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First Look of Acer Predator Triton 900 2-in-1 Convertible Gaming Laptop 2018

Acer has the craziest ideas and weird form factors when it comes to producing new laptops. Acer just disclosed its latest gaming laptop, the Acer Predator Triton 900 at IFA press 2018 in Berlin, which literally it comes with a twist. The newly divulged Predator Triton 900 looks similar to Acer’s other laptops, but with a convertible screen that flips around. The new model might not be as flashy as the company’s Predator Thronos gaming chair, but it’s a good deal.

The Acer Predator Triton 900 is a 2-in-1 convertible gaming laptop which has a 4K, Nvidia G-Sync equipped with a screen that rotates 180-degrees on a pair of CNC-machined hinge near its mid-section that can flip the screen into various positions depending on how you want to use the device. The ability to tilt the angle of the display will make the general gameplay and work a lot more comfortable but it would have been great if the arms could extend a little for height adjustment.

Acer Predator Triton 900 comes with Acer’s Aeroblade 3D fans

The Triton 900 has the fourth-generation of Acer’s Aeroblade 3D fans, which are designed to increase airflow with less noise. Acer CEO Jason Chen says for the fan’s design the company drew on owls for inspiration using a serrated edge on the tip of each fan which lets air pass through the blade while reducing turbulence.

Moreover, it features a full mechanical keyboard with an RGB lighting and a switchable trackpad with a hidden, light-up number pad underneath, a front-facing speaker and a couple of other cool features that make it worthy of your attention.

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Predator Triton 900 specs details will come soon

Acer Predator Triton 900 - Acer Predator Amazon

Acer didn’t share all the specs for the Triton 900 at the IFA launch, but it is guaranteed that it will be a beast. CPU or GPU the machine will run and how much storage it will have, how big the battery, the price and the release date of the laptop are still unknown. Though the specs aren’t yet disclosed, you can bet it will be in excess of £2,000.

But it is still unclear that how the Triton 900 would perform as a tablet because it seems impossible as it looks a bit too bulky and heavy for some cases.