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New Galaxy A9 Top Features

New Galaxy A9 Top Features | First Galaxy Phone With Quad Camera Setup

A few years back, Apple launched its dual camera setup in its iPhone X. Since that day, the dual camera setup has been cutting edges and now we can find it on many premium smartphones. Even in budget smartphones, we can find the dual camera setup like it is a default feature. With the competition growing in the market, Samsung has now offered a quad camera set up at the rear for the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 and also offers other features that will bring out the best of the smartphones. Let us go through the new features that the new Galaxy A9 2018 has to offer:

  1. Quad-camera setup

The most interesting feature of the device is the presence of camera setup on the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 with each camera having sensor which serves for a specific purpose. Samsung has fitted a 24-megapixel main sensor which serves as a primary shooter, a 5-megapixel depth sensor that takes information from its depth to main use for bokeh shots, a 10-megapixel telephoto lens that has 2x optical zoom to handle zoomed shots and an 8-megapixel 120-degree ultra-wide lens for wide angle shots. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 has 24-megapixel selfie camera with screen flash. The selfie camera is capable of shooting amazing photos having sharp details, color saturation and good contrast.

Visit Official Site of Samsung here:

  1. Glass design

The Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 has a premium design with 2.5D glass found at the front and back of the device. Between them, it has the metal frame that which adds look and feel of the device. Overall, the device seems as well as feel like a high-end device. The Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 is made available in Caviar Black, Lemonade Blue, and Bubblegum Pink colors.

  1. Display

The Galaxy A9 2018 has a display of 6.3-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED display which runs at 2220 x 1080 screen resolution with sharp contrast and dynamic color. The device weighs 183 grams that are relatively light and the 7.8mm thickness which makes the user easy to work with. Also, it has “Always On Display” feature which shows all the important notification and other information on its lock screen without affecting the battery life

  1. Long lasting battery w/ USB Type-C fast charging

The Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 has relatively big battery i.e., 3,800mAh with the potential to have good battery performance. This battery helps the device to work for more than a day with power usage optimizations.

Though, the device has a glass back the device doesn’t support wireless charging and for the fast charging, the USB Type-C port is used.

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  1. The Powerhouse

The inside of the Galaxy A9 2018 has an impressive set of hardware. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 paired with 6GB of RAM. The device offers 128GB of the internal storage and can be expanded up to 512GB via the microSD card.

  1. Flaw Detection

Flaw Detection is an intelligent feature that is present in the device that puts an end to closed eyes and blurred photos. This feature informs about the blinks, blurs, smudged lenses, and backlighting so that photo reshoot can be done immediately and ensures that the photo comes out good.

OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T Full Review

For any brand or company, launching two flagship phones it is quite tough, and it may not work always. However, OnePlus has been launching two phones every year like a schedule since the launch of 3T in 2016, though it never committed that it would continue making the T series of devices as a regular thing. And, recently OnePlus came with the new OnePlus 6T again.

In a mobile, there’s very less new tech that needs and meaningful upgrade, and bringing a new device to market every six months can decrease the sale as customers tend to lose their interest in it.

The new upcoming OnePlus 6T feels like a genuine step up from the OnePlus 6, launched earlier this year with improved technology and also an improvement in the handset before the next generation.

The OnePlus 6T doesn’t have much eye-catching or must-have new features, but this can be taken as the hint for the on the way OnePlus 7.

OnePlus 6T: Release date and price

OnePlus 6T

The customers will be able to pre-order the OnePlus 6T very soon, and also the customers will be able to buy it from the OnePlus website from November 6. Moreover, for European countries, it has been confirmed that the OnePlus 6T will go on sale at 9 am UK time on Tuesday, November 6.

The OnePlus 6T will be made available in two color schemes i.e., Mirror Black and Midnight Black. The Mirror Black is glossy, while the Midnight Black model has a lower-key matte finish.

For the Mirror black, the price starts at $549 / £499 for the 6GB of RAM and 128GB and with 8GB of RAM, it will cost you $579 / £529.

Similarly, for Midnight Black the price starts at £529 / $579 8GB of RAM and 128GB and $629 / £579 for versions with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage.

With the up growing popularity of the brand, it can’t be guaranteed that paying a visit will enable you to buy the OnePlus 6T ahead of schedule because the supplies will be very limited.

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OnePlus 6T: Carriers and retailers

In back days, OnePlus handsets were really difficult to buy but now OnePlus’ exclusivity arrangement with O2. With O2, Vodafone and EE will be also offering the OnePlus 6T and also, it will be available in Amazon UK, John Lewis, and Carphone Warehouse.

OnePlus 6T: Design and Features

OnePlus 6T

OnePlus has improved its design from the last couple of iterations of its flagship phone, and also, the previous released OnePlus 6 design felt like it had a lot of hard work involved as it didn’t skimp on some of the essentials like the older phones in the series.

The OnePlus 6T is quite similar to the OnePlus 6 with very few changes but still, the changes are worthwhile and well implemented. The body is made up of glass body on both the front and back side with choice of two colors: mirror black or midnight black to choose between.  And also it is expected that the brand will introduce different other colors with the time being like the red and white version of the previous generations of OnePlus devices.

The phone has dimensions of 157.5 x 74.8 x 8.2mm weighing 185gm. It’s not a large device so it is quite comfortable to hold, and it’s easy enough to grip and handle.
The rear part of the mobile seems clear, as the fingerprint scanner has moved below the display section. It now has just got the two-sensor camera and a small flash below it. Excluding the camera of the phone is empty, which ultimately gives a comfortable feel in the hand.

The right-hand edge of the phone has a power on button, which is one option that wakes up the device or else you can also double tap on the screen. And, one of the best features OnePlus series has is the slider that allows you to mute your phone with a quick flick. This is mainly found in Apple devices but not in many Android ones. This slider is very useful when we want to quickly mute our device.

Similarly, the left-hand edge has the volume rocker and the bottom of the phone has the USB-C port, surrounded by two speakers for stereo audio in its each side
One of the decisions of OnePlus that has upset the user is that it has no 3.5mm headphone jack. Instead, it includes a 3.5mm to USB-C adapter in the box to plug in your wired headphones or the alternative way is to use Bluetooth headphones as an alternative.

It’s is still not considered a good decision of the company even though it has been including the headphone jack on every device while rival companies have dropped it.

OnePlus 6T: Display and Specs


There is a lot of change in the display in the OnePlus 6T in comparison with the latest OnePlus 6 which lost most of its bezel and adopts a notch at the top of the display. The notch has been shrunk down in OnePlus 6T so it relatively takes a very little space so, there’s more screen at the top left and right of the device.

There’s a dual camera set up around the back, with16-megapixel and 20-megapixel sensors, and also optical image stabilization and a couple of new photography features i.e., the ‘Nightscape’ mode particularly designed to improve pictures taken in low light conditions, and Studio Lighting similar to the Portrait Mode on the Google Pixel 3 and iPhone XS. At the front is the 16-megapixel selfie camera which has electronic image stabilization.

The display measures about 6.41-inch with AMOLED screen, but since the body of the phone isn’t as large it doesn’t feel like a big-screen phone when holding it. It has1080 x 2340 screen resolution i.e.19:5:9 ratios, so it is considered to have a longer screen than on some other phones. With this resolution, it makes the picture quality is gorgeous and the AMOLED technology makes the colors pop.

The greatest upgrade is the unlocking system of the phone i.e., the fingerprint sensor which is now embedded at the front of the device. But you may have to face an issue as it won’t immediately register our fingerprint, and it is quite slow in comparison to Huawei Mate 20.

It also enables its Face Unlock at the same time, and when you’re using both technologies the response time is very near one feature allowing you to unlock your device quickly.

Top 10 LG Phones

Top 10 LG Phones (LG – Life’s Good)

So, this time we are exploring those best and top 10 LG Phones in the market. Choose your best one and if you think some models are missing, you can recommend us to add on our next blog post.

In the world of smartphone manufacturing, you lose when you stay still. In order to stay consistent and excelling forward, you need constant R&D of new devices, increasing the specs you offer and prices you charge. Some companies in this run seem to pass by flying numbers, and some are just remembered for their try at the luck. Some companies value rises to the sky while some fall miserably.

In this world of smartphone, LG is also a name know specially in electronic market for household appliances and smartphone of course. Founded in 1958 as Goldstar in Seoul, LG Electronics produces home appliances, mobiles, tablets and televisions. Its first smartphone was released back in 2009 and tablet in 2011. It isn’t an easy task to survive in this tech world while the leaders like Samsung and Apple are way far from you, yet you have to compete and survive.

LG Smartphones | Top 10 LG Phones

Here we have such top 10 smartphones by LG. Though facing the tenth consecutive quarter of mobile losses, the manufacturer doesn’t seem to give you and has produced some top of the line device to attract back its fans and critics. The LG devices aren’t expensive enough to sell your kidneys, but it targeted towards fitting into most of the pockets in the market. It would be unfair to classify top 10 just seeing into top range of device line up, so here we are with smartphones in all line ups.

We have listed out and given details for the Top 10 LG Phones as per the Higher end, Midrange and Lower end and they are as follows:

Higher end

  1. LG G7+ ThinQ (Jun, 2018)

LG G7+ ThinQ - Top 10 LG Phones

Display: 6.10-inch touchscreen

Resolution: 1440×3120

Dimension(mm): 153.20×71.90×7.90

Aspect ratio: 18.5:9

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa-core


Internal: 128GB expandable up to 2TB via SD card

Camera: Dual 16MP rear with 8MP front

OS: Android 8.0

Battery: 3000mAh

Comes with all other basic sensors like face unlock, fingerprint, compass, proximity etc. Its priced at $750 for pre-orders.

  1. LG V30+ (Aug, 2017)

LG V30+ - Top 10 LG Phones

Display: 6-inch touchscreen

Resolution: 1440×2880 pixels

Dimension(mm): 151.70 x 75.40 x 7.30

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core


Internal: 128GB expandable up to 200GB via SD card

Camera: Dual 16MP rear with 5MP front

OS: Android 7.1.2

Battery: 3300mAh

Its has dual camera set with all essential sensors like proximity, ambient light sensor and accelerometer. Its price is set at $429.99.

  1. LG G6 (Feb, 2017)

LG G6 - LG Smartphones

Display: 5.7-inch touchscreen

Resolution: 1440×2880 pixels

Dimension(mm): 148.90 x 71.90 x 7.90

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 quad-core


Internal: 32GB expandable up to 2000GB via SD card

Camera: Dual 13MP rear with 5MP front

OS: Android 7.0

Battery: 3300mAh

Though being a year-old phone, the specifications were pretty much awesome to look for. It has been ranged between $450-$500.

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  1. LG Q7 (May, 2018)

LG Q7 - Top 10 LG Phones

Display: 5.5-inch touchscreen

Resolution: 1080×2160 pixels

Dimension(mm): 143.80 x 69.30 x 8.40

Processor: Mediatek 1.5GHz octa-core


Internal: 32GB expandable up to 256GB via SD card

Camera: 13MP rear with 5MP front

OS: Android 8.0

Battery: 3000mAh

It is absolutely go-to phone at mid-range budget. The specs are great at the price of about $421.

  1. LG X Venture (May, 2017)

LG X Venture - Best LG Phones

Display: 5.2-inch touchscreen

Resolution: 1080×1920 pixels

Dimension(mm): 154.00 x 75.80 x 9.29

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 octa-core


Internal: 32GB expandable up to 2TB via SD card

Camera: 16MP rear with 5MP front

OS: Android 7.0

Battery: 4100mAh

This phone is typically for the user with some tough jobs for it is provided with dust and water-resistant tag and is military-grade shock resistant. It is priced at $299.00 on amazon.

  1. LG Stylo 3 Plus (May, 2017)

LG Stylo 3 Plus - Best LG Phones

Display: 5.7-inch touchscreen

Resolution: 1080×1920 pixels

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 octa-core


Internal: 32GB expandable up to 2TB via SD card

Camera: 13MP rear with 5MP front

OS: Android 7.0

Battery: 3080mAh

It comes with a stylus of its own. It is a midrange phone that won’t leave a hole in your pocket, but is definitely try worthy for the tight budget person. Tied to T-Mobile, it can be bought for $10 per month with price being justifiable.

Lower End

  1. LG K30 (May, 2018)

LG K30 - Top 10 Best LG Phones

Display: 5.3-inch touchscreen

Resolution: 720×1280 pixels

Dimension(mm): 148.60 x 74.90 x 8.60

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 quad-core


Internal: 32GB expandable up to 2TB via SD card

Camera: 13MP rear with 5MP front

OS: Android 7.1

Battery: 2880mAh

Coming down the list, we have arranged the list so that every budget range can be covered. This particular device is designed for lower budget ranged people. It is priced at $178.15.

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  1. LG K20 Plus (Mar, 2017)

LG K20 Plus - Top LG Phones

Display: 5.3-inch touchscreen

Resolution: 720×1280 pixels

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 quad-core


Internal: 32GB expandable up to 2TB via SD card

Camera: 13MP rear with 5MP front

OS: Android 7.1

Battery: 2800mAh

This phone is on the lower side of the budget-oriented phones but when we look at the specs, it doesn’t look like a cheap phone. It houses a fingerprint scanner as well at the price of $168.

  1. LG X Charge (May, 2017)

LG X Charge - Top LG Smartphones

Display: 5.5-inch touchscreen

Resolution: 720×1280 pixels

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 quad-core


Internal: 16GB expandable up to 2TB via SD card

Camera: 13MP rear with 5MP front

OS: Android 7.1

Battery: 4500mAh

This is another low-priced phone with specs one can only wish to have at $100. It has LTE support.

  1. LG Tribute Dynasty (Jan, 2018)

LG Tribute Dynasty - Top 10 LG Phones

Display: 5-inch touchscreen

Resolution: 720×1280 pixels

Processor: Mediatek MT6750 octa-core


Internal: 16GB expandable up to 2TB via SD card

Camera: 8MP rear with 5MP front

OS: Android 7.1

Battery: 2500mAh

This is the most affordable phone LG has announced in 2018. At the price set around $100, if you want a secondary phone, it would be a great choice.

Whatever price range you belong to, LG has been building smartphones that just suits your choice and price. LG phones are durable and strong, the prices are also not so hyped given the specs it packs into its devices. The smart phone markets are overly increasing the prices keeping the low budget consumer in problem. They couldn’t go for the expensive version and lower cost won’t satisfy their needs.

So, these were the Top 10 LG Phones on this list. If you think any other LG Phones are missing on this list, you can recommend us and we will post another brand new article for you.

Samsung Foldable Phone - Galaxy X

Samsung Foldable Phone – Samsung Is About to Deliver Foldable Smartphone

Samsung Foldable Phone Is Launching Soon

When do we truly realize that we are living in future? According to me, it is when we see a dream and develop a desire for that and one day, we finally conquer it. Same is the case with Samsung, a South Korean tech giant, which saw a dream in around 2011 to build a foldable device. Now, almost 8 years have flown away and Samsung is finally having a claim of building a foldable smartphone to be named Samsung Galaxy X. Samsung has its design patented. Though Galaxy X is the most commonly used name, the device isn’t sure to get this name, officials know it by the name “winner” another possibility might be “Galaxy F”, F for flexible or foldable. Let’s check some of Samsung’s claims and plans in past.

 Samsung Foldable Phone History

The idea of foldable and flexible phone isn’t new to Samsung by any means. They have been dreaming and working hard for it for almost 9 years now. Back in 2011, Samsung showed a prototype phone of similar thoughts in mind. The device folded in middle to form a smartphone and unfolded to give you a tablet like experience. The prototype kind of worked well to the expectation. Though it wasn’t a commercial device but the Samsung’s desire for technological advancement made it release a concept video of foldable and transparent device in 2012 (video shown below).

This was kind of hit and miss given the technology that existed back then. But for the creativity and vision, Samsung deserves full marks. By the end of 2012, Samsung was already working hard enough to make its vision a reality. But some production problems reported that the release will be pushed few years later.

Samsung’s bendy plastic display which it showcased in 2012, got more real-world debut in CES 2013 with a name “Youm”. Though it was just a display with all the problems remaining of its actual implementation on smartphone.

The closest we got to the foldable phone was in the year 2013 and device was Samsung Galaxy Round. This was not as intended as prototype showed, but they had something to showcase atleast. It was the world’s first curved screen smartphone which curved in the middle.

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The smartphone was then followed by Note and edge devices with bent edge screen, a little display area intended for notifications and other stuffs. We have come this far from what was promised by the Samsung officials in 2014, but the anticipation remained as a treat for the future.

Project Valley

Not until mid-2015, a rumor for bendable device started to take toll on people. The project being called Project Valley, a newest addition to the foldable attribute of Samsung’s smartphones. But as expected, it didn’t show up in the market.

On 2016, Project Valley got its name Galaxy X which was expected to release later in 2017 with 4K foldable display but 2018 arrived and still no signs. It isn’t over yet, in SID 2016, Samsung showed off a roll- out display, but without touch screen. The concept video of Project Valley along with a glimpse or roll-out display can be seen in this video below.

The foldable smartphone despite of such tremendous amount of rumors, was yet to arrive in the market. In the meantime, not quiet the foldable display but smartphone like ZTE Axon M was announced by ZTE in November 2017. It wasn’t ideally a device with foldable display, but a device with dual display that could be folded in half.

There are rumors again that claims the Galaxy X could land in 2019, and has come from relevant sources but if we consider what the boss of Samsung has to say, we could still be waiting for the device to hit the market as its technology might need polishing.

Samsung Galaxy X Specs

Samsung Foldable Phone - Galaxy X Release Date

Pic: AndroidGuys

As of the rumor goes, we have got no clue on what the specs could look like. But if we look for the combined rumors from now and years before, we can make a guess of the specs, not quiet promising but definitely worth mentioning.

Display Size 4-5 inches folded, unfolded to around 8 inches
Display Resolution Rumored to have 4K resolution
Display Technology Bendable OLED
Processor Rumor to have latest Snapdragon as of release

Beyond this, there has been no rumor or any leak about how the camera would be, about the fingerprint sensor or iris scanner or facial scanner. As it is most anticipated project, we can have expectation that it will arrive with the futuristic specifications with latest in every field.

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Samsung Galaxy X Price

Until its officially been announced by officials from the Samsung, we cannot have any assumptions for the price as well. The head of research at Golden Bridge Investment told the Korean Times that the phone could cost around 2 million Won, which translates to around 1,800 US$. Even if the prices were to be optimized according to the regions, it would still be a lot to pay as Note 9 debuted at $1,000 and to be noted, it doesn’t fold.

Samsung Galaxy X Release Date | Samsung Foldable Phone

Samsung Foldable Phone - Galaxy X

Pic: TechShout/Samsung

If we go after the claims of company and rumors that spreads like snap of a finger, the date can’t be trusted until we see it release. Many rumors claimed it would release sometime in 2018 but without any official confirmation, it can just be considered a hoax. If we move on to some more reliable sources, it can be considered that Samsung might showcase its foldable smartphone, if not named Galaxy X, in CES 2019.

With no fixed date by officials, its just a guessing game for us and might just prove to be a showpiece give the high price that only few would afford to have.

Conclusion on Samsung Foldable Phone

Samsung Foldable Phone - Foldable Smartphone Screen

Being the most anticipated device, it is still being waited for after almost 9 years of development. Whenever it arrives at the market, it is sure to be the most mentioned smartphone in the feat of development of smartphone technology. As every year, public gathers around to have a glimpse of technological development made by Apple though it doesn’t prove to be ground-breaking, it is talked about almost every nooks and corners of the world. This is all because tech giants like Apple, Samsung, ZTE etc. are well established and know worldwide. So, the cost is generally not a concern to many people.

As a conclusion, we would want to focus more on official data rather than hoax and rumors now. And hope the device gets released soon so that we can have a brief review of it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Vs iPhone X

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Vs iPhone X

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Apple iPhone X

The world of smartphone is very huge, its so huge that Samsung has its own galaxies within it (just kidding). Every now and then with new researches and development, smartphone giants are releasing new and improved versions of their previously available devices. With small and slow steps forward, the newer devices are able to pack on some serious features from display to battery life to thinness to compactness. Everything thing is shrinking its size, even the bezels on the smartphones are shrinking except the expectations of users and the manufacturer’s desire to develop.

Apple just became the first U.S. based public company to cross $1 trillion cap mark. The Samsung has been sitting there at top with devices of every price range literally targeting every customer of every budget range. Apple might be on some costlier side, but they are famous for the premium smartphone with some amazing brand value to the customers higher in the budget range. Today we are about to do some comparison between these 2 company’s latest models because its very hot topic at present to talk on.

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About Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Apple iPhone X

Samsung and Apple are two companies considered to have neck to neck competition in the smartphone world. While Apple seems to have run out of decimal numbers, the Samsung’s Galaxy seems to have no stop to. Both of thee companies have top of the line specs in their latest smartphone release, Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone X. Though it be called as rivalry or competition or production trends, but we enjoy the specs these two smartphones have to provide. Let’s learn about these devices first and then talk about their differences and similarity if they have.

Apple iPhone X

iPhone X - Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Vs iPhone X

The iPhone X pronounced “iPhone 10”, was introduced at Apple’s September 2017 event as another addition to the iPhone family. The phone is much anticipated one and as always, people were very excited at the release. As Apple likes to say, this particular iPhone X represents the biggest leap in the technological ecosystem since their first iPhone launch a decade ago. The hopes were to create an all display iPhone for the users, eliminating the lines between expectation and reality. Its unique display design with both front and back glass panel and a “Notch” on the front side is a unique sight. The notch has been very popular since then. It may have been hated by some, but it is loved by most and its necessary too to just pack on the sensors required.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Note 9 - Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Vs iPhone X

The Galaxy Note 9 is a little bigger, little colorful and powerful than the previous Note phone. It’s the biggest Android phone you will want to have your hands on in 2018. Standing tall with 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display and a huge 4,000 mAh battery, it provides max of 512GB internal with a choice to have the very first 1TB phone through MicroSD card expansion. It has 8GB of RAM. It wont feel very big in your hands if you had previously available Note 8 as its only 0.1-inch taller. It has its specs borrowed from its friends Galaxy S9 and S9 plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X Specs

I have listed a detail specs of both of the devices, I hope you all will find the differences.

Specs Apple iPhone X Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Critics rating 4.5/5 4/5
User rating 4.4/5 4.6/5
CPU Hexa Core Octa Core
Display 5.8” 6.4”
Storage 64GB 128GB
Camera 12MP 12MP
Battery 2716 mAh 4000 mAh
Ram 3GB 6GB
Fingerprint sensor No Yes
OS iOS v11.0.1 Android v8.1 (Oreo)
Sim Slots Single, GSM Dual, GSM+GSM
Launch Date November 03, 2017 August 22, 2018
Audio Jack Lightning 3.5mm
Chipset Apple A11 Bionic Samsung Exynos 9 octa 9810
Graphics Apple GPU(3-core) Mali-G72 MP18
Processor Hexacore (2.53 GHz, dual core Monsoon, 1.42GHz quad core Mistral) Octacore(2.7 GHz, quadcore, M3 mongoose + 1.7GHz quadcore + 1.7 GHz quadcore cortex A55)
Coprocessor M11
Dimension (mm) 7.7×70.9×143.6 8.8×76.4×161.9
Weight 174gms 201gms
Waterproof IP67 rated IP68 rated
Colors Silver, space Grey Midnight Black, Lavender Purple, Metallic Copper, Ocean Blue
Display type OLED Super AMOLED
Aspect ratio 18:9 18.5:9
Screen to body ratio 82.9% 84.42%
Pixel density 463ppi 514ppi
Resolution 1125×2463 pixels 1440×2960 pixels
Touch screen 3D touchscreen with Multi-touch Capacitive touchscreen with Multi-touch
Memory expandable No Up to 1TB (w/ 512GB SDcard)
Camera features Time-lapse, continuous autofocus, video light Time-lapse, hyper-lapse, object tracking, digital image stabilization, continuous autofocus
Sensor BSI sensor
Stabilization Optical image stabilization Optical Image Stabilization
Front camera 7 MP 8 MP
Feature HDR Wide angle
Physical Aperture F2.2 F1.7
Flash Retina flash LED flash
Video Recording 1920×1080 @ 30fps 3840×2160 @ 30 fps

1920×1080 @ 60 fps

1280×720 @ 960 fps

USB connectivity USB 2.0 Mass storage, USB charging

These are some of the straight forward specs comparison of the two devices. iPhone X ditches the fingerprint sensor for a facial recognition mechanism they like to call “Face ID”. They believe that the fingerprint has higher possibility of replication than a person’s face. They are so confident of their system that they claim, even identical twins cannot fool the system. The Dot projector projects more than 30,000 invisible infrared dots onto the face and are read by an infrared camera which then transforms and recognizes the users face. It only works when you look at it with eyes wide open i.e. no one can access your phone while you are sleeping. The face ID adopts as your face changes. They ditched the headphone jack for the sake of compactness and making wireless. On the contrary side, the Note 9 has an Iris scanner for the eyes and face unlock feature as well but not as iPhone X has. It retains the fingerprint scanner as people rely and seem to trust it more.

Watch Video on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X

Though being a product of two different company on two different platform with its different pros and cons, both the devices have their own popularity among the users. The iPhone X’s attraction are its display and Face ID whereas Note 9 is popular of its looks and the S-pen it comes with.

The S-pen in Note 9 works like a magician’s wand. There are ton of things you can do with it from over 30 feet away. It can work as a trigger for the camera, buttons for music tracks, advance photos in gallery, pointer for presentation and much more.

Unlike Apple’s Pencil that sticks out every time you need to charge it, S-pen does that inside the phone and in just 40 seconds for 30 minutes battery life. Apple’s pencil can just not be hidden and it looks ridiculous while charging. Overall Samsung has been doing great improvement in their stylus sector.

Both the devices have wireless charging support and fast charging support. Samsung has a fast charger included in the box, but Apple wants its cut by having to buy the fast charge at an additional cost separately.

Hence, these were the quick and somewhat detailed comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Apple iPhone X. Both the devices are one of its kind and comparing them would be an unfair task given their release dates and target market.

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The Apple iPhone X price is about $999 for the 64GB variant and $1,149 for the 256GB variant. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has its price maintained at $1,000 for 128GB version with 6GB RAM and $1,250 for 512GB version with 8GB RAM. You can purchase iPhone X online from this link or nearest Apple store in your city. Th Galaxy Note 9 can be bought from the official website as soon as the sale starts.

Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9 Release Date, Price And Specifications

After a huge success of Galaxy Note 8, Samsung has decided to launch its new model of Galaxy Note 9 on August 9, 2018 with the same specs as that of Galaxy S9 with just added redesigned S Pen stylus so as to get a Note handset.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features Available (RAM / STORAGE / CAMERA / COLOR, etc.)

Galaxy Note 9 is expected to have a display of 6.38 inch, bigger than that of the Note 8’s 6.32 inch, with a QHD+ Super AMOLED display. Moreover, as per the latest information the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will offer 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB variant and upto 1TB of expandable storage via micro SD storage. The Galaxy Note 9 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. Galaxy Note 8 had a feature of 6GB RAM but since other companies came up with a storage of 8GB RAM, it is estimated that it will have 6GB of memory as its standard configuration but that an 8GB option will be available too.

With the improvisation of camera, it will have a pretty clear picture with dual 12MP rear  camera stacked vertically with variable aperture in low-light settings and multi frame noise reduction and a 8 MP Front facing camera. Samsung has been eyeing a larger capacity battery , thus the Galaxy Note 9 will have an increase from 3,300 mAh to 4,000 mAh, which is considered as the big feature of this model.

While the design might not change, the available colors could be slightly different from the previous version with blue, copper, silver, violet and black as the options. Besides all the specs, the S Pen, among the greatest features, could be getting some more big upgrades. The main is the addition of Bluetooth, with  source saying that it could allow you to unlock the Note 9 with the S Pen and also use it as a long-range self-timer and also, S Pen will be able to control music, operate the camera shutter system remotely, and launch apps and features of your choice.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price is likely it’s to be expensive. The Galaxy Note 8 sold for $929 (£869, AU$1,499) at launch and we can’t expect Samsung lowering the price for the Note 9 after Apple has pushed prices even higher for the smart phones. The calculated value for Samsung Galaxy Note 9  512GB version at £1,150 in the UK (around $1,500 / AU$2,000) which would  certainly be the priciest model, so if this is accurate, buyers should  be able to get it for less money for less storage.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 All Details:

Model Galaxy Note 9 with S Pen
Display 6.38 inch with a QHD+ Super AMOLED display
Storage 64GB, 128GB,256GB, 512GB of micro SD storage and upto 1TB of expandable feature
Processor Chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor
RAM 6 GB with also 8GB option
Camera Dual 12MP rear  camera and 8MP Front facing camera
Battery From 3,300 mAh to 4,000 mAh
Color Blue, Copper, Silver, Violet and Black
Price Galaxy Note 9  512GB version at £1,150 in the UK (around $1,500 / AU$2,000)
Top 5 Best Mobile Processors - Latest Mobile Phone Processor List

Top 5 Best Mobile Processors

A smartphone is a very essential part of our life and for the best smartphone, we need a powerful mobile processor. The processor comes with cores. A processor executes what you want your smartphone to do. Here are the top 5 best mobile processors.

The Top 5 Best Mobile Processors Are:

1.   Qualcomm Snapdragon

Top 5 Best Mobile Processors

It is one of the popular smartphone processors and known for its Snapdragon brand which is responsible for releasing mobile processors and LTE modems. Starting from 2005, Snapdragon went through a lot of series – S1, S2, S3, S4, S200, S400, S600, S800, S801, S805, S808, S810, S820, and S821. Qualcomm processors in medium to high-end phone market is either an S820 or 821. Snapdragon processors also produce less heat compared to other processors. Official website of Qualcomm Snapdragon is

2.   Apple Mobile processor

Apple makes contracts with processor manufacturing companies mainly Samsung and TSMC for making custom-built processors that suits their design and performance expectations rather than manufacturing any microprocessor. Apple A10 Fusion is the latest processor which is used in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It is a Quad Core built on 16 nm FinFET process capable of running at 2.4GHz speeds and a Hexa Core PowerVR GPU. It is twice faster and improves graphics processing by 50% compared to its previous A9 and A10.

3.   Intel Atom and Core M processor

These processors are based on an X86 architecture which is powerful than the ARM but consume more power compared to ARM architecture. It supports all major mobile operating systems. The latest Atom processor is mainly used in tablet manufacturers from Microsoft Surface, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, HP. As of 2016, Asus ZenFone. Core M processors are used in 12-inch Apple MacBook and HP Chromebook.

4.   NVIDIA Tegra

Top 5 Best Mobile Processors

It is built on 64 bit ARM architecture and now have gone through Tegra 1, Tegra 3, Tegra 4, Tegra 4i, Tegra K1, Tegra X1. In 2016 Tegra X1 is the most advanced Tegra chip in the market. The process is Quad Core with 256 GPU cores capable of 4K video capabilities. The chips are built on 20 nm technology. It is best for mobile gaming. Tegra has a poor record of heat generation and battery performance.

5.   MediaTek

Helio X20 and Helio X25 are the latest processors from media Tek which are used in smartphones and tablets. It is popular with Chinese manufacturer mostly used on smartphones like Xiaomi, Meizu, LeEco Le, Yu etc. The PowerVR GPU of MediaTek is better than most of the processors. MediaTek produces less heat than Qualcomm and other processors, is cheaper with good performance.

BlackBerry Key2 Review

BlackBerry KEY2 Review (Disappointing Mobile From BlackBerry)

The display is larger and keyboards are smaller of BlackBerry KEY2. The Key2 is similar dimensions to the Key1.  Let’s find out more for BlackBerry Key2 Review here.

BlackBerry KEY2 Review in Detail:

Key2’s 4.5-inch LCD panel and trimmed out some of the top bezel. This allows for a larger keyboard, separated by a row of capacitive buttons that now light up only when the phone is being actively used. There is no visual noise and has cleaner look handset for it. It has an all-aluminum body, which looks dapper in the black configuration. It has .5-millimeter headphone jack as well as its soft-touch backing. The size of the keycaps is increased by 20 percent, making for a roomier space for your thumbs to move. The Key2’s keyboard can do so many things. It provides a great way of scrolling through web pages without obscuring or smudging the display.

BlackBerry Key2 Review

Photo: BlackBerry

There is 52 key in the keyboard which includes most common keys with a spacebar and camera shutter. The keyboard has a new key labeled “sym” and called the Speed key. BlackBerry includes quite a few security-focused apps, starting with DTEK, where your overall security is gauged by the Key2 based on the apps and permissions set. Other apps in the BlackBerry include the Hub where texts, emails, Slack, and other messages are all grouped together, a password locker, redactor, file explorer, information locker, FM radio, and device search.  Key2 does maintain that other BlackBerry standby long battery life. It has an Oreo device with this great battery life which is quite impressive. There are two 12-megapixel cameras on the back with support for Google Lens image search, a portrait mode, and a 4K video recording. The camera app allows for full manual control.

At the bottom of the phone, you’ll find two speakers of middling sound quality and they definitely won’t fill a whole room as a speakerphone. They flank the USB-C charging port, which supports Quick Charge 3.0 and headphone jack.

BlackBerry KEY2 specification:

  • 4.5-inch IPS display at 1620 x 1080 resolution, 434ppi, and 3:2 ratio
  • Dual 12Mp rear-facing cameras (up to 4K video recording 24 / 30fps)
  • 8MP front-facing camera
  • Snapdragon 660 CPU
  • 6GB RAM
  • 64 or 128GB storage options (with microSD expansion)
  • 35-key QWERTY keyboard
  • Android 8.1 Oreo (with BlackBerry app suite)

Disappointing things on BlackBerry Key2:

  • Lower-end chipset than competitors
  • Keyboard gestures are not very good
  • Cameras are unimpressive
  • The small screen is frustrating to use
Redmi 6 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro With Notch First Look/Review – Redmi 6 Pro Full Specification

There are many entry-level smartphones available in the market but nowadays there are only a few phones that are able to make special impressions on customers. Xiaomi has launched Redmi 6 Pro phone that has a perfect hardware and price. Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro is a mobile phone that comes with a Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor, 5.84 full-screen notch-display and a rear AI Dual Camera.

Display and Design:

It has a notch- display which is amazing to watch. It has a 5.84 full-screen display with a resolution of 2280 x 1080 and a screen to body ratio of 19:9. The screen is immersive and also provide a feature like a sunscreen, luminous screen, eye protection mode and smart environment adaptation mode and many more. The screen of this mobile phone is 5.84 inches. And, we will not face any problem in controlling this mobile phone with one hand. It has three display die to notch display. They are a light sensor, earpiece, and 5-megapixel camera in the notch area.

Redmi 6 Pro

The rear panel has the traditional Redmi series three-stage design, which is very good at receiving signals. There is plastic in the upper and lower part and at the middle part, there is metal which a good balance between hardware and the price. Also, it includes 12 megapixel + 5-megapixel dual camera in the upper left corner. There is flash between two cameras. The fingerprint scanner is placed in the middle and “MI” logo is placed at the bottom of the rear panel. On top of the phone, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack, infrared sensor, and noise-reduction mic. At the bottom, there is a Micro USB interface along with a noise-reduction mic on the left and a speaker on the right. On the right side of the panel, the volume button and the power button are located which is the same design as Redmi series phone. Redmi 6 Pro provides a dedicated slot for dual sim cards and sd card. You can use two sim cards and an external SD card at the same time. The SD card support 128G.

Redmi 6 Pro Performance:

Redmi 6 Pro

Redmi 6 pro is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC clocked at 2.0GHz and the GPU which is the Adreno 506 and the SoC that supports up to Cat7 LTE networks. This SoC is Qualcomm’s first eight-core processor with 14nm process, which provides better performance while consuming low power and Xiaomi’s optimization of this processor has reached the point of perfection.

It has got 78175 points in our AnTuTu Benchmark test in which the CPU score is 37504 points and the GPU score is 12817 points. This score is normal and this mobile phone only costs $150 and it has proved its strength by being able to score more than 70000 points.  It will also fulfill your entertainment needs. About its gaming performance, game framerate seems stable at around 30FPS, and the phone got heated slightly. This mobile is not recommended if you are looking to buy it for gaming purpose. It is good only for normal use and light gaming.

Redmi 6 Pro Camera:

The best part of this phone is its camera. It has 12 megapixels + 5 megapixels rear-mounted vertical camera, in which the primary camera has a pixel size of 1.25μm and that supports PDAF phase focus technology, and the 5 megapixels secondary camera records depth information to give more natural looks to photographs. It also comes with an AI camera which is more accurate and the blurred background look more realistic. The AI technology supports in 5-megapixel camera. The front camera is not high but it is enough to take selfies. The image quality of the Redmi 6 Pro is satisfying according to its price. Redmi 6 Pro camera also supports AI face unlocking, auction price comparison, photo translation. It also has the features like intelligent recognition and identifies some of the general items like flowers and cars.

Redmi 6 Pro Battery:

It has a 4000mAh large-capacity battery, which consumes 6% of power in the standby time of 15 hours. It can provide 34 hours of talk time, 16 hours of video playback, 12 hours of navigation and 7 hours of gaming. The life of the battery last for 2 days on normal use and last for a day in heavy use. It has the charging speed of the standard 10W power adapter which is quite good given that the output is 5V 2.0A. To charge from 16% to 42% it will take half an hour and need 100 minutes to charge fully. It will take two hours to charge from zero to fully charge.

Redmi 6 Pro Software:

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro runs Android-based MIUI 9 and has fewer bugs. But the bug of game interface remaining in the small part of the screen is present. Some pixels enters the notch areas when watching videos. The bug where GPS button was missing in the status bar has been fixed now. It is easy to operate which has the best screen gestures. It also provides you the options of hiding notch-display. You can also hide the notch display by going to display settings if you don’t like notch display. It can also provide you the options of hiding notch-display with the help of an AI assistant feature.

Redmi 6 Pro specification:

Redmi 6 Pro

Display 5.84 inch
Processor 2GHz octa-core
Front Camera 5-megapixel
Resolution 1080×2280 pixels
OS Android
Storage 32 GB
Rear Camera 12 megapixel
Battery capacity 4000mAh

Redmi Pro 6 Color and Price:

It will be available in Black, Blue, Gold, Pink, and Red color variants. The price of this phone is starting at $150 which quite cheap and comes with amazing appearance and features.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8 Gets Similar Video Lock Screen Feature From Samsung Galaxy S9

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ or a note 8 then you have already received a new update that installs the June security patch. Samsung has been doing great with bringing new features in older devices. The latest update is a cool new feature that is largely unnoticeable. That feature is that Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8 Gets similar video lock screen feature from Samsung Galaxy S9

The update adds a new function that Samsung has already have in the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+. This function allows the user to set a video as the phone’s lock screen wallpaper. It is the same function that has in Samsung Galaxy S9. Some people may don’t like this features since it will most likely drain your headset’s battery faster. If you have received an update on your Samsung Galaxy s8 or Samsung Galaxy S9 or note 8 then you can check the new functionality on the background tab of Samsung themes. You can choose a video from your gallery app or choose from the predefined video as lock screen wallpaper. Tap three dots in the top right corner and choose as “set as background”. If you have not received this feature then update your Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8.  As a side note, some users on older devices like the S7 Edge are also reporting the same option being available.