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Agricultural Drone Best Lists | Agricultural Sprayer Drone

Farming as occupation and farmers are considered as the backbone of any country. The country’s economy starts with its farmer taking lead in setting up the conditions for other industries to take benefits from the products of farming. But working on a small farm isn’t profitable enough. You have to increase your farm to reach [&hellip

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Anki Vector Unboxing and Review

Anki is a company who is known to be master of techy Christmas toys whose products always seem to impress people. This blog post is all about the Anki Vector: The Good Robot, Home Robot by the Anki. The Anki’s robot companion Cozmo, a little robot with a big personality hit the top of the toy [&hellip

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GoPro Hero 7 Black Review (Now No More Shaky Videos)

GoPro is an excellent example how your day should look like. It is shuttle, smooth, clear, stable and more of adds life to your days. If you are a kind of person who likes to keep track of your day to day life, like to look back how your day went or just can’t afford [&hellip

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