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Apple has always been reserved about the usage of their own products and services in their ecosystem. They have their own devices built with own designs and components, the software for their devices are built in their own house and moreover, the software are optimized to work best in Apple’s ecosystem only.

Apple ships its iPad, iPhone, all of its similar devices with Safari as the default browser to surf the Web. Though there are several free browsers in the market designed to provide better user experience than the Safari browser itself. With the unique features and small sizes, you can easily download and use them, and if you feel skeptical about it, you can easily get rid of them.

Most of the browsers provide the support for the Flash player to play flash games and videos right from the browser while all of the are simple and easy to setup and are pretty light weight and optimized for performance. Few of the browsers that has the capability to replace the default Safari browser on the iPhone are discussed below.

Best Web Browsers For iPhone 2018 are explained here:

  1. Safari

Safari browser is of course the best browser that an Apple device can have. It is built by Apple based on the WebKit engine. First released in 2003 as the browser for the Mac OS, it was meant for the Mac OS support for surfing the Web. Soon after the introduction of the first ever iPhone in the market in 2007, the mobile version Safari Browser has been in included in the iOS devices ever since then.

The Safari browser has been through many criticisms before the release of Safari Browser.

But ultimately on January 7, 2003, at Macworld San Francisco, Steve Jobs announced that Apple has built their own web browser and is all set to replace the third-party browser being shipped default with the Mac. The Internet Explorer, the default browser for Mac by Windows before Safari, was last served on Mac on August 13, 2004.

  1. Dolphin Browser

The name might quiet well depict the nature of the browser. It is as fast and elegant as the dolphins in the water. Dolphin Browser is the fastest, easiest mobile browser. It offers many attractive features like the default Safari would provide though being very light weight but powerful enough in operation. It offers features like save password, Auto-complete, Sync bookmarks across all Dolphin devices and share via Email any web page or URL.

The feature includes Webzine which simplifies the way you read your favorite news, blog and website. Gestures lets you use and create symbols for the ease of access around the Dolphin Browser giving it a very convenient and easy usability.

  1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is made available on the iOS devices as well now. Chrome is available for free for iPhone, iPad and Mac, you can download and enjoy the browser in the Apple devices.

Feature with Navigation and Search functionality right from the same box, Chrome makes the web surfing ease of access providing the functionalities on your demand. You can Sign In to Chrome to sync your open tbs, bookmarks, passwords, and omni box data from your computer to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to continue from where you just left. It also offers the Incognito Mode for the private browsing session that doesn’t record your browsing history.

  1. Opera Mini

Developed on the footsteps of the Opera browser, which is considered to be the powerful and fastest browser in terms of usability and download speed. Opera mini offers the similar fast, cost-effective web-browsing experience for your iOS devices as well. The website states the use of Opera’s powerful servers to compress the data up to 90% before downloading, so the pages are loaded in lightning fast speed.

Opera Mini provides up to 6 times faster browsing, especially on the slower and crowded networks. It provides the Speed dial, visual tabs to open the websites at a glance, and sync facility to sync with bookmarks and Speed dial with a Desktop PC or mobile Phone.

  1. Mercury

Mercury is the most advanced and elegant web browser for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Its features include customizable themes, Download, fullscreen browsing, file sharing, adblock, private browsing, passcode lock, save page, Facebook/Twitter integration and many more. You can hold down a link to open it in new tab or new background tab. Tabs load simultaneously, you can perform many features just by holding down on desired place, you can download image, share link, etc. just by holding on to a link or image.


The file manager in the browser lets you organize files right from the browser. Autofill lets you auto complete forms with your information saved in the browser.

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  1. Atomic web Browser

Atomic Browser is the most advanced and customizable fullscreen web browser. You can experience the desktop features like adblock, tabs, gestures, Passcode lock, Downloads, save pages, and much more.

This browser gives you excellent Full-screen browsing experience and you can add buttons with different functionality for up to 30. You can download contents just by holding down on desired content and selecting from the given option. This gives the additional feature like File transfer to Dropbox, iTunes Document Sharing and Email.

  1. Terra

Terra is one of the fastest browsers with tabs, full screen and any other functions. It comes with feature like unlimited tab that allows you to create as many tabs you like and quickly switch between them. It provides full-screen browsing option that hides the toolbar and tabs in one touch and gives you all screen content view. You can save pages for offline viewing with all images preserved, gesture enable you to quickly perform functions in the browser.

It provides the features to add bookmarks for the cross-platform access. You can set Terra to pretend IE, Desktop Safari or Firefox to browse desktop version of the websites. You have the access to the incognito mode which won’t record the browsing history or cookies and protect the applications with a password.

  1. Adblock Browser 2.0

Seriously speaking, the Ads are means of income for many content creators out there who make their earning through ads and companies who make their advertisement through those ads. But it has infiltrated our life as fly, don’t how it get in, but it gets in. The ads are displayed focused on your previous browsing history. But if you are some kind of people who likes it clean and hate those annoying ads, then Adblock Browser 2.0 is the right thing for you. It is one of the best Auto ad blocking browsers for iPhone.

It has excellent ad blocking feature. You can disable the buttons that could track your location and device. Ghost mode allows you to surf internet in  a discreet manner, and you can choose different search engine.

  1. Firefox Focus

Firefox is the most heard name in the Web Browser section on desktops. They have received many positive views and appreciations for the desktop version. Firefox Focus isn’t just the mobile version of the Firefox desktop version, but it has a particular feature that it cares for your privacy. You don’t have to enable or disable your browser’s incognito mode as in another browser but it has it turned on forever. It easily tracks down the harmful web trackers and blocks them for you.

Lack of tabs can be annoying sometimes but otherwise, with the privacy in mind, it is perfect candidate for the safe browser out there. And it is the must have browser for iPhone if you want your identity hidden from the world.

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  1. Puffin

Puffin Web Browser is the wickedly fast web browser. With the help of cloud servers, it brings the desktop web experiences to tablet and smartphones. It renders the full version of the web page quickly and reliably. It also supports Flash with excellent performance on iPads and iPhones.

Puffin free will be ad supported, won’t have the Flash support, will have the restricted amount of features while paid version will have full functionality without ads, it will have full capability and support from the cloud serves, giving it speed and powerful features,


As per the conclusion, the list of browsers in the post above shows that Apple though wants us to use its products under its own ecosystem, but when it is on to the browser, there are few that can even put Apple’s Safari browser to the shame. Being open to the world isn’t bad all the time. Accepting the third-party integration in its products, Apple can excel much faster than it does by staying into its own ecosystem.