be a computer enthusiast and nowadays CPUs have a decent amount of protection with thermal shock down limits and overall production. Now I’m saying you can crank the V core up to 11, but as long as they’re pushing too high too fast you can stay pretty safe. Intel does have a protection plan where you could basically get the replacement chip when tuning it. The tuning protection plan provides additional coverage on only certain processors. To quote the fact, Intel’s website provided its information and that is “we understand the position, and while we cannot endorse overclocking we want to provide a limited remedy if issues arise as a result of their decision to enable overclocking.” If you’re interested in overclocking make sure the CPU you purchase is unlocked as only you can overclock with those processors. Unlocking will make your CPU run harder, meaning you will very likely need a better cooling solution. Most processes called a stock cheaper cooler, but some CPUs, do not have it and you’ll need to buy an aftermarket cooler. These radiators and extra fans of the CPU keep cool and prevent it from overheating. It’s worthy to note that AMD processors consistently brick and hold the world record for overclocking. For everyday performance to testing the upper limits AMD can do some pretty hard work. For someone with a low budget and who wants a little more power, overclocking may offer an excellent solution.

So I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I hope it helped you can select a CPU or less kind of even idea when you need to look for when selecting a CPU. If you like this post please share it, it really does help us out. Subscribe for more new blog posts by World Techpedia and we’ll see you again next time. Thanks for reading and sharing.

Types of SSD (M.2 SSD And SATA SSD)

Welcome to another blog. This time I’m going to discuss M.2 SSD. Specifically, I’m going to compare M.2 SSD to the border adds to the half inch form factor SATA SSD and then I’m going to discuss the broader implications of M.2 technology.

What is M.2 SSD?

M.2 SSDSo here we have an M.2 SSD. It can be compared to the size of a human finger. It really is a very small storage device and that’s a great deal to the hardware. In terms of looking at the thing, we’ve got the flash memory chips on the top and this is indeed a single-sided M.2 SSD. When you turn it over, there aren’t many components on the other side of devices. So it really is a small piece of storage technology. And just to give you a little bit of background, M.2 SSD is a fairly new standard for connecting SSD and other devices, things like Wi-Fi adapters and Bluetooth adapters as well into computer motherboards. And M.2 replaces mSATA and was initially known as a next-generation form factor or NGFF. And today, M.2 increasingly being used to connect devices, not just to desktop motherboards with also to the motherboards used in laptops and tablets. Many modern desktop motherboards now have one, two or three M.2 slots. Now, different M.2 cards have different notches or cutouts in the connector to prevent them from being connected to slot incompatible with that device and also for being inserted the wrong way around.

M.2 Sizes


Image Source: SanDisk

M.2 cards come in a variety of length and width which are coded into a four or five digit number. So for example, this M.2 SSD uses a very common 22 x 80 mm form factor meaning, but it’s 22 millimeters wide and 80 millimeters long. Other common sizes for M.2 devices in general are1630, 2230, 3030, 2242, 3042, 2260 and 22110. They said if you’re fitting an M.2 SSD into a desktop PC, it’s most likely to be a 2280 device. This particular M.2 SSD is a SanDisk X400. The capacity is 128 gigabytes or comes up to 1 terabytes X400 SSDs. SanDisk also sells X400 SSDs in the 2.5-inch form factor. And if we put the M.2 X400 next to 2.5-inch form factor cousin, you can see how incredibly small the M.2 SSD really is and it’s amazing to think that fairly soon we will have multi-terabyte SSDs in the M.2 form factor.

M.2 Buses

Again, comparing an M.2 SSDs with a 2.5-inch form factor model, we should note that all modern 2.5-inch form factor SSD have got a SATA 3 interface and this means they can transfer data at up to six gigabits per second. In contrast, M.2 devices can feature a SATA PCIe or USB interface. Although in practice, desktop and M.2 SSD will either use a SATA or PCIe bus. Now here, this particular X400 SanDisk M.2 SSD has a SATA 3 bus exactly the same as that in it 2.5-inch companion here and therefore, both of these SSDs both end up to the traditional 2.5-inch form factor model or transfer data up to six gigabits per second. So they come out exactly the same. However, some SSDs have a PCIe interface and that can transfer data up at to 32 gigabits per second or the five times faster than traditional SATA 3. And for many people, achieving PCIe speed is what really matters when you’re purchasing an M.2 SSD. And in turn, that means if you are going to get yourself an M.2 SSD, be very careful to be clear about your purchasing a PCIe over the SATA3 device. The PCIe devices are much faster although of course, PCIe M.2 drive costs more than the SATA drives.

Fitting M.2

To fit a traditional two and a half inch SSD, you’ll need to connect a SATA data cable. Also, you need to connect a SATA power cable and they need to mount the SSD in your computer. In contrast, connecting vertical M.2 SSDs is a lot easier. We need to remove the returning screw and the M.2 SSD goes into the socket and get the screwback to the socket.

A Signature Development


Image Source:

In years to come, I think we will look back at the introduction of M.2 sockets on desktop PC motherboard, there’s a real signature, a really important PC innovation. Now partially that’s because if you can plug it at M.2 SSDs, you can get much faster data transfer speeds if it’s a PCIe SSD. That’s said, of course, we’ve had PCIe slot SSD for the motherboard for a long time to plug directly into standard PCIe slots and today you could actually buy PCIe card which will take multiple M.2 SSDs in great configuration. So the speed issue is not reliant on the introduction of M.2 and in fact, it goes beyond just the M.2 socket. But I think the really important thing is actually more than just the fact that for years and years and years when we built desktop PCs, we basically had a case which contains three chunks of technology and those chunks have been the motherboard, the processor, the cooler, and the memory. They’ve been a power supply and they’ve been the drives. But now with the introduction of M.2 on a standard desktop motherboard, you can build a PC if you like in two chunks; the motherboard including the processor, the cooler, the memory and the storage and then the power supply. And indeed, we’ve already got the motherboard with two or even three and two sockets. So it’s now possible to build really powerful multi-drive PCs without any drive bays at all. And that I think is a really important change the computing industry. It’ll alter the way we design and build desktop PCs and their form factor for a long time to come.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this, please share it or subscribe to our newsfeed, and I hope to see you again very soon.