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What are the best cheap email hosting options for small businesses and professionals? Let’s get to it. So, about email hosting, some people get confused when they go to like a domain name register or a web host. And they see an option that says email hosting. And then like, well, how is that different from a shared hosting account? Why would anyone ever pay for email hosting when you can just pay the same price and get a shared hosting account, where you can have your own custom email within your shared hosting account?

Well, a shared hosting account is designed to be hosting your website files, where an email hosting account is dead, it is more dedicated for email. It’s more ideal for small businesses and professionals who have a small team of people. They need like collaboration tools, and they need a higher level of security over their email. That’s basically it now, because email is one of those things that hasn’t changed too much in years. And it basically comes in three forms.

The first form is basically your shared email hosting account, which is basically like Gmail. Gmail and other services like that are free. Because basically, they collect data on you. And then they also run ads within your accounts. Now, you know, people want a step up from that. That’s why they would get an email hosting account because it provides more security. And you can get more collaboration tools that are really helpful if you’re just a small team of people, and you’re trying to manage projects and communication. And then the last step beyond that is basically your own private email server.

I guess that’s ideal, if like you’re a VIP person, and you need a really high level of security, you can go that route. But for small businesses and professionals and dedicated email hosting account is a great option because you get a right mix of tools, collaboration, communication, security, etc. So what are the best cheap email hosting accounts. Let’s take a look.

G Suite or Google Workspace Email Hosting

G Suite or Google Workspace

Number one is G Suite or Google Workspace ( ). It is ranked as the number one because they are the most popular tool for businesses who are looking to have a custom email collaborative tools, maybe you’re working with a small team of people, etc. Now G suite is really helpful because you can get Gmail for business, which allows you to have an email account with no ads, and you don’t have to use the at Gmail.

I will cover another topic in which you can learn to set up a basically custom URL and how to set up an alias in Gmail. So you can use it your professional email that you set up through cPanel for your in your web hosting account. But if you’re a onto a small business, or you’re a small team of people, then you really wanted some type of tool that’s collaborative in nature. And I really like G Suite because you get access to basically Google Docs, drive calendar meets Gmail, as well. And it’s all geared for business.

I personally use G Suite. So that’s also why they’re number one, because I use them. And I really like them as a tool to help manage, basically manage various projects. And so basically, your Google Admin will look like this where you have dashboard, users groups, organizational units, company profile, billing, reports, domains, data migration, you get a lot of value.

Google Workspace Pricing

So let’s just take a look at apps. And so we can jump into apps. Basically, we have G Suite services, we have additional Google services, G Suite Marketplace. You know, it’s really comprehensive, the tools you get might be overwhelming for new users. But you know, if you’re basically managing multiple clients, multiple projects, you want something more in addition just to a dedicated email hosting service, then I definitely recommend G Suite. And the pricing for G Suite is $6, $12 or $25 per user per month.

Basically the difference between the plans is that business and enterprise offer a lot more comprehensive features. For example, like the business plan, you get the vault, which allows you to archive search data to have e-discovery for emails, chat, and files, etc. Now you can get G Suite for free for 14 days after the 14 day trial, you’ll be happy to upgrade your plan.

ZOHO Workplace Email Hosting

ZOHO Workplace

Next is ZOHO workspaces. So ZOHO workspace can be found at ( ) and it’s basically similar to G Suite. They provide a bunch of different apps to allow basically teams to collaborate on different projects. So with ZOHO, you basically get dedicated email hosting, file management chat spreadsheet, WordPress, presentation, social intranet, online training, and online meeting apps all combined into your accounts. So basically, the price is pretty good.

ZOHO Workplace Pricing

If you just want email, it only costs $1 a month per user. And I think that’s really nice, because that makes it really compelling compared to G Suite. So if you like you’re a small business and you really just want your own dedicated email server for your business, then ZOHO workspace is a good option because it provides a lot of helpful services like email hosting for multiple domain names. You can set up domain name aliases, email routing streams, offline acts. As email recall, different tasks, notebooks, bookmarks, calendar features, etc. But obviously the real value with it. So workspace is basically the combination of email and all these other apps to help teams. And so I think the standard price is really good. But anyways, that’s number two slash workspace.

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Rackspace Email hosting

Rackspace Email Hosting

Number three is Rackspace, email hosting. Rackspace provides a couple of different integrations with Office 365, Microsoft’s own email exchange, or their own internal Rackspace email. Let’s take a look at their own internal Rackspace email offering. What I like about this is basically it’s a no frills, small business email hosting solution, like if you’re in need of a dedicated email server, this is a great option, because they allow you to have basically a secure and private email, which I think is the most compelling selling point. I really appreciate that they emphasizes, basically, they will never read, scan, sell your email content for advertising purposes.

You know, you can trust that. Rackspace says that your email is private, your email is private. It just comes with all the essential features that you would expect basically 100% uptime guarantee 25 gigabyte mailboxes, unlimited aliases, group lists forwarding, email archiving and file storage. That’s it for number three, Rackspace email hosting.

Rackspace Email services are affordable hosted email for small businesses. Learn more about this email service at Rackspace Webmail is powerful enough to be your everyday — every email — messaging application. In addition to robust email capabilities.

Namecheap Email Hosting

namecheap email service


Number four is So Namecheap does provide private email hosting. And I think a lot of people are surprised to find out about that, because most people associate Namecheap with domain names. But namecheap, like GoDaddy provides a lot of different high quality services. And first thing I really like free two month trial, you can get a completely free two month trial of their private email hosting service.

Now right down here, their pricing plans are very competitive. So basically, the starter plan is ideal if you’re just in need of a basically a dedicated email option. Basically, you can have one mailbox, no ads, one mailbox and coop one mailbox free. That’s included five gigabytes for emails, two gigabytes for storage. And so like, for example, if I have a team of like, we’ll say five people, then it’s only 262 a month per and that’s it. And so that’s such an affordable price for a dedicated email hosting solution for your team.

Namecheap features

Now, the pro plan is basically the same as the starter plan, except it’s just upgraded, where you get 30 gigabytes and save 25 to get 15 gigabytes for storage and save two gigabytes. And that’s pretty much it. Now the ultimate plan is more ideal. Say if you’re in the market for like something like a G Suite, alternative that’s maybe a little bit more affordable, then Namecheap offers a really compelling plan, where they offer Docs, Sheets and presentation and as well as their premium email service, which just means that your emails are on a more premium server.

You basically you get priority over everyone else, get 75 gigabytes for emails, 30 gigabytes for file storage, and five free mailbox included with your price. So I think what Namecheap offers is really compelling. And of course, they offer everything that you would expect with an email provider basically, safe access unified inbox. I mean, these domain based email, anti spam, protection, etc. So anyways, that’s number four and

Dynadot Email Hosting

Dynadot Email Hosting

Number five is So Dynadot does provide a dedicated email hosting option. And it’s a pretty good deal, because they charge a flat rate of 1599 a year and they offer unlimited email accounts. The downside is that you get 30 megabytes of disk space and three gigabytes of bandwidth which is not that much compared to other dedicated email hosting providers. But Dynadot is still good because you get unlimited email accounts, whereas other providers charge per mailbox. So Dynadot is more of an option.


Say if you’re an individual, and you want to have multiple emails, like support at your website, hello at your website, you know, team at your website, multiple emails that you will be using for your business with a small team, but they don’t provide any like type of collaboration tools, it’s literally just email. You do get a free static website with your domain name that you link to your email hosting account. You get unlimited email accounts, access your email from anywhere, you can manage files with any FTP client and you can end you get internal stats. And that is basically it. So that’s number five Dynadot dedicated email hosting.

Amazon Workmail

Amazon Workmail

Number six is Amazon workmail. So Amazon is workmail you can get access to with an AWS accounts. And Amazon workmail is basically what it sounds like you get a managed business email calendar service support for existing desktop and mobile client applications. And so basically Amazon workmail provides a variety of feature rich options for small businesses including easy migration options, journaling, active directory integration feet, feature rich web client, eye map protocol, administrative SD kit, and so if you’re wondering what what’s an SD! This basically means software development kit, an app is basically an instant messaging application protocol. And that’s it.

So basically, how much does this all cost with Amazon workmail pricing! Basically, it costs $4 per user per month, you get 50 gigabytes of storage per user. And you can get a 30 day free trial of up to 25 users. And that is it. So that is number six, Amazon workmail. Email Service Email Service

Number seven is So, GoDaddy offers an amazing email hosting option that you should definitely be aware of, I know GoDaddy is so popular, but a lot of people overlook their other various services, because their domain name registration, in my opinion, because of my one from two tours, I never recommend them just because they’re so expensive for domain name registration. But they do offer a lot of great other services and email hosting is no exception. And I really like the way that they’re very upfront with what they provide, basically, your email is going to be basically secure and secret. So that means you’re not going to have run ads on your email account are not going to scan your content, you know, sell it and do anything like that. It’s completely secure in private storage.

GoDaddy Pricing and Features

You get 50 gigabytes of storage per user, which is that’s a lot of storage for your email, and then search. So basically, if you’re actually working with a team of people, you’re at your overtime, you’re going to have 1000s and 1000s of emails. It’s basically very nice to be able to search for specific emails that you’re looking for some from something maybe like a year ago, or three years ago, etc. It’s easy to basically check your mail, from your email from your mobile device, from the web, or on the go, as they say, right here. Basically, with GoDaddy, the pricing plans are great.

So basically 10 gigabytes of email storage, $1.99 per user per month, email plus would be 50 gigabytes, starting at just 399 per user per month. They have business premium, which is 50 gigabytes of email storage, plus you get access to Office 365. You get 899 per user per month. Basically, you can save, you get a discount when you basically buy upfront. So for example, it’s 599 per user a month when you renew.

Be aware of that, that this is an introduction price, okay. But the actual price is 599 for email essentials. 69, for email plus in business premium is 1599. So while they don’t have a free trial, they do offer a very competitive introduction rates, their prices are fairly standard compared to other email providers. But Namecheap does, like always, cost a little bit less. But still, GoDaddy provides a very nice email hosting service. So anyways, that’s number seven the GoDaddy.

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Ice Warp Email Hosting

Number eight is So icewarp is basically a collaboration tool for small businesses. It’s a pretty interesting offer, because they don’t just focus on email, they, you know, it’s email, and it’s a bunch of other tools that small businesses would need. Like, for example, messaging, T Mobile chat, and for example, this business, email, calendar, online storage of documents, mobile and desktop apps, basically, what is the price the lite version costs two to 90 a month for 90% or 994. Professional, please be aware of a minimum of 10 users, so it’s not going to be 290 a month, to 90 times 10 people. So you know, that’s one drawback a little bit.

Also, they also have a free trial plan you can take advantage of. With the free trial, you get office 360, you get access to all the desktop and services, mobile apps mix and match your plan. You get native synchronization for your phone. Also, you can also have the basically icewarp installed on your own dedicated server through buying a license as well. So say like, if you buy your own, you want your own server, say like you go to Bluehost or siteground, or whatever, and you pay for your own dedicated server, you can go ahead install icewarp on that via a license. Anyways, that’s number eight

Microsoft Exchange Email Service

Microsoft Exchange Email Service

Number nine is Microsoft Exchange. So Microsoft Exchange is now kind of a element of Microsoft Office 365. But you can still get an exchange account. So basically, it’s one of the most popular email options for small businesses in the entire world. So basically, the exchange plan basically cost $4 per user per month, annual commitments, that means you’d have to buy up front for 12 months. And you basically get a secure business class email with 50 gigabytes of mailbox storage per user.

Obviously, this is just the exchange plan, only the exchange plan, which is that plan one and plan two. So you can get a Microsoft 365 Business Standard account, which is 1250 per user per month, then you get a bunch of different Office applications included. But personally, I would use G Suite if I was going to go that route over Microsoft Office 365 because I personally like Google’s apps a lot more. But in terms of email, you can’t beat Microsoft. They’re wonderful.

Microsoft Exchange other features

Popular for a reason, because they just provide an outstanding service with their exchange email server. And so basically, you get 50 gigabytes of mail storage, you can send messages up to 150 megabytes, you can basically use Outlook Exchange Online. So you know, it’s basically very easy to understand and manage your email. You can link it to different email clients. You can compare calendars and schedules meeting access collaboration features, like like it says here shared calendars, global addresses, external contacts, tasks, conferences, every mailbox is protected, protected with anti malware and spam, which is underrated. But it’s very important.

To anyone who’s ever had a website, you know how important having spam protection is, or a CAPTCHA on an opt in on an basically a form for an email because you will get a ton of spam. And then you can keep your inbox clean by automatically moving old messages into a place archive etcetera. So anyways, that is number nine, the Microsoft Office exchange.

Hostinger email hosting

Hostinger email hosting

Number 10 is Hostinger does provide a dedicated email hosting option and it’s pretty good. So basically hosting or has email hosting for your online project. So what is this all about? Well, I think hosting are really excels is right here, where they allow you to supercharge your emails with video. And that’s you’re done, you’re able to host meetings of up to 50 people. And so it’s a fast, reliable solution. Basically, you can host a meeting with this email client, which is outstanding, comes with a nice search function. So you can find emails from a year ago, two years ago, two years ago, etc. And of course, you get a nice calendar to basically schedule events and things that you need to do. And then on top of that, the price is outstanding. So for business email, it’s 99 cents a month, and an enterprise email gets to 49 a month and then with the business email you get 10 gigabytes of storage to mail filters, elite email, aliases antivirus in multi device support, basically enterprise email is pretty much the same except you get more storage and you get basically unlimited mail filters.

Now if you’re wondering like what’s a mail filter, it’s basically allows you to just tag emails as they come in. As a result it makes organize your email, quick and easy. With business email, you only get to enterprise you get unlimited. So that’s basically the primary difference. So anyways, that’s number 10