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Google faces $5billion fine

Google Faces $5 Billion Fine Against European Union Antitrust Laws

Google faces $5 billion fine by EU regulators for violation against antitrust laws. Google has neglected its Android market dominance in three main parts. It has been sending forcefully its search engine and Chrome apps into the operating system. Google has also block phone manufacturer from creating a device which runs a forked version of Android.

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The European Commission now wants Google to take along its “illegal conduct to an end in an effective manner within 90 days of the decision.”  Google will have to end companies to preinstall Chrome and Google search to offer the Google play store on handsets. Google will also have to stop preventing phone makers from using forked versions of Android. Google’s illegal payments for app bundling finished in 2014 after the EU started to look into the matter.

Google Faces $5 Billion Fine against European Union Antitrust Laws

The European Commission has been investigating android more carefully over the past year after the rivals complain that Google has been abusing its market dominance in software that runs on smartphones. Fairsearch filed a complaint against Google in 2013 and the group included competitors like Nokia, Microsoft, and Oracle. Many called Google a monopoly, one that authorities should control.

The $5 billion fine overlook Google’s previous $2.7 billion record-breaking fine from the EU last year over deployed search results.  Facebook, Intel, and Microsoft have all faced major anti-competition fines from the European Commission.

With Google pleasing the decision, the legal process is likely to run for many further years. Though many had expected Google to face its own “Microsoft moment,” the EU doesn’t seem to be forcing any strong future mistake on Android or asking Google to modify its software to include an opinion poll for alternative browsers or search engines. Phone manufacturers will quiet be free to bundle Chrome and Google search apps if they wish, but they won’t be forced to do so.

IGTV Review

IGTV Review – Will IG TV Get Over YouTube? | How To Upload Videos on Instagram TV?

A new app for watching long-form, a vertical video named IGTV launched by Instagram. IGTV is basically Instagram which is the extended edition. IGTV works as a stand-alone iOS or Android app if you’ve got the space on your phone for another one of those. Instagram TV or IGTV is also built directly into the main Instagram app. There is a new button for Instagram TV is right at the top of the app already.

Instagram users can now make longer videos, which can potentially become more-engaging content for followers through IGTV. The video can be up to an hour long. Nowadays many people are obsessively spending time on Instagram and the Instagram app have more than 1 billion monthly active users. IGTV videos will appear as a series of rectangular thumbnails at the bottom of a creator’s page. If you tap on one, the video goes full screen. On the lower left-hand corner of each video are the same three icons you see now on Instagram which are a heart, a comment bubble, and a share tool. It’s trying to appeal to a younger generation of consumers who are increasingly consuming video on mobile devices.

IGTV Review

Youtube is the go-to platform for video content. Vimeo or even Twitch can’t match its size and popularity. Instagram being a savvy competitor has created another competitor for YouTube Instagram TV. There is no better place for a video creator and video content in 2018 than YouTube. So Instagram TV has the most potential to become a second video content.

Especially for younger crowds, Instagram will be key to competing for the video space. The app has more than 800 million monthly users and 500 million daily users which automatically follow on IGTV.  Instagram TV can only run on mobile you cannot do anything from your desktop on IGTV. If YouTube is the all-purpose platform where creators show their most polished work, whereas IGTV might be the better suited to more personal, on-the-fly content. There are many things that Instagram TV does not do but Youtube does. The success of IG TV will depend upon how well it will adapt and keep adding new things and moving forward based on what they work.

How To Upload Videos on Instagram TV (IGTV)?

  1. In the Instagram app, you just click that new little button at the top, and IGTV open up automatically.
  2. Click on your profile picture in the little circle. If there is no profile picture then you can click browse near the bottom.

    How To Upload Videos on Instagram TV

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  3. Then click + symbol
  4. Choose a video which is 9:16 aspect ratio, at least 15 seconds and less than 10 minutes long
  5. Then there is a next in the upper right corner
  6. Edit the cover by adding from camera roll or from the video.
  7. After that add title and description.
  8. There is an option that you can also make visible on Facebook.
  9. Finally, post.