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One bit is a single character in binary which is 1 or 0 which can be expressed in only two values. With 2 bits we can express it to 4 values and with 3bits we can express it to 8 values. Every bit we add increases the number of different values we can represent in binary exponentially.

Whenever you download software from the internet when we download operating system in laptop or computer then we can find two options they are 32bit and 64bit operating system and both of them refer to the computer processor (CPU).

  1. 32 bit operating system

32bit And 64bit Operating System - 32bit vs 64bit

32 bit is a primary processor used in all computers until 1990s. It can handle about 4Giga Bite of addressable memory or RAM. 32bit was used in all computers until 1990s. It cannot have 64 bit version, it can only have 32 bit of version. Intel Pentium and AMD processor were of 32 bits. A 32 bit is an average computer. Its disadvantage is it has low maximum RAM capacity.

Some of the examples of 32 bits operating system are Windows 95

, 98, ME and XP

  1. 64 bit operating system

32bit And 64bit Operating System - 32bit and 64bit

64 bit is an amount of data that the CPU can handle each time. This processor can handle about 16Billion Giga Bite of RAM which is good for the performance.  32 bit has more RAM it is beneficial if you need it. It is more capable than 32 bit. It wasn’t used in home computers until early2000s. 16 bit legacy cannot be run on it. If your CPU is 64 bit you can also install 32 bit operating system on it. Further to this, it is important in graphic design, engineering, editing video etc which require more calculation performance.

Windows 2000/XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10 are the example of 64 bit operating system.

32bit And 64bit Difference (32bit vs 64bit)

32bit And 64bit Operating System

What are 32bit and 64bit operating systems? – 32bit And 64bit Difference – 32bit And 64bit Operating System

  • 32 bits has 32 transistor in 1 bit and 64 bit has 64 transistor in 1bit.
  • 64 bit has more security feature than of 32 bit system.
  • The big difference is 64 bit processor can perform more number of calculations per second than of 32 bit.
  • 32 bit support 3-4GB of memory, where 64 bit supports over 4GB.
  • 64 bit performs the work more faster than of 32 bits.