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Social networking, file sharing, information search, shopping, banking, are must in today’s life. The web browser is among the tool that helps to turn the thing into reality. There are a lot of browsers you can use to search for, reach and explore websites for your Mac.  Here below listed is a review of the top five best browsers for Mac with their distinctive features, to help the user to select one according to his particular needs.

The best browsers for Mac are as follows:-

  1. Safari

The Safari is decent software developed by Apple and is based on the WebKit engine browser for Mac and other Apple Products. Safari’s tools include the useful Safari Reader, for distraction-free reading and new Safari contains several extensions, such as 1Password, Save to Pocket and DuckDuckGo.

It is a default browser that has been made available on Apple’s devices with built-in functionality to share email, Message, Twitter and Facebook since 2004 together with the Mac OS x Panther, and in its mobile version for iOS since 2007.

Furthermore, Safari is free, faster and more energy efficient than other browsers which have modern security and privacy features, so sites used in this browser are more reliable and also, battery lasts longer in terms of charge.


  • Allows a user to view bookmarks iTunes style in the cover flow
  • Has elegant looks with fast page loading
  • Allows the reader to view lots of content in a single page
  • Has a private browsing mode


  • Many plug-ins are not available
  • The font reader cannot be changed
  • Can install some other components during setup
  1. Chrome

Developed by Google, Chrome browser for Mac has been gaining its popularity since its release. Google Chrome is an outstanding web browser which is fast, secure and free, running on multiple platforms and uses the Blink engine written in C++ and the majority of its source code is available through the open-source project Chromium.

It has a feature of instant search capabilities, allows the synchronization of bookmarks, settings, and history in devices through a Google Account. And also, gives a user the choice to use the Privacy Mode, which doesn’t allow browser from permanently storing browsing history or cookies.

Moreover, it has all of the modern features including extensions, apps and also it integrates directly with Google’s apps such as Google Drive, Calendar, Gmail, and others. With all new ideas and features, Google Chrome still considered better than Safari.


  • Has nightly updates
  • The installation process can be done side by side
  • Is a simple browser
  • Offers tab browsing
  • Incognito mode
  • Contains a built-in translation application


  • The attention of hackers towards Chrome’s is drawn with its gaining popularity
  • Considered a memory hog in the case of multitasking

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  1. Opera

Opera Browser is considered an excellent and oldest web browser for Mac developed by Opera Software for regularly work, research or surf the internet. Opera browser has been evolved over the years as a free safe and secure browser and is now available in 42 languages for Windows, OS X, and Linux with more than 350 million users all around the world.

Opera’s address bar acts a search bar where users don’t have to navigate to a search engine to make a query. Opera also uses voice commands to search and navigate the web and takes you to a list of Google search results.


It has features which include a download manager, pop-up blocking, private browsing, tabbed browsing, a bookmarks bar and many more. It allows the user to download pages and show them in thumbnail form with a speed-up dial. It also has a unique feature such as a turbo mode which compresses web pages before sending them to reduce waiting time.


  • Offers a very small download and memory profile
  • Very fast and responsive
  • Has many integrated protections with proven capabilities
  • Has a large community providing a strong support


  • In order to properly operate, it requires a very strict adherence
  • Companies involved in web development doesn’t keep Opera in a high priority
  • Built-in extension in Opera is difficult to find
  • Offers too many choices sometimes
  1. Firefox

Firefox is regarded as one of the best web browsers for Mac OS with almost all of the most desirable features which is a free and open source developed by Mozilla Foundation. It has been available since 2002 with many versions for all Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Firefox uses Yahoo! Search as the default search engine which allows you to access a Google search box with a list of shortcuts to access your downloads, histories, synchronization, and settings. It has features such as tabbed browsing, spell checking, incremental find, live bookmarking, a download manager and private browsing. It also has a capacity to add new themes for more personalized use.


  • Has many helpful built-in browsers
  • Has minimalistic qualities
  • Is highly customizable
  • Has privacy and security options


  • Slow to start
  • Several compatibility issues
  • Doesn’t resume automatic downloads
  • Consumes a lot of computer storage

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  1. Maxathon

Maxthon is a basic web browser that is compatible with every operating system running smoothly including iOS and Android. Maxathon is independent of operating systems which doesn’t let you fill the information on websites you for the next time again as it automatically saves the information for you. Maxathon installs quickly in an operating system and has fast click through speed when navigating between sites which is a good sign of its overall performance.

It has features which include tabbed browsing and bookmarks and also has its own tools and features which is a plus point in consideration to other browsers.


  • Synchronizes the web browser settings across all the devices
  • Has a very powerful security features
  • Overall satisfactory performance


  • Doesn’t automatically install updates
  • Mouse gestures and voice recognition tools aren’t made available
  • Doesn’t offer a wide range of extensions

So, these were the Best Browsers for Mac. If you think few other Mac best browsers are missing here, you may recommend us to add or crate new post for you in the future.