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Bumblebee Trailer 2 2018 Review

BUMBLEBEE Trailer 2 2018 Review

BUMBLEBEE Trailer 2 2018 Review – Transformers Bumblebee

Bumblebee” a name which world can never forget given that it has huge number fan following through the movie “Transformers” every young kid’s favorite movie or comic series if you say so. With the characters like “Bumblebee”, “Optimus Prime”, “Megatron” etc. the transformer series has been one of the favorite series worldwide.

Transformers: The Last Knight’s failed to perform at the box office lately that made the producers put the series to the hold for time being. The Transformers had been performing well but it seemed to be far from what the cartoon series had to offer. But thanks to the Paramount, Bumblebee is up for release that creates a fresh coat of paint on what Paramount has been doing.

Bumblebee Trailer 2 2018 Review

Transformers Bumblebee

Pic: YouTube IGN

The new trailer seems to be very exciting. Transformers fans has to be in complete joy upon seeing the trailer. The storyline from the cartoon series is finally coming to life. Whoever has seen the cartoon series, knows that it had to be like this from the first ever movie from the series.

The movie starts with a girl turning 18. The girl is no one but Hailee Steinfeld, playing Charlie Watson. She one day is roaming around the car garage and spots a yellow Beetle car. It has always been Beetle, not the Camaro. It is after that she finds out that it isn’t just a regular Beetle car.

On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee, the yellow Beetle car that Charlie bought from the garage, finds refuge in a junkyard in a small Californian beach town. Charlie turning 18 finds Bumblebee, battle-scarred and broken. When she revives the car back, it is that instant she finds out is isn’t any ordinary car.

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The movie shows the cute and amazingly cute Bumblebee taking shape form Beetle car. The movie depicts the 80s version of the characters from the transformer series. Shatter, a Decepticon who changes into a red Plymouth Satellite and a Harrier Jump Jet. Dropkick, a Decepticon who changes into a blue AMC Javelin and a Bell AH-1 SuperCobra. Blitzwing, a Decepticon seeker who transforms into a red/white McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II and Barricade. And of course, a red semi-truck transforming leader Optimus Prime on Cybertron. Though the Optimus seem to be appearing only as a Sound wave, it’s enough to pump the audience with joy.

John Cena who is playing the antagonist as Agent Burns seem to fit perfectly in the movie plot. The teaser further shows the Bumblebee learning the ways around the Earth. The movie is set beyond the starting of the movie series, feels like Paramount is set to start the series as it was on the cartoon series.

Charlie is seen showing the Bee around the Earth with Optimus Prime showing him ways to save the Earth. The rest of the trailer is filled with thrilling blasts and the Shatter and Dropkick warning John Cena and other security personnel about the attack that might result in the extinction of Earth if the Bee is not caught. Bumblebee is termed as criminal by the Decepticons that we definitely know isn’t true. But this is when the actual war begins. The Optimus Prime guides the Bee with Charlie leading the way for Bee. The antagonists are terrified with the fact of war and are found helping the Decepticons take over Bumblebee.

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Conclusion of Bumblebee Trailer 2 2018 Review

The trailer is filled with exciting movie plot. It isn’t mush fresh content from the original teaser released earlier, but it is a perfect reminder about what is about to come. After the commercial failure of Transformers: The Last Knight, Paramount and the Powers That Be are rumored to be shuffling the deck behind the had been putting forward. From the trailer we can tell, the plot appears to be more character-driven than previous entries in the franchise and will hopefully be delightful change of pace from the mythological heavy mainline installments which if we have to be honest, have been pretty underwhelming lately.

Finally, we can see some of the originality of the series that comes from the cartoon series with main focus being the transforming vehicles rather than the human counterparts. Sam Witwicky, played by Shia LaBeouf is missing form the movie and the lead human counterpart is played by Hailee Steinfeld. The teaser is power packed and we will be waiting till 21st December 2018, for the movie release in 3D and 2D in the theaters all over the world. The Bumblebee being the cutest of all, the movie is definitely going to change the past of the transformer series.

Here is the Bumblebee Trailer 2 2018 Clip:

Robot 2.0 Official Trailer

Robot 2.0 Official Trailer Review 2018 (2.0 Cast Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar)

Robot 2.0 Rajinikanth Akshay Kumar Official Trailer Review

Rajinikanth is most celebrated actor not only in South, but whole Bollywood film industry. He is treated similar to God. The films he has acted has been crossing limits creating a new milestone. Another actor needs no introduction in Bollywood, he is India’s “Khelaadi”. Having acted in many genres, he is one of the most versatile actors we will get to see.

Released in 2010, Robot was a the most earning movie in the Indian Bollywood history, only being surpassed by Baahubali 2. It was first of its kind movie to spend such huge money in visual effects. After viewing the Robot movie, everyone wondered how the sequel to this movie would look like.

2.0 Teaser

Robot 2.0 Official Trailer

Pic: Dharma Productions

The wait now is over. The highly anticipated movie “2.0”, sequel to Robot, is set to release in November, 2018. The teaser to the movie has been released lately. On serious note, the teaser seems so satisfying that November seems very far away to watch the movie.

In the trailer, you will see the return of Rajinikanth as “Chitti: The Robot”, who has been commissioned by its creator Vaseegaran (also played by Rajinikanth) to stop the world from being destroyed by the mighty force of Dr. Richard (Akshay Kumar) also known as “Crowman”. The teaser doesn’t reveal much about the story plot, but you can see mobiles flying around forming the shapes of crow, you can see some badass fight scene between Chitti and the evil forces.

The trailer showcases some jaw dropping VFX. Akshay Kumar is almost unrecognizable with the makeover and is likely to hit the theater hard with his awesome performance as Crowman. The Background music to the teaser is given by AR Rahman, the Oscar winner. The 3D version of the teaser too will be released in theaters just to have a first hand feel of the movie’s jaw dropping VFX.

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Robot 2.0 Official Trailer Explained

In the first half of the trailer, we see the cellphones flying in the sky, leaving everyone in confusion. This is when Dr. Vaseegaran suggests that its finally the time when Chitti can be of some use against the threat in the city. The next half of the trailer reveals Akshay Kumar in all villain style destroying city, the visuals of Akshay Kumar has been created as a gigantic bird which is controlled by Crow Man aka Dr. Richard. Although Akshay is there only for few seconds in the minute-long teaser, he is successful in leaving the lasting impact on the viewer’s mind. After the hard work of 2 years from over 3000 technicians all around the world, the movie is finally complete.

Producer for the movie, S. Shankar, said the “2.0” is nowhere an extension of Robot. He said that it is completely “a new format, a unique premise with a completely new message”. He termed the movie as “socio-fantasy, sci-fi actioner” of international quality.


If it’s a Rajinikanth movie, there is sure to be a festival like celebration. The movie will definitely extend the boundaries of the technological advancement in Indian cinema. Having seen the teaser, we can now without a doubt say that the movie is going to be somewhat Marvel like movie. Having spent a whopping Rs. 500 crores in making, it is definitely not a medium grade film, but we can say that its going to be huge blockbuster movie. I am looking forward to watch this movie the very first moment it is released, what about you guys?

Next Gen Trailer (2018) Review - Sci Fi Animated Movie

Next Gen Trailer (2018) Review – 3D Animation

Next Gen Trailer (2018) Review and Release Date

There happens to be a completely different market for the animated movies worldwide. Animated movie as it seems like is only for kids, is now targeting people of all age group because of the interest people are showing towards these movies. Similarly, there is new movie in the lineup to be aired soon through Netflix. “Next Gen” is the newest movie in the animation section that showcases the friendship between a girl and a giant robot. From the picture’s posters itself, the movie seems to be ready to break almost all the expectation of the box office collections.

Netflix spent over $30 million in order to win a bidding competition for the worldwide rights to the Next Gen earlier this year, at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. The company released the first trailer to the movie. The Next Gen movie release date is set for 7th September 2018 only to be aired on Netflix.

Next Gen Trailer (2018) Review

The voices in the movie are lent by Charlyne Yi, John Krasinski, Michael Pena, Constance Wu, Jason Sudeikis and David Cross. The movie is written and directed by Kevin R. Adams and Joe Ksander (the art director and animation director on 9, respectively). It was developed by the Canadian studio Tangent Animation (Ozzy) and adapted from the comic 7723 by Wang Nima.

Next Gen 2018 Movie Trailer - Sci Fi Tech MoviesThe trailer to the movie quickly shows the appearances of various character in the movie and some major plots of the movie. The sneak peak to the character Justin Pin with the voice of Jason Sudeikis who casually looks as a silicon-valley tech freak and Dr. Tranner Rice with the voice over of David Cross is the scientist for designing 7723, is shown in the trailer.  The trailer can be watched from the link given

The robot 7723 seems to be the cross of Big Hero and I Robot. The sneak-peak to what just the movie is all about can be had from the trailer. The trailer shows robots, their mass production, fireworks, explosion, fights, friendship, care, love, everything. The movie is going to be a full package of entertainment. Seriously for a non-Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks film, the animation and movie play seem to be awesome.

The baseline the Next Gen movie wants to show is that friendship is the ultimate thing that can ever happen. The movie shows how friendship with a top-secret robot, who is in the mission to save the world, turns a lonely girl’s life into a thrilling adventure as they save the world taking on bullies, evil bots, and a scheming madman.

Next Gen Movie Details

Next Gen Trailer (2018) Review - Robot Film

Adapted from: Chinese comic “7723” by Wang Nima

Developed by: Canadian Studio “Tangent Animation”

Release date: 7th September 2018

Languages: English, Mandarin

Also known as: Spain (La nueva generación)

France (Nouvelle generation)

Italy (Next Gen)

Poland (Nowa generacja)

Turkey (Gelecek Jenerasyon)

Length: 90 minutes (approx.)

Released on: Netflix

Hence, this is the quick Next Gen 2018 trailer review. The movie seems promising and entertaining at the same time. As the success of similar movies like Wall-E, Big Hero 6, I Robot, this movie too will be a blast for the viewers.

Watch Next Gen (2018) Trailer by NETFLIX Here: