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Stellar Data Recovery Software for iPhone Review - Apple Device Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone Review

Stellar data recovery for iPhone is a recovery software for recovering accidentally lost data from iPhone like contacts, messages, documents, notes, calendar, photos and many other useful information that you might have on your apple device. It does the recovery process by scanning through your iPhone, iCloud and iTunes for any traces of data that can be recovered by any chance. It is an iOS recovery software that makes promises to recover accidentally lost or deleted data. Well if there exists some software like this, it is very helpful to have because your precious data can be protected from accidents. This is small stellar data recovery review given below.


Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone Review - Data Recovery

This very software is designed for Apple iPhones and because Apple is very specific about their device use, we thought it might have compatibility issue. But for our surprise, Stellar data recovery for iPhone works on most of the iOS versions and iPhones and on all modern windows PC as well.

The software operates on following given OS versions.

Windows: 10, 8, 7, Vista, Server 2008 and Server 2003.

IOS: 6.x, 7.x, 8.4, 9.0 and above.

The only thing that will set you back is that you will have to have iTunes in your PC to recovery iTunes data for the iPhone. You can recovery data from iPhone 4 and above.

Stellar Data Recovery Features

Firstly, like other iphone data recovery software, this particular one doesn’t only focus on the photos, videos, document and specific things because it promises and tries to recover each and every data that have lost for the reason that every data is important.

Complete data recovery

Stellar Data Recovery Software for iPhone Review - file recovery software

Furthermore, the data that you can recover from iPhone through this data recovery software are:

  • Deleted contacts
  • App-specific data
  • Photos and videos
  • Messages and attachments
  • Call history
  • Safari browser bookmarks
  • Deleted notes
  • WhatsApp message and attachments

Ultimately, you can do much more then and other software has to provide and data that gets lost in the search of photos and videos.

How does stellar phoneix data recovery for iPhone works? | Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone Review

First of all, it is very easy to setup whether you are a computer geek or just a normal person with very basic computer knowledge. You just download the software and install it, as simple as that.

Next, to recover data you will require an iPhone with lost data. Follow the steps in order for the data recovery possibility.

  • From iPhone

Connect the iOS device to the PC through cable and let the PC recognize it. Once recognized, let the software scan for the data. It takes few minutes and the software shows you data that you can recover. You can preview the data and decide if you want to recover or not.

  • From iTunes

If recovery from phone alone doesn’t please you, you can search for data in iTunes as well. If will see a button stating “Recover iTunes Backup”, where you can recover from the past backups you have made. Its matter of couple of minutes to select the backup data and recover.

  • From iCloud

Similarly as other options, you will have option to recover form iCloud, but you will have to enter your Apple accounts details.

Now with these steps, you are good to go and enjoy your recovered data as it used to be before. Just recover and save it in your PC.

Stellar data recovery for iPhones price

Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone - best data recovery software

With great feature comes even greater price. This our general concept for pretty much anything. Probably it should cost much more because the features it provides is top of the class and with a promise for the apple device data recovery. To our surprise, this software is free to download and see what it looks like. Though it is free, you can only access UI for free but not recover anything. The stellar data recovery software price is at $39 for single user license. You can pay by any electronic means of payment like credit cards and PayPal.


Hence, this is a short and simple usage and review of Stellar Data Recovery software for iPhone. For further info on the software, you can visit their site

EaseUS Data Recovery - EaseUs data Recovery Wizard Serial MAC

EaseUs Data Recovery Review

Serial EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard – EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Full Version Free Download

EaseUs data recovery is one of the products of EaseUs company specializing in data recovery, backup and disk management field. It was established in 2004 and is now leading software company focusing on data security and best users’ experiences. EaseUs products has been designed and produced through decades of researches and self-development. There are around 200 million satisfied users in over 160 countries worldwide. CHENGDU Yiwo Tech Development Co., Ltd owns EaseUs – the registered trademark and official website domain. Furthermore, CHENGDU Yiwo Tech Development Co., Ltd has all copyright and intellectual property of EaseUs software.

Products of EaseUs

EaseUs focuses on the data security and their management. The EaseUs software comes with different usages and purposes. The main EaseUs products are EaseUs Data Recovery, EaseUs Backup and Recovery, EaseUs Disk Management and other utility products that has some useful tools like PC transfer software, file syncing solution, Windows and Mac system care etc. that eases day to day activities to great extent.

EaseUs Data Recovery Features

EaseUs Data Recovery - EaseUs data Recovery Wizard Professional Full Version Free Download

This software is available for both windows and mac platform. EaseUs recovery wizard with cutting-edge data recovery technology, helps recover all data on Mac and Windows computer lost under different circumstances like deletion, format, damaged hard-drive, virus attack, system crash etc. It helped many and will be helping further to recovery lost data that might have been lost by several reasons.

The data recovery wizard looks something like above on windows pc. Download EaseUs data recovery wizard from following link, It has some amazing features, some of them are:

  1. Deleted recovery

You can recover lost data due to accidental deletion, wiping off recycle bin or “Shift+Delete” command and you have not had any backups done. It recovers your data with ease with not involvement of professionals.

  1. Format recovery

It even recovers data from the formatted drives, partitions and cards. The data can be recovered from the raw or inaccessible hard drive caused by incorrect format.

  1. Partition loss

The data can be recovered from even lost partition by any cause of partition deletion, recreation of partition, improper clone of partition, system crash etc.

  1. Other scenarios

Other scenarios like virus attack, power failure, hard drive failure, etc. is also covered under this software.

The easeus recovery software is easier to use and doesn’t require any professional supervision. The most part of the recovery software can be done by oneself and for further help, there are plenty of tutorials and forums that might help you out.

EaseUs Data Recovery Price

EaseUs Data Recovery Price

EaseUs data recovery wizard comes in different pricing schemes including free trials. There are different editions according to the different pricing schemes. The pricing and edition are as follows:

  • Data recovery wizard free

It has the amount of data recovery limited to 2 GB with some basic functionalities like importing and scanning results, analyzing the file types, lost partition recovery and other data loss situations.

  • Data recovery wizard pro: $89.95

It has added functionalities to the free version with unlimited data recovery and single license type.

  • Data recovery wizard pro + WinPE: $149.90

In addition to the pro version, here you can recover data even when system fails to boot or crashes.

  • Data recovery wizard technician: from $299.00

In this version, you will be able to enjoy all the functionalities of the recovery software plus you will be able to provide the technical support to your clients.

The prices might seem big as it is only a data recovery software, but it is price well spent.

EaseUs Data Recovery vs Wondershare Data Recovery

Features EaseUs Wondershare
Price Starts from $39.95 Starts from $39.95
Version Windows, mac Windows, mac
Quick scan Yes Yes
Deep scan Yes Yes
Sort by file type Yes Yes
Scan by file type No Yes
Full Hard-Drive Scan No Yes
Deleted/Lost File Recovery Yes Yes
Corrupted Partition Recovery Yes Yes
Deleted Partition Recovery Yes Yes
Bootable USB Device Sold separately No
Recovery CD Sold separately No
Cloning Sold separately Yes
External Drive Recovery Yes Yes
Removable Media Recovery Yes Yes
SD Card Recovery Yes Yes
Optical Storage Recovery No Yes

These are few topics of comparison as per the feature provided by this two software.

EaseUs is a blessing in disguise of software for every individual and the businesses which rely on data for their day to day operations. Loss of data of any kind can be painful to recover, thanks to recovery software like easeus, it has become lot faster, safer and easier to backup and recover lost data.

top 10 best hard drive brands

Top 10 Best Hard Drive Brands – External Hard Drive – Portable Hard Drive

Top 10 Best Hard Drive Brands – Best Hard Disk Manufacturer In The World

Hard disks have become a part of our life to handle that huge amount of data we come across daily. The storage technology has increased rapidly and enable us to store, transfer and manage GBs and TBs of data easily. The hard disk is handy and helps to back up your large chunks of data like movies, files, music, videos and other important documents and transfer to another system. There are many brands who manufacture hard disk and it will be difficult for us to decide which the best brand is for us. Here are top 10 best hard drive brands which are reliable and durable.

  1. WD(Western Digital Company) and HGST (formerly Hitachi Global Storage Technologies)

Top 10 Best Hard Drive Brands

Western Digital Company is popular and reliable brand manufacturing portable external hard disks and storage devices. Western Digital Company is one of the largest manufacturers of hard disks in the world. It has three portable hard disks and they are WD Elements Portable, My Passport Ultra, and My Passport Ultra Metal. Western Digital Company manufactures hard disk for both personal computer and Mac. There are 500 GB, 1TB and 2TB variations. This hard disk has USB 3.0, cloud backup and password encryption. Hitachi is reliable hard disk.

  1. Seagate

Top 10 Best Hard Drive Brands

Seagate is American storage brand and is leading storage drive in the market along with Western Digital. They have produced many variations of the external portable hard drive. Seagate is also known to give latest in storage technology. This brand has the capacity ranging from 500GB to 5TB. The models of Seagate are Backup Plus Fast Portable drive, Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive, Sevenᵐᵐ Portable Drive, Wireless Plus Mobile Storage, Wireless Mobile Storage, Backup Plus Fast SSD Portable Drive, Backup Plus Fast SSD Portable Drive, Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive for Mac and Expansion Portable Hard Drive.

  1. Toshiba

Top 10 Best Hard Drive Brands

Toshiba is a Japanese electronic and electrical device brand. Toshiba is the fourth largest in term of revenue from the manufacture of a semiconductor. In 2009 Toshiba developed the HDD business of Fujitsu. The hard drive model of Toshiba is Canvio® Connect, Canvio® Basics 3.0 and Canvio® Slim with sizes ranging from 500GB to 2TB.

  1. Sony

External Hard Drive

Sony is reliable electronic device and quality brand in the world. Sony manufactures electronic products like TV, computer hardware, video games and semiconductor devices. Sony has reliable and durable hard drive. Sony portable hard drive product is HD-SG5/B, HD-EG5/B, HD-E2/L, and HD-E1/B. Sony produces capacity ranging from 500GB to 2TB. It supports up to 5GBps with ÙSB 3.0.

  1. Transcend

External Hard Drive

Transcend is famous and one of the leading brand of the storage device from Taiwan. Transcend is also known as world’s third largest producer of flash drives. Transcend has reliable and durable external hard disks. Transcends manufactured the models for pc which are StoreJet 25M3 (USB 3.0), StoreJet 25M2 (USB 2.0), StoreJet 25H3 (USB 3.0), StoreJet 25H2 (USB 2.0), StoreJet 25A3 (USB 3.0), StoreJet 25D3 (USB 3.0), StoreJet 25D2 (USB 2.0), StoreJet 25S3 (USB 3.0 Enclosure) and ESD400 Portable SSD (USB 3.0). Transcend have three other variations of external portable drives for Mac.

  1. Apple

portable hard drive

Apple is a popular brand which is known for its great quality and long durability of its products especially the Apple iPhones. If you own an Apple Mac then it is best for Apple’s external storage devices rather than other brands in the market. An apple storage device is most durable and goes best with your Mac device. The portable storage hard drives manufactured by Apple is AirPort Time Capsule. Two variation comes in Apple which is 2TB and 3TB.

  1. ADATA

External Hard Drive

ADATA was third largest DRAM manufacturer brand in the world in 2007. It has the share of 7.6% and is also the world’s fourth-largest flash product manufacturer. ADATA manufacture memory and storage device from Taiwan. This company manufactures colorful, durable, and stylish external hard drives that are also categorized into four categories. They are elite, choice, durable and classic. Every group has few models, for example, the durable group has models such as HD650 and HD710 which are waterproof and shockproof. The hard drives come with custom tailored with unique silicone material, military-grade shockproof and waterproof construction.

  1. LG

Top 10 Best Hard Drive Brands

LG was the second largest producer of Television in the world in 2010. Lg has a reliable electronic product such as refrigerators, televisions, mobile phones, etc. LG is new to external HDD and storage industry but has the capacity to win the battle with its superior electronic manufacturing technology and skilled manpower. LG is famous for its innovative, new and creative electronic products. LG has produced few ultra-thin external portable device such as XD -7 which is an Ultra-thin external hard drive, XD-7 USB 3.0(USB 3.0 ultra-thin external hard drive) and the XD-5 (Mini external hard drive).

  1. Buffalo Inc

Top 10 Best Hard Drive Brands

Buffalo Inc is secondary of Melco Holdings which is located in Japan. Buffalo Inc was initially started as an audio equipment manufacturer and now entered computer peripherals. This brand produces high quality external hard disks and storage drives. This brand produced external hard drives are shock resistance and are highly durable. Buffalo technologies manufacture its external hard disks with the brand name Mini Station. The models of hard disk produce by Buffalo Inc are MiniStation Thunderbolt, MiniStation Air, MiniStation DDR, MiniStation extreme and MiniStation with capacity from 500GB to 2TB. They also give manufacturer warranty of 3 years for most of its high-end external storage device.

  1. ioSafe

Top 10 best hard drive brands

ioSafe is the brand known for its disaster protected hard drives which were founded in 2004. Although it is new in a hard drive sector, its hard drive is highly well and perform very good in the segment. ioSafe‘s storage system is optimized for heat from the fire and complete submersion in fresh or salt water with the ability to data located on the disk drive inside. This company produced world’s first disaster-proof rugged portable hard drives in 2012. ioSafe Rugged Portable is one of the world’s best external hard drive to store your data because it protects your data from extreme weather conditions.