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Welcome to World Techpedia’s brand new blog post and before you read this blog I just wanted to ask you a huge favor if you haven’t done it already, please make sure to hit the subscribe button to get notified about my new blog posts. One of the things I struggle with them is that this website is making sure you all see my latest content. So if you do that for me it would be an absolute ton. With that said, let’s get into our blog post. So I just recently reviewed few best of the best phone that you can get in 2018. After all, there are a ton of really great handsets out there right now. So, which one should you actually buy? Well in this blog post I’m going over five my favorite phones for 2018 and giving you a little bit of explanation why you should get each one. So let’s go ahead and jump right in.

5. LG V30

Best Smartphones 2018

Photo: LG

Coming in fifth place is the LG V30, a phone that pretty much says it all. It’s got a great camera, huge OLED display, excellent battery life, wireless charging, waterproofing, speedy processor and much more. What I really like about this phone is that it doesn’t compromise on anything. Sometimes you have a phone that over really amazing display and a really bad battery life or a really great battery life, and it really bulky build. The V30 doesn’t slack off and any feature and that’s the name you can take for granted. So one of my favorite things about the V30 is its 6 inch 2080×1440 pixel screen which is crisp and beautiful right out of the box. The phone also has a really great camera. LG is marketing V30 for photographers with a 16 megapixel rear shooter and honestly pictures you take on this will be vibrant and full of life. Well, 4k video might not look as quite as good on the V30 as on the Galaxy S9, that’s really a pretty minor trade-off and one greater thing about the V30 is its headphone jack. The bonus with LG is calling a quad DAC converter, which is the effect of making your music sound much richer and warmer than most other phones. Overall, the V30 is definitely worth a price of around $800 unlocked and it’s one of the strongest Android phones, you can get right now.

4. iPhone X

Now the next one and this list coming into fourth place is the Apple iPhone 10 which came out last year, but it’s arguably still the most powerful phone in the market today. There’s no way you haven’t already heard about the iPhone 10, but honestly Apple has done an incredible job with this phone. Like V30. It’s got a big and driver OLED display as well as a stellar telephoto camera and then also Apple’s big new feature which is the Face ID. Face ID slightly works a little bit like Microsoft’s Kinect to use your face to unlock the phone and then also for any transactions or passwords. It’s a little bit weird to use it first but you’ll quickly get used to over it. Two of the biggest complaints that I have about the iPhone 10 are its price which starts in $1,000 and it’s breakability. Based on drop test of iPhone 10 boosted by other reviewers is that the iPhone 10 is going to crack when you drop it for almost any heights, which means you’re gonna have to get a case for it no matter what. Honestly the main reasons why it’s so hard to evaluate the iPhone 10 in a top five list like this one is because most people already invested in you know the Android or iOS ecosystem. If it was simply a matter of valuing the phone basement specs and price, there could be a much more nuanced discussion of where the iPhone 10s upgrades are truly worth its high price. But the fact is, if you’ve already been using iPhones for many years, you’ve probably bought a fair number of apps and games, iTunes music, movies and more which aren’t necessarily going to transfer over to Android. The iPhone 10 isn’t the best value for in the market, that’s for sure. But if you want the best one Apple has to offer, it’s definitely the phone for you now.

3. OnePlus 5T

Best Smartphones 2018

Image: OnePlus

Now, the third place goes to the OnePlus 5T which comes in and about half the price of the iPhone 10. This is a phone with a lot of the hardware carried over from the iPhone five. It’s got a Snapdragon 835 chipset along battery life and a water-resistant design. Its main upgrade over the OnePlus 5T is its bigger six-inch screen which still looks really sharp with its 401 pixels per inch. It’s also got a new face unlock feature which OnePlus has said isn’t secure enough to make mobile payments, but it does perform pretty well overall. Finally it has also got a much better low light camera one buses widened the aperture on the lens so we’ll be able to pick up more from darken environments, but that does come off the trade-off of the optical zoom. Honestly if you’re looking for a phone in the $500 price range; this is the best phone I’ve seen.


2. Google Pixel 2 (Smart Phone)

Best Smartphones 2018

Image: Google Store

To the number two is the Google Pixel 2 which is sequel to what was already one of the very best Android flagship phones on the market. The Pixel 2 has the best camera quality of any Android phone and it’s also got updates like water resistance and a best in class processor that make it a top pick. Because it’s a Google phone, it also going to be getting regular Android updates and then Google’s lens feature taps into Google’s search database so you can immediately learn more about the world around you. When it comes to processing power the Pixel 2 is supporting the Snapdragon 835 CPU, which is definitely not bad CPU. It’s about average for the market right now and it’ll give you a really solid performance but unfortunately the battery life is a little bit subpar. You’ll probably get pretty close to 14 hours of continuous video train usage on this phone which is definitely less than like the Galaxy S9 or the iPhone 10. Overall the Pixel 2 is a really solid phone with as I said an incredible camera. It does not have a headphone jack so it’s just something, you should bear in mind when getting this device. But if you’re looking for an Android phone which is running the purest version of Android, this is definitely the choice for.

1. Samsung Galaxy S9

Best Smartphones 2018

Image: Samsung

Now coming in my first choice for the best phone, you can get right now in 2018 is the Samsung Galaxy S9. Honestly, if you are in need of a good phone the Samsung Galaxy S9 is definitely the choice to be. It’s got a gorgeous five-inch screen, a really nice crafts design and then also a terrific camera for well-lit shots that can’t go wrong. You’re getting crazy fast speeds wireless charging, water resistance and also some brand new color options like blue, red, black and purple that really help this phone look really amazing.

Some of my favorite features about Galaxy S9 are it’s fast Snapdragon processor which is going to be able to handle even the most graphics intensive games you play in your phone. It’s also got a dual speaker system, headphone jack and 64 gigabytes of storage. They can be expanded by up to 400 gigabytes more. The S9 is also pioneering new camera technology with its dual aperture lens that can switch between F 2.4 setting and an F 1.5 settings. What that means in practical terms is that any pictures you take on this phone, whether they’re in darker conditions or brighter conditions are going to look absolutely amazing. For only $750 the S9 is also one of the most affordable flagship phones in the market right now. And that means a whole lot more when companies like Apple are beginning charge like $1,000 for one of their newest phones. Overall, the S9 is the phone to get in 2018.


But before I end up this blog I just want to say one more thing which is that if you are in need of a new phone, you should definitely consider one of the choices in this video, but if you have a working phone, you may not need to upgrade. But the fact is even last generation phones like the phones that came out in 2017 and 2016 are still really solid choices. They’re still capable of running 90% of the things that these current flagship phones are running and that’s something that you should be considering in your phone inviting purchase. But with that said, let me know your favorite phone is 2018 in the comment section down below. Make sure to hit that subscribe button to get notified when I post a new blog post. And with that said, I will see you next time.