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Have you all heard about mirrorless camera and curious about it? If not look no further because in this post you will learn about all the things about Mirrorless camera. Here are the things you need to know about such camera.

What is Mirrorless Camera?

In a typical DSLR camera light passes through lens then to a mirror where the light is bounced to a prism then in into an optical view finder where we see the image. But in case for mirrorless camera there is no mirror. Without the mirror, light is directly pass through the lens and then onto the digital sensor. Then we see the image directly into the screen.

These days new and advanced mirrorless camera can take good images that can be comparable to that of an existing DSLR camera. And they are lighter and portable than that of their counterparts.

Purpose of Mirrorless Camera

Main reasons for this type of camera is to rectify the disadvantages of DSLR camera. In shorter terms camera were built because people wanted a camera which was small, simple, lighter and quieter when used.

Thus such camera use mechanical shutter which makes photography completely silent, thus these type of camera are getting more popular and used for more and more for travel purpose for its light weight.

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How does it work?

DSLR uses a mirror to reflect light into the viewfinder and then the image sensor, what the mirrorless camera does is just remove the idea of a mirror and directly exposes the sensor to light.

This process generates a direct visual of your scene or the object you are photographing through the sensor then on to the electronic view finder of your camera


What it is basically is that when you press shutter to take an image a door opens for light to pass to a sensor to capture the exposure. After the door closes the exposure stops effectively capturing the image.

Are Mirrorless Camera better than DSLR?

They are lighter and portable and uses electronic view finder to use image but it does not necessarily mean it can take better pictures. Both type of camera are able to take high quality images.

But of course one have to experience the both type of camera to know about the subtle changes in the images.

Are they cheaper than DSLR?

One may believe that due to their smaller size and portability they are cheaper. But surprisingly they come with the similar price. Of course price may change with the brands.

Mirrorless Camera

Advantages of mirrorless Camera

  • It is Lightweight and portable
  • Better and Reliable video shooting
  • Quieter than other camera

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Disadvantage of Mirrorless Camera

  • Lesser battery life
  • Despite having lesser size and reduced parts it remain comparable to same as DSLR camera
  • Unlike DSLR, mirrorless ones have lesser variety of lens due to its smaller size
  • Price for new models of these cameras are somewhat similar to typical DSLR cameras. Of course, you can still find some budget cameras too. 

Future for Mirrorless Camera:

They are slowly but surely growing into the market of the camera. And the popular brands like Canon and Nikon are also releasing a better mirrorless camera every year. This means that they are not short term thing and it will stay on the market for a long time.